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saturday resolutions….

Miles woke up saying “Today is a happy day.  No spankings and no time outs.”  Jack is saying “Today is a warm day.  No coats on and no fleeces.”  I’m hopeful with their resolve to make today better than the past few…  And last night Andy’s parents watched our boys so we could have a date night!!  Andy had to get allergy shots in Ft. Wayne, so since we were spending gas $ to get there, we figured hey, let’s make a date out of it.  I love the part of marriage after kids in that anything done with just the 2 of us is such a nice break..even if it’s dinner tacked on to some allergy shots!
Today my Saturday resolutions look like: 
–Finish Miles’ scrapbook up to age 4 (I’m only doing a page a year and I have my pregnancy and his birth done…so this shouldn’t be too hard…)
–Bike Ride with the kids (We’ve done this a few times this year, and it’s always such a rude awakening to my body after taking a siesta over the winter…besides some exercise tapes from the library…each spring I can feel the extra weight our kids have put on and taking a bike ride with the 2 of them now consists of pulling an extra 80 lbs. in a trailer, so I like when Andy can take one of the kiddos and people passing in their cars don’t feel so bad for me.  And by the end of the summer I should be an old pro!)
–Cookout with extended family (Which means grocery shopping for ingredients to make potato salad…)
–Resolve to not pick up Travel & Leisure magazine today.  (Our frequent flyer miles got turned into mag. subsc., and this is the most painful one for me to receive every month.  I seriously regret getting it, as this month is the Europe Issue.  We both have itchy bones for travel, and it’s so hard to look through the pages and just want to be somewhere other than Winona Lake.  I just got into watching “Planet Earth” on the Science channel…another bad idea.  It’s good in that God’s creation is so miraculous and yet, it’s hard for me to discover it on a tv.)
–Mail Grant #1 (I finished the 1st of many grant applications to help with expenses of Miles’ biomedical treatment.  I’m just praying they will look with favor on our situation.)  And I’m so excited about this dr. we’re seeing!  She called the other day to see how Miles is doing.  Have you ever heard of that?!?  I was concerned that he’s still hacking up stuff, and she’s just so knowledgable and understanding!!  What a blessing she is!
–Enjoy my family.  I picked up a book last night at Barnes written on discipline.  I’m sure I would have read that book a few years ago and thought I had it all down. 
I was a much better parent before I had kids I know having 2 and 3 yr. old boys at the same time complicates matters.  But sometimes I just feel at a loss.  And making decisions to shape these kids’ wills can be so hard…
So, thank God
Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
       for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.


a super-duper long one

Well, we’re back and getting back in the groove of things.  It’s overwhelming at all there is to do sometimes.  I just unpacked our suitcase yesterday because there’s people we want to catch up with and our kids have been a bit needier than usual.  The treatments seem to be working.  It scared me at first how powerful they are.  After the 1st round, Miles fell asleep in the car and didn’t budge for 2 1/2 hrs.  Andy and I took turns dropping each other off at places to get lunch and coffee…then we just parked the car and he still didn’t wake up!  He had 6 treatments and after the last ones, “This makes me tired.”  And they were eliminating allergies, so his nose was constantly running until it was bright red and chapped and he still has a nasty cough as stuff is draining, but Miles is such a trooper.  In all this I’d ask “Does your nose hurt?”  He’d think and say “No, it’s feeling better.”  I can’t imagine it not hurting, but he has such a high pain threshold with all he’s been through.  It astounds me.  I really liked the dr.  We put her to the test with our endless questions, and we’re very encouraged to get some answers.  We’ll finish the treatments in May and then test for metal toxicity levels in his body and from there, possibly do chelation.  It sounds so scary, and I appreciate she’s not rushing us, but encouraging us to research and do one step at a time.

On a non-medical note…Our neighbors have been moving tables and dressers into their garage.  Last night I had a dream their sister was moving into their garage, but I have a hunch it’s for a garage sale.  We just had a garage sale last summer, but need to do one again.  It’s amazing how much you can accumulate with kids!!  I have no idea when I’ll find time to get around to it, but making money and eliminating clutter are 2 priorities at this point 🙂

Miles turns 4 in 1 week.  He wants a tiger cake.  Hmmm.  I’ve been looking through books of cakes, and there’s a complete bias toward girly cakes–ladybugs, butterflies, etc.  It’s so hard to find a cute boy cake.  Atleast, that’s my consensus.  I think we’re either going to the zoo or chuckEcheese, if it’s raining.  I’m pumped.  I never have been to chuckEcheese. 
I’m kinda at a loss for what else to say, so I should note some fun sayings:
— “When I’m 3, I’m going to ride in a tractor with a man.”  (Jack telling me why he was scared to ride in the tractor with my uncle…because he’ll do it when he’s 3)

— “You’re my best friend ever.  You’re my girlfriend puppy.”  (Miles telling his friend Abby, who is half his size and age, litterally robbing the cradle 🙂

–“Um (clear throat), excuse me, I have a question.  Can you get me a band-aid?”  (Jack came around the corner with this grown-up talk and cracked me right up!)

