we need to call wal-mart

jack eyes
miles eyesjack lips
miles smile
Apparently I was taking too long to make lunch today…or we were just out way past someone’s bedtime last night.
jack asleep
We may have met our match for coffee snobs.  We are drinking a cup of
esmeralda coffee from panama a friend roasted for us.  This stuff sells
for $50 a pound pre-roasted, folks.  Crazy!  But it’s wicked good.  So,
maybe I should take coffee off our expertise…we were at their house
last night, Andy was drooling over their coffee grinder that cost more
than our coffee maker and espresso machine combined…let alone their
espresso machine and coffee roaster.  Let’s just say, it all puts
Starbucks to shame.  So, enough coffee talk.

We’ve been making up for lost time (as our month of sickness is
hopefully over) in classic Andy and Sara fashion–keeping crazy busy. 
I’m really excited for this Saturday though–our church is having a
Creativity Conference for women.  I get to finally learn how to knit
and crochet!!!  And they have a scrapbook room that’ll be open all day
for all those looming empty scrapbook pages…nah, who am I kidding? 

I’ve been getting exercise videos from the library–you can keep them
for a week, and they’re free (if you return them on time…)  I’m
excited about today’s rentals–Yoga for Dummies and Pilates for Wimps. 
Seriously.  They better not be joking because then I’ll feel really
dumb!  Miles and I have been doing yoga during Jack’s naps.  It’s
actually turned out to be pretty funny to watch Miles work on his
moves.  And he’ll ask to “watch yoga” throughout the day now. 

Miles kept saying yesterday
we need to call Wal-Mart.  It was really cute, and I just kept laughing
as he persistently would tell me we needed to call Wal-Mart throughout
the day.  Welllll…we were getting them around to leave last night,
and the boys were doing everything in their power to not put their
coats and hats on…so, Andy said “Looks like we need to call Wal-Mart
and ask if they have a new attitude.”  He proceeded to find they had a
new attitude that came disguised as food that seemed to do wonders on our boys and
have them laughing and being more helpful in no time.  I guess Wal-Mart
carries new attitudes in pill form or cream or food…What a fun dad. 
Guess I should have called Wal-Mart afterall…


10 thoughts on “we need to call wal-mart

  1. jilandrich

    You take really great photos, Sara. I don’t drink coffee- but your description of that coffee sounds so good. What a funny story about Walmart πŸ™‚ I hope yoga and pilates goes well for you…and Miles. I’ve wondered when Emerson gets older if she’ll want to do stuff like that with me. I think it would be fun. And probably good for her, right? πŸ™‚ Anyway, really cute boys!

  2. peteandheather

    I love the Wal-mart story!  How funny that Miles thought you needed to call them…where do kids get these ideas from?!  πŸ™‚  By the way, Jon was getting fresh water that time, but he often drinks his bath water too…I always cring a little, but oh well!  You have to keep us posted on your videos.  I had a friend give me a pilates video to do and it was pretty difficult for me, but I’m not exactly known for my coordination!  πŸ™‚

  3. tsdg

    I love those pictures of their eyes! That sounds like a fun day for women on Saturday—do you knit or crochet? I tried to learn once, but never stuck with it. Maybe I’ll have to find someone to teach me. Wal-Mart story—very funny. Brian still hasn’t read Shepherding—but he knows how much I’ve raved about it and he knows the principles behind it. He’s stuck in a lot of books right now—he’s hoping to read it.

  4. RadRae08

    Hey Sara, this is Julie.  Left you a post (?) on Rachel’s site.  I miss the boys (oh and you and Andy) a ton looking at those pictures.  I still have the boys’ pictures on my cell phone.  Good memories.  Rachel was over there a while back with the girls from youth group and spent the night at Julene’s. 

  5. katievarela

    Sara – Thank you for your comment on our blog! I have thought of you often this week, wondering if you and/or Miles had a difficult adjustment at first to his therapy and how often you two had to go. Thank you for the encouragement, though! I know what we’re doing is good for Nate!

    That Creativity Conference sounds awesome. πŸ˜‰

  6. JAMBender

    ~$50 a lb for coffee?  I hope it was fabulous πŸ™‚  Unfortunately Jordan does not share in my love for coffee and I’m not quite sure if he ever will, so I learn to be content to drink it at work and when we go out, I rarely make it at home because it’s not all that fun to drink it by yourself πŸ™‚  Love the pictures of the boys on the floor with their blankets πŸ™‚  And thank you for the birthday wish!  We get old way too fast around here!  Have a great weekend!~

  7. don_and_ruth_in_Korea

    Walmart, eh? Do you buy your coffee there? Speaking of coffee, Ruth and I had some Brazilian brew the other day and thought of you guys. Tell Andy I said hello and that he is my hero. They don’t make good dads like him much anymore.


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