Saturday evening.  10.45 pm.  What are you all doing?  Andy’s waxing the car, procrastinating on the 3 lessons he has to teach in the next 2 days.  I’m procrastinating on the piles of paperwork here beside me.  Speaking of procrastinating, last year I didn’t take our Christmas wreath down in time and birds made a nest and laid eggs in it…well, I was so proud of myself for remembering this year to take it down (after only a few initial twigs had been laid for a nest)…and then I found a pkg. of tulip bulbs in our garage I was supposed to plant last fall. They actually have green sprouts on them, so I may still be in luck…if I get to them soon…
        Anyhow, I know it doesn’t sound like too much of an eventful Saturday evening, but considering all the events of the past 2 weeks…I’m thankful for the ho-hum night.  And we’re going on night #2 of Jack sleeping in a big-boy bed.  I know, he’s way past the time you’re supposed to switch him over, but for some reason, this means he’s not my baby anymore…It was seriously hard for me–I was no longer lowering my baby (now 38 lbs., will be 3 in June) into his crib.  He climbed up into bed all by himself, just like that.  I remember the switch as much harder than this–Guess Jack was more ready for it than me
        Our kids are so into Goldilocks right now—today they were
very impatient for lunch to be made. 
Andy was trying to distract them by telling them Goldilocks.  Listening in the next room, I was pretty entertained as well…especially when he couldn’t remember how it ended, so apparently
Papa Bear ate Goldilocks.  The kids
thought that was funny, but we need to figure out a better ending.
       Another distraction that worked amazing the other night.  Our kids are serious monsters when they’re hungry, but I came across a phone number to call Elmo, and it was so cool!!!  1.866.ELMO TIPS.  There’s a lady talking at the beginning (Miles says it’s Elmo’s mom), and then Elmo gets on and talks for awhile.  Go ahead, try it, even if you don’t have kids.  It’s really cool.
        I’m really excited to wear a skirt to church tomorrow.  I’ve worn jeans/pants all fall/winter, so last week when I broke out a skirt, Jack looks at me and says “Mommy, you’re a ballerina?”  I guess I’m excited because it means it’s warm enough to bare my legs…and my 2 yr. old thinks I’m a ballerina.  Enough of my random ramblings…off to put on some Jergen’s Natural Glow 

EDIT:  One more funny twist.  I didn’t mention Andy was waxing the car to put it on the market.  I went out to check his progress.  By the look on his face, I’m guessing we won’t be selling it. 


7 thoughts on “

  1. tsdg

    We are going to try that Elmo number—anytime before meals is always a bear for us, lots of crying and whining. The waxed car looks great. I liked all your procrastinating stories, I got a chuckle. My procrastinating is getting worse and worse, I’m more accepting of it now. Have a happy ballerina morning!

  2. peteandheather

    That’s so funny about Goldilocks!  Poor thing, got eaten by Papa Bear!  🙂  I also can totally relate to the skirt situation.  I think besides Christmas, I didn’t wear a skirt all winter.  I just wore one a couple weeks ago and it was kind of nice to feel “pretty.”  I love that Jack asked you if you were a ballerina!  That is a fun car–it would be hard to sell.  Keep us posted on what you decide to do.  Hope you’re having a good Monday!  🙂

  3. JAMBender

    ~I wore a skirt on sunday, and I’m contemplating wearing one to work tomorrow.  Isn’t there something refreshing about being able to let your legs feel the sunshine!?!  I’m looking forward to the warm days ahead!!  LOVE your convertible!  Bet it will be kind of hard to sell it right before the sun shines 🙂 I hope you get a few more days out of it before it’s gone!!!  Have a great week!~

  4. crabtrees

    meal time is so hard. Sometimes I find myself starting meals really early just to avoid the monsters and then we end up being done before we would have started on other days. Thanks for sharing some procrastination stories. It makes me feel more normal.

  5. JeanandTasha

    Your boys’ funny comments always bring a smile to my face. 🙂 
    Please tell Andy thanks for his presentation about Brazil in GP yesterday.  I joked with my breakout group that I was finally going to understand some of the things that go on around my house! 


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