What the Easter egg hunt creators don’t tell you…

So, Miles runs into the room today crying because he’s covered head to toe in egg.  I’m not sure hiding them was exactly the best idea yesterday.  He was trying to crack this one open to see if it had candy inside.  It didn’t.  Only lots of oooey goooey mess running down our cupboards and onto the floor (whatever was not on himself).  He used to have a horrible allergy to egg, which we found out at his 1st birthday party when he broke out in hives from his cupcake.  (I’m very grateful he didn’t have an allergic reaction…just a messy mistake 🙂

I just need to brag a second about my child.  This a.m. I had an IEP mtg. for Miles, and he was just sitting on my lap coloring as everyone was talking about their goals for him.  Completely unassisted, he wrote his name.  Everyone was super impressed, and I was so proud.  We’ve been working on this, but it’s so special to see something click on his own time.  (And part of me thinks he was waiting for the perfect moment to show off all he can do 🙂

I hear a “Hey mommy?!?” from the other room.  The sleeping have risen.  Better jet. 


3 thoughts on “What the Easter egg hunt creators don’t tell you…

  1. tsdg

    Funny egg story, glad there was no allergic reaction. That will be such a great memory—everyone talking about Miles and him writing his name so unassumingly—very sweet. I remember reading your copy of Josh Harris’ book while we were in college. I’m not sure where his church is……maybe Rockville area.

  2. peteandheather

    That’s so wonderful about Miles–being able to write his name, not being covered in egg goo.  I love the timing of it all–in the midst of his IEP meeting.  What a great mom moment.  I’ve wondered about the egg problem before…ever since Jon has seen the candy filled eggs, he is much more interested in the ones in the fridge.  I’m glad Miles didn’t have an allergic reaction.  Oh and thanks for the encouragement about pregnancy and the things people can say…it’s such a weird body image time between changing body and changing hormones!  Also, Happy Belated Birthday!  Sounds like it was a great day!  🙂 

  3. crabtrees

    I was briefly Lincoln’s Special Ed teacher. (then Wrigley came) I would give my teeth for a parent like you. Involved, informed, caring…. Way to go Miles.


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