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Our week was a bit crazy, to say the least.  For one, our boys didn’t
leave the house from Sunday to Friday night.  Enough said.  Andy and I 
got out, but they were going s-t-i-r c-r-a-z-y.  But really there have
been many blessings in what I was ready to mark up as “just another
sick week at the Royers.”
–I pulled out their big wheels yesterday to ride in the house.  Jack said he was going to ride to Brazil. 
–Miles took a 2 1/2 hour nap Thursday, along with Jack.  That hasn’t
happened since last May!!  (One benefit to him being sick πŸ™‚  I
couldn’t remember what to do with myself.  I got to read my
Bible…uninterrupted, do a yoga video, fold a mountain of laundry,
catch some Oprah, start dinner…  It was a very welcomed and
much-appreciated surprise.
–Our small group.  What an amazing community of believers God has placed us in.  I’m so excited to get to know these people. 
–I’ve had these to look at and smell all week, and can’t help but smile.
–Andy has to work today at the Nelson’s Golden Glo fundrasier for this
summer’s HS mission trip…we miss him, but that means PORT-A-PIT
chicken for lunch!!!!!!
Pierced by the WORD by John Piper.  It’s piercing.
–I’m knitting!!!!  I have the 1st of many squares knitted to a blanket.  It’s so much fun!  
–Clearance sales.  I got 2 new shirts for $3 that I would never have afforded 2 months ago, but at $3 I can splurge πŸ™‚  I love good deals.
–A bag of key limes.  I’ve been making lemonade, brazilian style all
week, and it’s just a special treat that reminds us of the warm Brazilian sun.
–Jello pudding pops.  I don’t think I ever had one until this week.  Boy was I a deprived child!   Vanilla is my favorite.
–Some pretty darn funny comments, as usual…such as  “Jack why are you crying?”  “A snow monster is standing on my toe!!”
–This little boy sitting on my lap.  He has a fire of a temper, but a sweetness I just savor.  So long…I’m going to relish this little bundle cuddled up in my arms–it probably won’t last long…

Hope you all have a great weekend!


home…and adjusting

Wednesday evening update…
Well, it was a much better day than yesterday.  The boys seem to be getting back to
their “normal” selves…atleast they are able to play somewhat happily…at times πŸ™‚  I think the fact someone has been sick in our house
since Christmas got to me; it’s been a loooong winter, and I’ve just been ready
to get past this…Well, we got an e-mail from some friends in Africa. 
They have 2 small children and their oldest has a severe case of
malaria.  On top of that, they had to leave everything behind and flee
the country because of political unrest.  They are very discouraged,
tired, stressed. 
Please pray for Caleb and
Sandi, that God’s peace and strength would flood their hearts. 

Suddenly, the realities that our child is in preschool, picking up and passing around all sorts of new illness seems so trivial.  And beyond that, even if we were in severe danger and trial, I’m so far from understanding Paul’s words in midst of suffering. 

Therefore we do not lose heart.  Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.  For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.  So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen.  For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal. 
1 Corinthians 4.16-18

We got back Sunday night, after a really nice time in Ohio…well, except our boys got sick.  Miles came down with a fever Thursday (well, it may have been Wed., but I probably was in denial)…all I know is when I took his temp. Thurs., it kept going up and up and up and I pulled it out at 104.4…scary.  I hate when that happens away from home, but my parents were so great, and our boys were in sweet spirits even though their eyes were red and droopy and they felt/looked miserable (yes, Jack came down with it Sat.)  Miles was doing better Sat., so we took him with us to church.  We used to live right across the street, and as we pulled into the church, Miles pointed to our old house and said “Noah and Miah’s house.”  Well, it was a long way from their house, but it was really cool that there was something about it that he recognized (he was 2 when we moved, so almost 2 yrs.)  Anyhow, it was so good to see some dear friends from there.  It was really a special time.  (And although Jack wasn’t well, I think he was glad to have grandma and grandpa all to himself for awhile.)

