So our computer’s back…I went to check my e-mail and have 173 in my inbox…no, I’m not THAT popular, but I’m part of a support group for moms researching biomedical treatment for their children with autism.  It’s been so encouraging, I’m learning so much, and Miles is doing so good as a result of some things moms have suggested…but yeah, it can be a bit much when I don’t check my e-mail for a few days. 

This is our 3rd official day of no one being sick in our house in over a month.  I’m thoroughly rejoicing!!!  Last Sunday, I got hit with a nasty case of the crud (not an official diagnosis, as I couldn’t leave the bathroom for 3 days to go see the dr.), but I haven’t been sick like that in a looooooong time.  It actually turned out to be a good thing.  I think for me, sometimes it takes getting down to my absolute worst to see all I have to be thankful for.  I wish I could learn easier than that…I hate how quickly I can take the blessings God’s given for granted, but I think after a month of illness and just the January-can’t-take-my-crazy-monkeys-to-the-park weather started taking its toll…and now after hitting rock-bottom, I’m amazed how much energy I have and how thankful I am to spend another day shut in with my kiddos  

Yesterday, Miles had his 1st appt. with a pediatric dentist.  He did so well–I was so proud of him.  The nurse came into get him, and he just kept giving her a huge smile, showing off his teeth…and as beautiful a smile as he has, he needs fillings in his 4 front teeth   Poor guy.  I really liked the dentist though–he was great with Miles, and didn’t give me a lecture or even ask how he may have gotten the cavities.  He just explained our options.  I recently heard how hard antihistimines are on your teeth.  Miles takes one every night before bed, and sometimes I would forget to give it before he brushed his teeth, so I’m super careful about that now…

Miles is in the hitting phase.  It’s been a problem at preschool and church.  I’ve been cracking down pretty hard on him–no TV on the days he hits someone.  He seems to get the point, but the other day it was so funny.  After church, he wanted to watch Clifford while I made lunch.  I said “If you hit kids, you don’t get to watch a movie.”  I expected him to throw a tantrum, and he just said “Okay, okay, it was a bad idea.”  Later he asked again to watch a movie (like he forgot), and after explaining why he couldn’t, he said “Okay, just checking.” 

Favorite line of the day:  Today Miles said “AAHH!  Mom, there’s another hole in my sock. Go figure.”  Guess I need to buy our boys some new socks…

I know I’ve been “tagged”…I’ll work on it.  I just wanted to write quickly and say we’re alive and well…well, atleast for 3 days now! 


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  1. tsdg

    Glad you are out of the bathroom. I like hearing about your kid’s funny sayings. Are you listening to the series(Shepherding a CHild’s Heart) with a group of people or by yourselves? I’d love to hear what you think of it.


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