I’m feeling very blessed.  I don’t remember if my birthday has ever fallen on Easter, but I can’t think of a better holiday to share my birthday with.  It was so amazing to worship our risen Savior with our church this a.m.  When we sang “Up from the grave He arose” and then “Death could not hold Him down for He is risen”, I had goosebumps all over. 
       My dear husband is cleaning up after all our fun and feasts.  He says it’s his birthday gift to me–I haven’t done any laundry, dishes (well, I snuck some in), meals or plans this weekend.  He had it all set up, and it’s been very relaxing and also a blast! 
       Saturday he’d set up for me to go to a Target outlet with a friend.  It was super exciting.  I found blinds for $10, like the really nice ones I liked from Target, but didn’t want to pay their price.  And we were excited to be out together for a few hours without the kids.  Then, when we came back, he’d made pizzas (yes, dough and all) and a cake.  And we just really had a neat time together.
Then today Andy’s parents and sister’s family came over.  It was fun times for the cousins together, and we did a Brazilian churrasco (yes, cleared the snow off to grill), but it tasted just as amazing…and of course, more cake!  When it came time to sing Happy Birthday again, Miles said “It’s your birthday…again?!?”  And the celebration isn’t over.  Andy has a SGA pastor’s conference in MD this week, so we’re going to my parents’ for a few days.  So, there’ll be more cake!!!  But none of us are complaining 🙂  DSC_0203
       Well, our fun spring break week is over, and preschool is tomorrow.  I’ll have to admit, I’m not very fond of preschool days, but I know it’s been really good for Miles, so we do it (and it’s only 6 hours a week…)  But, it’s so hard to have to get him to bed early, and still wake him up to go.  Let’s just say, I really liked the laid back week we had of not having to be anywhere on time.  We’re usually the last parent in the drop off line.  I’ve gotten so bad at getting anywhere on time, but I think it’s the Brazilian wearing off on me and liking to live at my own pace. 
These were taken last Sunday, when the HS came over for soccer, frisbee, games, a bonfire, good times.  Miles sat with a marshmallow on a stick for a very long time, wanting to make a smore–it was sweet.


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  1. crabtrees

    Happy birthday Sara! I’m so glad you had a special weekend and lots of time with friends and family. Your husband is a keeper. I hope you have a good time in Ohio with your parents.


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