catching up with our boys.

i’m not sure anymore whose christmas gift it really was…
and one of my favorite times of day–singing songs to jack before bedtime.
Sometimes I don’t realize how much my life has changed since having
kids, but …Everyone’s been asking me what I want for my birthday. 
The other day when my mom asked, I laughed because I’d just gotten into
our van and thought we really needed some floor mats, so I was
seriously gave that as an option.  But I really can’t think of anything
for me.  I can think of a ton for the kids or Andy.  And I don’t mean
that to sound holier than thou because I thought it was always strange
when moms would go and shop for others and not themselves.  I thought
surely they can get something fun now and then.  But now I’m totally
blank…well, except really corny things like floor mats, herbs to
plant in our herb garden, yarn for knitting–maybe I should go ahead and ask for a great
big oversized “soccer mom” sweatshirt.  Sigh.  All that to say, it’s not a bad change–just different, and I actually like it 🙂


5 thoughts on “

  1. tsdg

    Very sweet pictures. I love the one of you and Jack cuddling. Go get a pedicure for your birthday, it is such a treat and so relaxing.

  2. peteandheather

    Those pictures are priceless.  I love singing to Jon before bedtime too–definitely a highlight of the day!  I just had a conversation with Pete’s parents about how being a parent changes your priorities.  I’m going to a huge children’s consignment sale today and I’m so excited.  The last thing I bought for myself was a long-sleeved maternity shirt at Target and that was just because it was $2.50 and I only had two other long-sleeved shirts that fit!  I think Tara’s suggestion is a great one–go for a pedicure!  🙂  When is your birthday?

  3. theroyerfam

    Pedicure is a great idea–and I could go for a good massage too. Hey, thanks for the good tips guys! Heather, my birthday is April 8th–not a big one, I’ll be 29. But the birthday season is well in bloom. Me in April, Miles in May, Jack in June, and Andy in July (with lots of our family in there too.) Lots of cake!!!


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