two peas in a pod
Do you ever have those sit-down-and-want-to-vent moments, but then you
read something that makes everything you have to complain about fail in
comparison?  Well, this is such a moment.  I’m a part of a “support
group for parents of autistic children seeking biomedical treatment”
(are you lost yet?)  It’s been so helpful for me, and at times
completely puts me to shame at the lengths these parents will go for
their children.  One such mom just wrote about how her 4 yr. old for
the 1st time today waved bye-bye.  She was in complete exhiliration,
celebrating her daughter finally understanding what that means. 
Lately, as we’re looking into allergy elimination, chelation, etc.,
it’s been so frustrating talking to insurance, drs., nurses…All they
want to do is give him a prescription for prozac, but they’re so
unwilling to cover treatments that are actually CURING children and
treating more than the symptoms.  I hate to talk about his autism
diagnosis, because there is alot of stigma behind that word.  We’re
seeing improvement everyday, since hearing that word a year ago.  Wed.
he had 4 cavities filled, without nitrous oxide (I was concerned with
connections between that and brain development).  I wasn’t allowed to
be in there with him.  And it was so hard to see him walk away carrying
his headphones with grandma singing lullabies to the dentist chair. 
The next time I saw him, he walked into the waiting room with a huge
smile, saying “Dr. fixed my teeth up.  The dr. was wearing an orange
shirt and said ‘hi little handsome.’  He brushed my teeth with a gray
toothbrush and it hurt.  Then he said ‘bye little handsome.”  Miles has
an incredibly high pain threshold.  He’s been through so much, but he
brings so much joy to our life.  I think I say all this because I would
never have asked for a child with autism, but sometimes I think we’re
so paranoid “what if that happens to me?”  Well, if having a child with
autism is this child of mine who remembers what color everything is
he’s ever seen in his life and wraps his little arms around my neck
every night to say “I love my momma baby, and that will never
change”…we are so blessed.  I’ve learned so much from him about
loving and accepting people.  He has a heart of gold, and I’m so proud
to be his mom.  Anyhow, it feels good to write all this, as the kids
are in bed and Andy’s at the Venture.  So, excuse my rambling. 

SO…Over the Rhine is in Goshen tomorrow, and Andy is taking me on a
date!!!  I’M SO EXCITED!!!  Although, I do feel a little guilty–Jack
has fallen asleep listening to Karin and Linford since he was a baby. 
So, we just can’t let him know what we’re doing 🙂 

Ok, I’m glad some of you appreciate the funny things our kids say.  I’m
still laughing about a classic Jack-line at dinner tonight.  We’d built
a fire outside and were going to roast marshmallows, but they had to
finish their rice first…So, I told Jack 5 more bites, and he could
have a smore.  He was chugging away and on bite 5, he choked and gagged
up the other 5 bites of rice (apparently, he hadn’t been chewing).  It
was pretty gross, but not wanting to miss out on his smore, he looks at
me and says “Can I have number 5 again?” 

Ever since we said goodbye to Dave and Trish, our kids are convinced
we’re going to Cambodia.  We kept saying the next time we see them may
be in Cambodia.  So, Tues. we get in the car to go to the library, and
they think we’re going to Cambodia.  I say “Not now.”  Jack says “After
nap?”  “Probably not.”  Wed., Miles tells people we’re going to
Cambodia in a few weeks.  It’s sweet they don’t understand the
complications of money, flights, and such…but I wish it were that
easy and often daydream of it when they bring it up…

Well, I’m going to enjoy this quiet house tonight.  But here’s some fun
pics of the week!  Oh yeah, our kids had stickers on their foreheads
all day today.  Seriously, people in Wal-Mart looked at us like… like
they’d never seen kids with stickers on their foreheads!  Come on
people, they’re kids!  Anyhow, hope you all enjoy your wknd!!
sticker head
a m smore
j smore
m smore


10 thoughts on “

  1. filledeparis

    Hi Sar,Cute stories, cute pics.Thanks for sharing what God is teaching you through Miles.It sounds like He placed Miles with just the right Mom. Let’s chat soon.Much love!

  2. tsdg

    Your kids are so photogenic, I love the peas in a pod pictures! I am always encouraged to hear your words, you always have such a wisdom that comes from your heart. Thank you for sharing about Miles. I look forward to hearing about the Over the Rhine concert, my bro and sis in law are going to a concert here in a few weeks.

  3. spies_likeus

    1. Those pictures are great! From the peas in a pod to the smores 🙂
    2. I’m slightly jealous that you’re getting to see Over the Rhine!!! They hardly ever come this far south 😦
    3. You know, Miles really is an amazing kid. I think all the time about how sweet and incredibly smart both of your boys are. All those songs Miles sang while we were visiting you guys in W. Palm… and he sang them pretty perfectly 🙂 And in 2 languages! He really is such a blessing. And I agree with “tsdg”… I am also always encouraged to hear your words and your wisdom.
    4. I’ve decided I just need to start numbering everything I write. It makes it seem less odd when I jump from topic to topic 🙂
    5. You are lovely 🙂

  4. spies_likeus

    oh and I forgot to comment about this…
    6. That’s awesome that Tania Rich goes to Northland. You know Gracia Burnham spoke at Northland a while ago. I’m not sure if she goes there or not but she was there talking about her experience and about the book she wrote “In the Presence of my Enemies.” I haven’t read her book yet but my mom said it’s really really good. Have you read it?

  5. kissabby

    Wow that was an amazing post. I don’t know your boys, I’ve seen them at church and other random places but both are so adorable and I agree with the people above I think God knew  just what he was doing when he placed Miles with you! 🙂

  6. crabtrees

    I loved the stickers. Thanks for sharing about what it’s like being his mom. I’m reading a book called “Born on a blue day” by Daniel Tammet. You’ve probably heard of him. He is an autistic savant. He sees numbers as colors and pictures. I’m only on chapter one, but so far it’s really interesting.

  7. cherithpeters

    Sarah, we’ll have to talk about Cambodia someday.  Steve and I have a real heart for that place too.  Our church is very involved there.  We are hoping to visit soon.  Steve’s dad gets to go like once a year.  I agree with all the others, your posts are so heart warming and encouraging and thought provoking and just really really great.  Thanks for your openess, it is a blessing to all of us.

  8. katievarela

    Sara – Love the post! I had to rush right over and read it after I saw your comment on our blog. It is always so encouraging to me to read your blog and see how beautiful your family is and what a Godly woman and mother you are. I’m also so encouraged when I read all the things Miles does and says and then realize that Nate is going to improve too. 🙂

  9. peteandheather

    Man, I hate when I’m the 8th person to comment– I feel like I should just say ditto.  Thanks for sharing your heart about Miles with us.  It really is an encouragement to read about how God is teaching you and how you are responding.  I love the sticker pictures–kids are the coolest.  The woods near our house have private property signs on them and my friends son always asks why the trees at our house get to have stickers!  🙂  I hope that you and Andy had a great time at the Over the Rhine concert–I’m sure you did!  Have a great weekend!  🙂

  10. FranciPantsJones

    Such cute boys… and I agree Sara… you have beautiful children!! I appreciate your perspective and wisdom. I’m jealous about Over the Rhine. Wish they were on the west coast more. Lots o love.


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