saturday resolutions….

Miles woke up saying “Today is a happy day.  No spankings and no time outs.”  Jack is saying “Today is a warm day.  No coats on and no fleeces.”  I’m hopeful with their resolve to make today better than the past few…  And last night Andy’s parents watched our boys so we could have a date night!!  Andy had to get allergy shots in Ft. Wayne, so since we were spending gas $ to get there, we figured hey, let’s make a date out of it.  I love the part of marriage after kids in that anything done with just the 2 of us is such a nice break..even if it’s dinner tacked on to some allergy shots!
Today my Saturday resolutions look like: 
–Finish Miles’ scrapbook up to age 4 (I’m only doing a page a year and I have my pregnancy and his birth done…so this shouldn’t be too hard…)
–Bike Ride with the kids (We’ve done this a few times this year, and it’s always such a rude awakening to my body after taking a siesta over the winter…besides some exercise tapes from the library…each spring I can feel the extra weight our kids have put on and taking a bike ride with the 2 of them now consists of pulling an extra 80 lbs. in a trailer, so I like when Andy can take one of the kiddos and people passing in their cars don’t feel so bad for me.  And by the end of the summer I should be an old pro!)
–Cookout with extended family (Which means grocery shopping for ingredients to make potato salad…)
–Resolve to not pick up Travel & Leisure magazine today.  (Our frequent flyer miles got turned into mag. subsc., and this is the most painful one for me to receive every month.  I seriously regret getting it, as this month is the Europe Issue.  We both have itchy bones for travel, and it’s so hard to look through the pages and just want to be somewhere other than Winona Lake.  I just got into watching “Planet Earth” on the Science channel…another bad idea.  It’s good in that God’s creation is so miraculous and yet, it’s hard for me to discover it on a tv.)
–Mail Grant #1 (I finished the 1st of many grant applications to help with expenses of Miles’ biomedical treatment.  I’m just praying they will look with favor on our situation.)  And I’m so excited about this dr. we’re seeing!  She called the other day to see how Miles is doing.  Have you ever heard of that?!?  I was concerned that he’s still hacking up stuff, and she’s just so knowledgable and understanding!!  What a blessing she is!
–Enjoy my family.  I picked up a book last night at Barnes written on discipline.  I’m sure I would have read that book a few years ago and thought I had it all down. 
I was a much better parent before I had kids I know having 2 and 3 yr. old boys at the same time complicates matters.  But sometimes I just feel at a loss.  And making decisions to shape these kids’ wills can be so hard…
So, thank God
Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed,
       for his compassions never fail.
They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.


5 thoughts on “saturday resolutions….

  1. tsdg

    You have a full day ahead of you….will all the resolutions be resolved? We have been checking out bike trailers, I don’t think I will ever be the one pulling—you are so strong! That is a great doctor to call to check on Miles. I hope grant #1 is a hit and picked.

  2. jilandrich

    I laughed at what you said about being a much better parent before you had kids. I had to read it out loud to Rich. Very funny. I love reading your posts. Your boys say such cute things.


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