Hey all!  We’ve been having such a good time with Andy’s parents.  In
the 6 years we’ve been married, we’ve been to Brazil 3 times, and
they’ve been back for births and such, but I’ve never known them for a
whole year!  I’m excited for them to be around for a year.  Our kids
are so pumped out of their mind as well!  As I write this, they’re
rattling off some portuguese in the next room to each other.  It’s so
cute to hear.  This morning, I
overhear them telling them “I love my grandma becky and grandpa dan and
THAT will never change.”
We have a youth retreat this
weekend, and they’ll watch our boys Friday night and my parents are
coming out to watch them Saturday night.  I’m really excited to get to
go, undistracted, to get to know the girls better.  I’m still figuring
out (and probably always will be) when’s best to keep our kids, when to
bring them with, and when to leave them.  Since they’re with
grandparents, this was a pretty easy decision for me. 

We are
thoroughly enjoying the warm weather!!!  I’ve killed 3 flies and 1
mosquito today in our house, and I don’t mind too much–as long as that
means we can play outside!  I do feel kinda guilty.  Yesterday, we went
to the park, played outside for a really long time on our swingset, ate
popsicles, swang in the hammock,…and Andy sat in meetings all day. 
But then today there were some rough tantrums when it was time to come
inside for naps, so I guess it all evens out   Hope you are enjoying the springtime.  Ritter’s is open!!!

Oh, and one more thing…Do you all remember the 3 NTM men who were
kidnapped in Panama and later killed by Colombian guerillas.  Mark Rich
was 1 of the men taken hostage, and his wife, Tania is Andy’s cousin. 
They had 2 little girls, and for 7 years didn’t know if he was alive or
dead.  It was confirmed in Sept. 2001 that they were dead.  There’s
more recorded on this story here. 
Anyhow, Saturday Tania got married.  She was the last of the 3 widows
to get remarried.  I love Tania’s words in this article “My faith has
been tested and stretched more than I ever dreamed.  This whole ordeal
brought me to the realization that I had to
believe in the truth of the Bible or else deny God. I don’t believe God
wastes pain.”  What a testimony to all of us.  (Cherith, I met Mark’s
brother, Paul Rich the other day.  He lives in Elkhart, but was in FL
for Tania’s wedding.)   (Jen, she goes to Northwood too.)

Ok, and this is getting longer than I’d intended, but Tara and Heather, I’ll try to explain Curses.  It’s a game with 2 sets of cards-challenge and curse cards.  Someone starts with a challenge card, acts it out until people guess it.  Then draw a curse card and hand it to someone.  That person has to do whatever it says for the remainder of the game.  The game doesn’t stop until everyone’s out, so at one point a guy gets a call on his cell, has 1 inch arms that are glued to his chest, can only talk with his teeth clenched in a french accent.  A japanese exchange student had to talk with his nose pinched, and could only shout everything he said, and anytime someone stood up, he had to yell a pizza topping.  Being from Japan, he had no clue, so was like “CORN!”  We were cracking up.  I don’t know if that’s too confusing.  But here’s the website to get it, if you’re interested.  It’s either a love/hate game for people.  We’ve played it with some really shy people who I think regretted coming to our house that night, and then some groups we laugh so hard and have some fun memories with. 
I love these guys more than I ever knew possible.


9 thoughts on “

  1. crabtrees

    Sara I somehow have missed your last three blogs and just caught up. I wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading about your family and am very glad you get a year with Andy’s parents. Where will they be living? I am comforted by the throwup in the closet story. I have this fear that although everyone tells you to not worry about cleaning your house when you have little kids that somehow everyone does manage to keep theirs clean and that they only say that to make me feel better. (long sentence, possibly a run-on) Not that you weren’t cleaning the closet on purpose. I find hard peas on the floor and bits of snacks and finger prints on my windows. But someday the house will be too quiet. Someday I’ll miss their noise and mess. Anyways, I think you have amazing mom-spirit.

  2. jilandrich

    Andy’s parents sound great. I’m happy for all of you that you get a year with them. Those are such cute pictures of your boys. I’ll have to read all of Tania’s stuff. Thanks for sharing that.

  3. cherithpeters

    Did you guys get to go to the wedding?  Tania is one of the most inspiring people I have ever known. I wish she lived closer so I could spend time with her and get to know her better!  Kidron is actually living with Joseph, one of Mark’s brothers now.  They are not far from you guys, I think in like Mishuwaka or something like that. 

  4. peteandheather

    Thanks for sharing about Curses, Sara.  🙂  It definitely sounds like a game I would love.  Also a great youth group game–we might need to invest in it!  That’s so great that you and Andy and the boys get to spend a whole year living near Andy’s parents.  What a blessing!  🙂 

  5. peteandheather

    That’s funny that you mentioned the Boston thing…I had thought about putting that my story to help people imagine how he says it!  🙂  Decipering kid lingo is definitely a mother’s gift! 

  6. Liffus

    hey sara!
    i enjoy reading your site every now and then and just wanted to let you know that. i hope you guys are well. your boys are very cute!

  7. tsdg

    That game sounds so crazy! I hope you have a great weekend with the youth and have some great connecting time with the girls. I’m gonna go check out Tania’s story.


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