No time…well, maybe a quick post.

Hey all, we’ve got our
bags out again, packing them away for some more time in
Ohio.  Miles sees a new dr. tomorrow, and I’m super excited about some an allergy elimination treatment he’s going to receive.  It’s some pretty intense, expensive voodoo…should be interesting, but there’s an 85% success rate…and it’s better than the shots they’ve wanted to start him on.  If you’re interested, it’s
I’m thankful Andy gets to come with us.  It’s intense as in he cannot eat or drink anything but purified water for 3 hours following each treatment and we’re doing 2 a day Wed – Fri.  I have directions to Borders, the zoo, the mall, etc. to do my best at distracting, but I’m sure we’ll see kids walking around with darn ice cream cones and that’ll not be fun.  One day, when he’s treated for rubber and plastic, he cannot even have water in case it’s come in contact with that…and he cannot touch rubber and plastic for 3 hours.  I hope I don’t mess this up!  We’d appreciate your prayers.  At this point, from the extensive research we’ve done, it seems the safest, most effective route in the next step of helping our little guy.  But we’re praying God will provide not only the complete healing, but the means to do this.

Anyhow, we leave at 5 am tomorrow and a couple is coming for premarital counseling in 6 min., so I’d better pack a few more things and get my blueberry muffins out of the oven before they’re burnt.  Am I going insane or what?!?!?  Oh, I’m only kidding.  I’m so so so so ready to do this and so so so so excited to see how God has already provided.  Last week when I was hustling around with all our laundry to get ready to leave, our dryer went out.  For some reason, I just knew God was going to take care of us (I wish that was always the case…)  But, I got on some website I can’t remember right now and found a washer/dryer set 30 min. away, and they gave it to us for $50!!  And it’s working beautifully!  So, I guess not knowing where the $2000 will come from to treat your kid is another large step of faith, but we have such a peace about this I’m so thankful for.  Ok, need to go…hearing car doors…and a football that hit our window. 

Have a good week everyone!


5 thoughts on “No time…well, maybe a quick post.

  1. tsdg

    Wow, I will be praying for you—each of you. Especially not touching rubber or plastic, that seems pretty difficult not to do for 3 hours. I will be praying. I’ll also pray for the money needed—God is so faithful, I know you know this. He has provided for us over and over again the last few years of having not much income. He has never let us down. I am confident he will provide the resources needed to take care of this treatment.

  2. TheDwellingPlace

    Hi Andy and Sara.  This is Jen Wood(Dave and Trish’s sister-in-law).  I wanted to let you know that I spent some time this morning praying for you all.  I am confident that God has filled you up with peace and provided perfect distractions from the ice cream!! 🙂  I’ve been lurking for awhile–I found your xanga when I was doing a search for one of our students who goes to Grace–so I thought this would be a good time to “de-lurk” myself.  🙂
    Jennifer Wood


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