So, we’re back and I think it’s been a rude awakening for our boys.  They went from 4 adults caring for their every need and desire 24/7 to…me, and I’m still trying to cook, clean, catch up on laundry and be their loving referee.  Needless to say, it’s been kinda rough.  I miss the days when taking a vacation was a vacation.  I guess we’re growing up, and Andy has so much to catch up on from being away 4 days.  So, today I’m trying to learn from yesterday’s mistakes and simplifying.  (I never knew how hard this is for me to slooooow down.)  But, it’s play on the floor day and eat leftovers and forego all that seems so “important” for the sake of our sanity.  Ok, off to “make juice and stir it with the spanking spoon” (per Miles’ request πŸ™‚ 

Enjoy the season of life you’re in!  I have ladies tell me over and over…it will pass all too quickly!

Andy and I have started buying a song on iTunes for each other rather
than a card, and I never really realized how much I LOVE love songs!!! 
I can hardly narrow one down to get…and, in honor of a day to
celebrate love, I thought I’d list my top 10 of the moment.
1. The Luckiest – Ben Folds
2. Answer – Sarah McLachlan…and any other Sarah song: Push, I Love You, etc…
3. Ever the Same – Rob Thomas
4. Can’t Take My Eyes off of You – Lauryn Hill
5. I Got You Babe – Sonny and Cher
6. Guess it May – Rosie Thomas
7. Sun and Moon – Mae
8. I Want You – Bob Dylan
9. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain
10. Come What May – from Moulin Rouge
we already have these all…any suggestions?  My HS girls try to keep
me up-to-date on what’s out there for the most part, but what are some
of y’all’s favorites? 

Andy’s office has been closed yesterday
and today for the big snow storm!  That was a fun surprise!  He’s still
meeting with people today, so I get the computer some πŸ™‚  But, last
night, it was pretty funny.  Miles was having a hard time sleeping
(that wasn’t very funny…)   It’s midnight.  Andy’s in
the shower.  Miles’ half-dazed self stumbles into our room and climbs into bed with me.
Miles: I’m going to sleep in here tonight.
Me: No, you need to go sleep in your bed.
(noticing Andy’s taking a shower) Is daddy going to work?  (our poor
kids have a hard time figuring out the work schedule of a pastor to
college students and teens πŸ™‚
Andy comes out and as he’s carrying
Miles into his room, Miles turns back to me and says “Daddy’s sleeping
with me tonight mommy.”  I don’t know if that sounds as funny now, but
at midnight, we had a good laugh over it…at that point we knew it was
going to be a rough night, and we had to start finding it amusing πŸ™‚

made cut-outs yesterday.  I don’t think I’ll do that until next
Christmas.  It always sounds fun…and then half hour into it, I’m
ready to be done!  Anyhow, Andy snapped some pics.
making cookies
jack fosting
miles concentrating
jack frost
shoveling this a.m.  The humor in this picture is our neighbor’s plow
in the background as Andy does the labor of love.  I think he was
hoping he’d left the keys in it.  But low and behold, as I type this, I
hear the truck in our drive.  Looks like he’ll be getting some cut-out
cookies πŸ™‚
andy shoveling
Well, I need to start packing for Ohio.  Have a lovely day everyone!!!

xanga lock

I’ve been putting this off, as the original reason we set this up was for our parents and friends from far away to keep up with what’s going on…but I’ve just heard some freakie things…so, we’re setting up some accounts for our parents to still see what the boys are up to (and all our xanga-less friends will just have to get with the times!)  Hopefully you all will forgive me for getting freaked out and doing this–and you will still be my xanga friends πŸ™‚

Preschool is cancelled today.  I would be excited, but Jack still woke us up at 7.30, and Miles was already in the kitchen, making a special concoction of half & half and tangerine juice…and Miles’ Valentine’s Day Party was supposed to be today.  But I’m kinda glad that’s delayed a week.  I don’t know that I’m ready for him to be giving/getting valentines.  It still brings tears to my eyes all the time when I think how fast he’s growing. 

He said the funniest thing this morning.  Andy was getting ready, and Miles was watching intently.  He said “What’s that on your nose?”  Andy said “a pimple.”  Miles inquired “Can I take it and throw it in the trash?”  HEHEHEHEHE!  If only it were that simple…  (And I did get Andy’s permission to write that πŸ™‚

Back to the Valentine’s Party thing, I think maybe the boys and I will have our own today.  I was thinking we could make heart cut-outs and take them with us to Ohio this wknd.  But we’ll see if I’m that brave still this afternoon…..

