What you don’t know about Sara

is that she is alone with two young boys for the week while I am in Maryland at a leadership conference.  Hi… this is Andy Sara’s husband.  Let me just say I love my wife and she is an amazing mother, partner, friend, lover.  She would never tell you this, but she is who I would dream of to raise my children.  And for me that is the highest and most important position in this world to fill.   It is about midnight and my roomate and co worker from church (Kondo Simfukwe) just left to hit the fitness room at the hotel.  Seeing as how it is after midnight, I skipping the work out.  (Ambitious young man that one).  Anyways.  To all you cyber friends out there  may I say you guys are very much an encouragement to my wife and I.  Hope to see many of you face to face sometime soon. And to  Sara. Hello from maryland…the blossoming dogwood trees are gorgous out here… missing you like crazy.



5 thoughts on “What you don’t know about Sara

  1. filledeparis

    What a great husband you have, Sar! I agree, you are pretty amazing! It was so refreshing to chat and pray the other day. Bon courage with the boys–I wish you much outside time!


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