xanga lock

I’ve been putting this off, as the original reason we set this up was for our parents and friends from far away to keep up with what’s going on…but I’ve just heard some freakie things…so, we’re setting up some accounts for our parents to still see what the boys are up to (and all our xanga-less friends will just have to get with the times!)  Hopefully you all will forgive me for getting freaked out and doing this–and you will still be my xanga friends 🙂

Preschool is cancelled today.  I would be excited, but Jack still woke us up at 7.30, and Miles was already in the kitchen, making a special concoction of half & half and tangerine juice…and Miles’ Valentine’s Day Party was supposed to be today.  But I’m kinda glad that’s delayed a week.  I don’t know that I’m ready for him to be giving/getting valentines.  It still brings tears to my eyes all the time when I think how fast he’s growing. 

He said the funniest thing this morning.  Andy was getting ready, and Miles was watching intently.  He said “What’s that on your nose?”  Andy said “a pimple.”  Miles inquired “Can I take it and throw it in the trash?”  HEHEHEHEHE!  If only it were that simple…  (And I did get Andy’s permission to write that 🙂

Back to the Valentine’s Party thing, I think maybe the boys and I will have our own today.  I was thinking we could make heart cut-outs and take them with us to Ohio this wknd.  But we’ll see if I’m that brave still this afternoon…..

Andy is speaking at the church we were at for 2 yrs. in Ohio Sunday.   I’m so excited to get back there (Erik, Kari, and other Rittmanites…hope we can see you!) as it’s been almost 2 yrs.  And our boys can hardly wait to see grandma and grandpa.  My mom is recovering very well from surgery, and she says how grateful she is for everyone’s prayers.  When you go through something that major and things go so smoothly, you just know it’s God answering prayer.  Anyway, I’m really looking forward to heading over the river and through the woods…

If I don’t get back here, Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!! 


7 thoughts on “xanga lock

  1. jilandrich

    I’ve been considering the xanga lock thing. Some friends have had some weird stuff left on theirs. Hmm. I hope you have an enjoyable Valentine’s with your boys. Enjoy OH this weekend.

  2. theroyerfam

    Ok, here’s my understanding. A xanga lock allows only signed in xanga users to view your site. I think you have this, Heather. A plus: you can block someone from looking at your site if they’re, say, stealing pics of your kids and distributing them (not in my case that I know of but have heard of it…) A huge minus: only people with a xanga account can view your site. So other day, I saw someone had found our site from typing “toddler haircuts” into google. I then tried it and our xanga came up. And that kinda freaked me out…so, this is all I really know about this.

  3. FranciPantsJones

    Their are 3 levels of it… xanga public…which is what you’ve had where anyone can see your site and search for you. Xanga Lock where you can block people and see everyone that visits because they have to have an account. Then there is Xanga friends only… which is where you allow people to be your friends and only they can view your site. I did xanga lock after a few wierd messages started showing up and then some sick and disturbing ones… its really helped. My parents have had to “get with the times” to sign in, but it is worth it. I stopped getting scary messages from sicko cause I blocked him:).

  4. JAMBender

    ~If only it were as easy as throwing pimples into the trash 🙂
    I read some of your above comments and wow. . .didn’t know it was that bad.  I do have Xanga lock on my site, but still have those that come by, sign in because they got my Xanga lock and create a site that day. . . I block ALL people that don’t have a name in their Xanga or picture  or entry because to me, they’re stalking.  Someday I may just go to Friend Xanga. . . . we shall see.  Hope you have a wonderful Valentines Day!!~

  5. turtlegirl76

    Hey.  I totally understand why your enabling the xanga lock.  i had to enable mine a few months ago because I found out that someone who had no business looking at my page was looking at it….  Have a great weekend!!!


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