–“Are you going to make supper or no?”  (Miles is picking up some of my lingo.  Are you…or no? 🙂
And to end my super-duper long post, I just wanted to say thanks for those who prayed last week.  I told Andy last night sometimes when we step back and realize how crazy things are, it’s a true blessing to see how God is sustaining and even strengthening us.  We never could have made it through some of the things we’re faced today.  And I’m excited to see how He continues to grow and mature our faith and dependence on Him.  But I know we have some prayer warriors for parents, and I can’t thank them enough. 

No time…well, maybe a quick post.

Hey all, we’ve got our
bags out again, packing them away for some more time in
Ohio.  Miles sees a new dr. tomorrow, and I’m super excited about some an allergy elimination treatment he’s going to receive.  It’s some pretty intense, expensive voodoo…should be interesting, but there’s an 85% success rate…and it’s better than the shots they’ve wanted to start him on.  If you’re interested, it’s
I’m thankful Andy gets to come with us.  It’s intense as in he cannot eat or drink anything but purified water for 3 hours following each treatment and we’re doing 2 a day Wed – Fri.  I have directions to Borders, the zoo, the mall, etc. to do my best at distracting, but I’m sure we’ll see kids walking around with darn ice cream cones and that’ll not be fun.  One day, when he’s treated for rubber and plastic, he cannot even have water in case it’s come in contact with that…and he cannot touch rubber and plastic for 3 hours.  I hope I don’t mess this up!  We’d appreciate your prayers.  At this point, from the extensive research we’ve done, it seems the safest, most effective route in the next step of helping our little guy.  But we’re praying God will provide not only the complete healing, but the means to do this.

Anyhow, we leave at 5 am tomorrow and a couple is coming for premarital counseling in 6 min., so I’d better pack a few more things and get my blueberry muffins out of the oven before they’re burnt.  Am I going insane or what?!?!?  Oh, I’m only kidding.  I’m so so so so ready to do this and so so so so excited to see how God has already provided.  Last week when I was hustling around with all our laundry to get ready to leave, our dryer went out.  For some reason, I just knew God was going to take care of us (I wish that was always the case…)  But, I got on some website I can’t remember right now and found a washer/dryer set 30 min. away, and they gave it to us for $50!!  And it’s working beautifully!  So, I guess not knowing where the $2000 will come from to treat your kid is another large step of faith, but we have such a peace about this I’m so thankful for.  Ok, need to go…hearing car doors…and a football that hit our window. 

Have a good week everyone!

What you don’t know about Sara

is that she is alone with two young boys for the week while I am in Maryland at a leadership conference.  Hi… this is Andy Sara’s husband.  Let me just say I love my wife and she is an amazing mother, partner, friend, lover.  She would never tell you this, but she is who I would dream of to raise my children.  And for me that is the highest and most important position in this world to fill.   It is about midnight and my roomate and co worker from church (Kondo Simfukwe) just left to hit the fitness room at the hotel.  Seeing as how it is after midnight, I skipping the work out.  (Ambitious young man that one).  Anyways.  To all you cyber friends out there  may I say you guys are very much an encouragement to my wife and I.  Hope to see many of you face to face sometime soon. And to  Sara. Hello from maryland…the blossoming dogwood trees are gorgous out here… missing you like crazy.


What the Easter egg hunt creators don’t tell you…

So, Miles runs into the room today crying because he’s covered head to toe in egg.  I’m not sure hiding them was exactly the best idea yesterday.  He was trying to crack this one open to see if it had candy inside.  It didn’t.  Only lots of oooey goooey mess running down our cupboards and onto the floor (whatever was not on himself).  He used to have a horrible allergy to egg, which we found out at his 1st birthday party when he broke out in hives from his cupcake.  (I’m very grateful he didn’t have an allergic reaction…just a messy mistake 🙂

I just need to brag a second about my child.  This a.m. I had an IEP mtg. for Miles, and he was just sitting on my lap coloring as everyone was talking about their goals for him.  Completely unassisted, he wrote his name.  Everyone was super impressed, and I was so proud.  We’ve been working on this, but it’s so special to see something click on his own time.  (And part of me thinks he was waiting for the perfect moment to show off all he can do 🙂

I hear a “Hey mommy?!?” from the other room.  The sleeping have risen.  Better jet. 

