We got to play outside today!!!   It’s maybe 40 degrees?!?  I don’t know, but warm enough to spend a few hours outside today!  Our couch and beds need a break from 2 boys with lots of energy jumping on them constantly. 

Yesterday, we went to Chicago, ate a donut, and came home. 
Well, we were hoping to come home with a car for Andy’s parents.  BUT…Andy talked to the guy on the phone, asking what we’d need to fix to get it running perfectly.  “Oh man, it’s a great car.  You could get tires if you want new ones, but the ones it has are fine.”  So before dawn…we wake up our kids, load them in our van, drive 2 1/2 hours, get there 1 hour before they open because we forgot about the time change (boo, hiss, coulda slept in), test-drive the car, Andy does the whole Randy-Jackson-thing “Ya, I don’t know man, something about it’s not quite right.”  And the guy has the nerve to list the things that are wrong with it.  WHY DIDN’T YOU TELL US THAT BEFORE???  I’m sure he thought we’d buy it since we’d driven so far.  But, no, load kids back in van, drive 2 1/2 hours home, and still searching…  All in all, it was a surprisingly fun trip.  Our kids thought we were picking Andy’s parents up from the airport, and then they thought we were going to fly to Brazil.  It was hard to explain we were just there to get a donut (which is how we passed our hour when we got there too early, thanks to a Krispy Kreme across the street)  Usually road trips don’t go that smooth for us, but our kids didn’t seem to mind being strapped to a chair for 5 hours. Andy and I had some good time to talk.  I, of course, was knitting!!! 

Last night, we had the Manchester students over for a wild game of Curses.  It was hysterical, and is always fun to see people’s personalities come out.  I seriously think I laughed all night, my cheeks were hurting. 

The other day, I was doing dishes and heard the kids happily playing, so kept plugging away.  After 15 minutes or so, I peak in on their game.  Jack is hiding under a laundry basket (or a cage, as Miles was calling it).  Yes, Miles decided Jack was his pet hamster and was saying “You lie down, and I’ll get you some food and water.”  You can see from the pictures, Jack was having a blast.  I’m still not sure what I think about the whole game.  Jack says he likes it, but I think he just loves the attention from his older brother…So, for now it’s banned from our house.


8 thoughts on “WE MADE IT!!!

  1. tsdg

    What a ride!?! I hope you find a suitable car for the in laws. The laundry basket/hamster/cage game looks like something my boys would do. I’ve never heard of the games curses—do you have time to explain it?

  2. peteandheather

    What a crazy trip!  At least everyone enjoyed it!  🙂  Joe had actually learned how to play curses at Grace–that statement sounds pretty funny–and said he would explain it too me sometime, and he never got a chance.  I’d love to learn about it too!  🙂  I’ll check Tara’s site first to see if you already explained it to her.  🙂

  3. JAMBender

    ~I hope you find the perfect car soon for Andy’s parents.  I bet it’s weird to think they’ll be here on furlow for a whole year!  That will be so much fun for your family!  Glad you got to go out a bit with your boys.  . . isn’t the weather getting wonderful? Spring is definitely here!!!!~

  4. speedyjhg

    My parents are going full-time to China in August and will be looking for someone to take the van off their hands.  I don’t know that you can find car arangements until then, but I thought I would throw it out there.
    Hope things are going well.

  5. cmanahan

    The game is funny – I understand your concern – today, Audra was throwing things in the yard and saying, “fetch baby, fetch.”  Nate stopped that game, as well.  I’m glad you got outside for a while, sorry you had to go all the way to Chicago for a donut. 

  6. cherithpeters

    I think you are already set up to see it, you just have to go in from your page.  You set one up a while ago and you are already one of my “friends” so all you have to do is go to your page then click on my picture in your friends section and it will take you to my page.  I actually decided to make it private after you made your Xanga site private.  I agree, when you have kids and are writing about them a lot it’s just a good idea to put up a little security. You inspired me. 🙂  Unfortunately it makes it a little inconvenient for people you actually WANT to be able to read your stuff. Don’t worry you didn’t gross me out THAT bad, I was just feeling bad for you.  Ukk! 

  7. speedyjhg

    ryc:  Glad you found something.  Candice graduates this May and is starting classes in the fall.  Cherish graduates this May and is planning on staying in Virginia (as far as I know) until she can go to Africa as a teacher.  David is in Arizona working and attending night classes.  I graduate in April with my MArch and it looks like Sam and I will be staying in Elgin for a while.  So the short answer to your question is that Mom and Dad will be going by themselves to China in August.


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