Andy is speaking at the church we were at for 2 yrs. in Ohio Sunday.   I’m so excited to get back there (Erik, Kari, and other Rittmanites…hope we can see you!) as it’s been almost 2 yrs.  And our boys can hardly wait to see grandma and grandpa.  My mom is recovering very well from surgery, and she says how grateful she is for everyone’s prayers.  When you go through something that major and things go so smoothly, you just know it’s God answering prayer.  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to heading over the river and through the woods…

If I don’t get back here, Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!! 

we need to call wal-mart

jack eyes
miles eyesjack lips
miles smile
Apparently I was taking too long to make lunch today…or we were just out way past someone’s bedtime last night.
jack asleep
We may have met our match for coffee snobs.  We are drinking a cup of
esmeralda coffee from panama a friend roasted for us.  This stuff sells
for $50 a pound pre-roasted, folks.  Crazy!  But it’s wicked good.  So,
maybe I should take coffee off our expertise…we were at their house
last night, Andy was drooling over their coffee grinder that cost more
than our coffee maker and espresso machine combined…let alone their
espresso machine and coffee roaster.  Let’s just say, it all puts
Starbucks to shame.  So, enough coffee talk.

We’ve been making up for lost time (as our month of sickness is
hopefully over) in classic Andy and Sara fashion–keeping crazy busy. 
I’m really excited for this Saturday though–our church is having a
Creativity Conference for women.  I get to finally learn how to knit
and crochet!!!  And they have a scrapbook room that’ll be open all day
for all those looming empty scrapbook pages…nah, who am I kidding? 

I’ve been getting exercise videos from the library–you can keep them
for a week, and they’re free (if you return them on time…)  I’m
excited about today’s rentals–Yoga for Dummies and Pilates for Wimps. 
Seriously.  They better not be joking because then I’ll feel really
dumb!  Miles and I have been doing yoga during Jack’s naps.  It’s
actually turned out to be pretty funny to watch Miles work on his
moves.  And he’ll ask to “watch yoga” throughout the day now. 

Miles kept saying yesterday
we need to call Wal-Mart.  It was really cute, and I just kept laughing
as he persistently would tell me we needed to call Wal-Mart throughout
the day.  Welllll…we were getting them around to leave last night,
and the boys were doing everything in their power to not put their
coats and hats on…so, Andy said “Looks like we need to call Wal-Mart
and ask if they have a new attitude.”  He proceeded to find they had a
new attitude that came disguised as food that seemed to do wonders on our boys and
have them laughing and being more helpful in no time.  I guess Wal-Mart
carries new attitudes in pill form or cream or food…What a fun dad. 
Guess I should have called Wal-Mart afterall…

here’s one weird thing about me…

I have an uncanny ability to get myself into embarrassing moments.  Today’s:  I was in Bath and Body Works picking up a b-day gift for a friend.  Waiting for the cashier, I smelled the perfume on display.  Mmm, smells good.  Go to spray some on.  The spray part breaks off and falls down my shirt and manages to lodge itself…well, somewhere.  Well…  Lady comes up to check me out.  I need to figure out how I’m going to get the cap out of my shirt and back onto the perfume…discretely.  Well, not so discretely, it decides to fall out onto the floor.  She says “Looks like you dropped something.  Was it a button or a coin?” as she looks over the edge of the counter…  “No, ma’am, it was this.”  She’s shocked “Well that’s strange, that’s the spray part of a perfume tester!”  “…Hmm, funny…”  Turn around.  Exit store.  Later, I’m telling Andy the story, and realize how horrible that looked.  I wonder if she thought I’d taken a bottle of perfume.  Oh, how do these things always happen to me?

We do have some crazy fun kids. 
Here’s what we walked in on the other evening.
And this is what I had to look at last night while I made dinner.  He makes me laugh all the time. 
My mom is doing really well.  Thanks so much to those who have been praying.  She sees the dr. Monday for a post-op appt.  But she’s at home and going in for therapy 3 times a week.  There’s still a lot of pain…but have been no complications, and that’s a huge answer to prayer.

And while I’m on updates, I love my minivan.  I feel really silly I went through the whole identity crisis of sorts buying it…it’s so practical, and really a blessing. 

And with that, goodnight and have a great wknd everyone.  Andy’s home!!!  He’s never home before midnight on Thursdays, but he’s sick 😦  …So, I feel bad he had to leave the college group to go to bed, but this means I can now go to bed πŸ™‚