I’m feeling very blessed.  I don’t remember if my birthday has ever fallen on Easter, but I can’t think of a better holiday to share my birthday with.  It was so amazing to worship our risen Savior with our church this a.m.  When we sang “Up from the grave He arose” and then “Death could not hold Him down for He is risen”, I had goosebumps all over. 
       My dear husband is cleaning up after all our fun and feasts.  He says it’s his birthday gift to me–I haven’t done any laundry, dishes (well, I snuck some in), meals or plans this weekend.  He had it all set up, and it’s been very relaxing and also a blast! 
       Saturday he’d set up for me to go to a Target outlet with a friend.  It was super exciting.  I found blinds for $10, like the really nice ones I liked from Target, but didn’t want to pay their price.  And we were excited to be out together for a few hours without the kids.  Then, when we came back, he’d made pizzas (yes, dough and all) and a cake.  And we just really had a neat time together.
Then today Andy’s parents and sister’s family came over.  It was fun times for the cousins together, and we did a Brazilian churrasco (yes, cleared the snow off to grill), but it tasted just as amazing…and of course, more cake!  When it came time to sing Happy Birthday again, Miles said “It’s your birthday…again?!?”  And the celebration isn’t over.  Andy has a SGA pastor’s conference in MD this week, so we’re going to my parents’ for a few days.  So, there’ll be more cake!!!  But none of us are complaining 🙂  DSC_0203
       Well, our fun spring break week is over, and preschool is tomorrow.  I’ll have to admit, I’m not very fond of preschool days, but I know it’s been really good for Miles, so we do it (and it’s only 6 hours a week…)  But, it’s so hard to have to get him to bed early, and still wake him up to go.  Let’s just say, I really liked the laid back week we had of not having to be anywhere on time.  We’re usually the last parent in the drop off line.  I’ve gotten so bad at getting anywhere on time, but I think it’s the Brazilian wearing off on me and liking to live at my own pace. 
These were taken last Sunday, when the HS came over for soccer, frisbee, games, a bonfire, good times.  Miles sat with a marshmallow on a stick for a very long time, wanting to make a smore–it was sweet.

Thanks so much for all your sweet notes last post.  Andy and I had a truly amazing time at Over the Rhine.  I could follow them all over their tour and never tire hearing them.  She sang for 1 1/2 hours, and when she said it was the last song, I thought it’d been like 20 min.  Then, they did 2 encores of 2 songs each.  They’re so good.  (Jen, guess you’ll have to come up here to see them 🙂
Trying to be the incognito couple we are, we went to a diner we love in Goshen…haven’t been there since we moved back to the area, and apparently it’s big now.  Like, Food Network is filming there Thursday for a special.  I suppose this makes some people excited.  I just hope they don’t raise their prices 🙂 
        So, I’m starting to get a little paranoid here.  I deposited a check last week for $500, and was waiting for it to post, but it never did.  So, I called the bank and they had no record of it.  THANKFULLY, I’d kept the receipt (which I don’t always do, but will for sure now!)  I went into the bank, showed them the receipt to track it, and it’d been put in someone’s acct. in Kentucky!!!!  They pulled it out and put it in ours, but said they couldn’t have without the receipt.  I’m going to be a receipt freak from now on!
THEN, yesterday we got a note from collections that said we owed Blockbuster $80.  Blockbuster in West Palm Beach, FL, nonetheless!  I’ve called BBV several times because someone rented movies on our card there (How in the world?  I don’t know) and never returned them.  They said it was resolved, but we got a note from collections and the only ohone number on it was to pay the amt., not to talk with anyone.  So, I called BBV again, and they said it’s resolved.  We’ll see…
Anyhow, both seemed to end well.  But come on people, I don’t have the time for this!
       We’ve been talking through the Easter story, and I was telling Jack how we needed a Savior, so God sent Jesus to be born in a barn with cows and sheep (Jack adds “and combines”).  He was perfect because He’s God…and people didn’t believe He was God and killed Him.  But after 3 days, He was alive–He has power over everything, even death!  …It was longer, but this is the basics.  At the end, his eyes were huge, and he said “Can I go see him?”  “We will someday.”  “Thursday?”  “We’ll see Him when we die.”  “When we’re hit by a car?”  (We’ve been talking about why they need to stay on the sidewalk)  “We don’t want to get hit by a car, but it will be awesome to see Jesus!”  “Can I go to heaven after my nap?” 
I never knew how much explaining the Gospel to a 2 yr. old stretches your theology…It brings tears to my eyes everytime, as it’s just an awesome opportunity to help them understand who our Savior is.