Thanks so much for all your sweet notes last post.  Andy and I had a truly amazing time at Over the Rhine.  I could follow them all over their tour and never tire hearing them.  She sang for 1 1/2 hours, and when she said it was the last song, I thought it’d been like 20 min.  Then, they did 2 encores of 2 songs each.  They’re so good.  (Jen, guess you’ll have to come up here to see them 🙂
Trying to be the incognito couple we are, we went to a diner we love in Goshen…haven’t been there since we moved back to the area, and apparently it’s big now.  Like, Food Network is filming there Thursday for a special.  I suppose this makes some people excited.  I just hope they don’t raise their prices 🙂 
        So, I’m starting to get a little paranoid here.  I deposited a check last week for $500, and was waiting for it to post, but it never did.  So, I called the bank and they had no record of it.  THANKFULLY, I’d kept the receipt (which I don’t always do, but will for sure now!)  I went into the bank, showed them the receipt to track it, and it’d been put in someone’s acct. in Kentucky!!!!  They pulled it out and put it in ours, but said they couldn’t have without the receipt.  I’m going to be a receipt freak from now on!
THEN, yesterday we got a note from collections that said we owed Blockbuster $80.  Blockbuster in West Palm Beach, FL, nonetheless!  I’ve called BBV several times because someone rented movies on our card there (How in the world?  I don’t know) and never returned them.  They said it was resolved, but we got a note from collections and the only ohone number on it was to pay the amt., not to talk with anyone.  So, I called BBV again, and they said it’s resolved.  We’ll see…
Anyhow, both seemed to end well.  But come on people, I don’t have the time for this!
       We’ve been talking through the Easter story, and I was telling Jack how we needed a Savior, so God sent Jesus to be born in a barn with cows and sheep (Jack adds “and combines”).  He was perfect because He’s God…and people didn’t believe He was God and killed Him.  But after 3 days, He was alive–He has power over everything, even death!  …It was longer, but this is the basics.  At the end, his eyes were huge, and he said “Can I go see him?”  “We will someday.”  “Thursday?”  “We’ll see Him when we die.”  “When we’re hit by a car?”  (We’ve been talking about why they need to stay on the sidewalk)  “We don’t want to get hit by a car, but it will be awesome to see Jesus!”  “Can I go to heaven after my nap?” 
I never knew how much explaining the Gospel to a 2 yr. old stretches your theology…It brings tears to my eyes everytime, as it’s just an awesome opportunity to help them understand who our Savior is.  


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  1. tsdg

    Sounds like a great concert and fun date. Glad you found the 500 dollars, I think I’ll be more into keeping those receipts too. The conversation about easter is hilarious and so precious. It is amazing to see them try and understand who Jesus is!

  2. filledeparis

    I bet the account holder in KY. was confused to see the money appear and disappear.Maybe he rented movies on your card on his FL. vacation! Craziness! When is a good morning to call you next week?

  3. crabtrees

    I’ll be keeping my receipts too. Thanks for the advice. I’ve been noticing that Wrigley is understanding more. Like in the story Daniel and the Lions Den. The other day she asked what the lions had in their hands (the hats of the men who didn’t like Daniel). I was wondering when she make the connection that the lions ate the men. ate them and their families. I don’t think she’s ready for that. Anyway, she ended up thinking the lions had party hats.

  4. kissabby

    That happend to us one time but it was a wire transfer and they put it in the wrong account and it was $2500.00. They said that there was no way that they could track it but the place we transfered the money from was at fault so they had to give us the $2500.00 agian. Someone got REAL lucky though.
    I love hearing about little kids learning about Jesus! How cute that he wanted to go to Heaven after his nap 🙂

  5. peteandheather

    Okay, so I might have to start keeping my receipts too!  Yikes.  I’m so glad that you caught that–$500 could do a lot of damage.  Thanks for sharing about Jack and the Easter story.  Sometimes I underestimate what Jon can grasp and it’s so important to start NOW.  I love that he wanted to go to Heaven right away…I guess that’s why Jesus said we should all be like the little children…great reminder!

  6. SinginMama

    I agree that telling young children about Jesus is stretching. It’s good for me to restate it for them though because it makes me think through why I made my own decision to follow Christ. I know Cari is a smart cookie..but I still can’t believe that I was her age when I asked Jesus into my heart. What diner do you guys go to in Goshen? South Side Soda Shop?


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