working backwords…

Miles celebrated his birthday with his class
today.  He was SO EXCITED!  Andy gave his final at Grace this
a.m., so some friends watched Jack, and I was free to enjoy the
celebration!  One sweet girl kept telling Miles to come sit by her,
that she’d saved him a spot and he wouldn’t go.  He sat over by himself
for circle time.  I went and sat beside him but later, concerned that
he’d prefer being by himself, I said “Miles, it was so nice of Kendra
to save you a seat.  You should have sat by your friend.”  He looked at
me and said “But I wanted to sit by you, momma.”  Melted my heart…

Sunday a.m., the boys were ready for church, Andy
was already there, and I was getting ready.  From the shower, I hear
Miles telling me “There’s a man in the house with a red hat.”  I turn
off the water, thinking I must’ve heard him wrong.  “Is there a man
inside or outside?”  “Inside.  I let him in.  He was knocking, so I let
him in.  He has a red hat.”  Oh brother…  Sure enough, get ready as
fast as I can, and there’s a man in our entryway with a red hat.  We’d
set our dryer out that’d stopped working, hoping someone would take it
off our hands, and he was inquiring about it.  Our kids have let in
people they know before, and we even removed the lock knob so they
couldn’t, but somehow they figured it out.  We had a very long talk
about not letting strangers in…and we’re getting a very high deadbolt
lock.  Sundays are always full of adventures…

Saturday, we had such a fun time at teema and teepa’s house.  Here’s his grandpa, who just came whipping around
with a go cart (Andy in 40 years…)
The kids got lots of tractor rides with “grandpa dan dan dan dan”
Miles in the back giving a thumbs up and saying “Tudo bem? Joiha”
He is all boy. 

I don’t often take pics in the car, but they were so thrilled to see go, I had to capture their excitement.
And this little guy joined our family 4 years ago tomorrow.  I can’t believe it’s been 4 years already.  In some ways, we’ve been through enough for 40 years!  But then, I can’t imagine our lives without him.  It doesn’t seem we could only know each other for such a short time.  I have learned so much from him, about love, life and faith.
I know many of you have posted your birthing stories–I don’t know about reliving my 39 hour labor…so, here’s some special facts about our guy.
–Miles was supposed to be Liliane Grace (Lily).  The dr. was certain we were having a girl.  Yes, from an ultrasound.  I still thought it was a boy and kept the tags on everything.  When he came out, the dr. said what’s his name?  Not hearing right, I said “Lily.”  “For a boy?!?” the dr. exclaims.  Andy looks at me and says “Sara, Lily has a p—.”  Yep.  All decency left in the delivery room.  And so entered our Miles Andrew. 
–Miles is brazilian and american, dual citizenship, like his daddy.  He’s been to brazil twice, at 16 mos. and 3 yrs. 
–His favorite food is rice and beans.  In McD’s before, he’s insisted on ordering rice and beans. 
–His memory is incredible.  He knows every kids’ song I can think of…and he remembered the color of my mom’s hairdryer when he had only used it once 2 mos. ago!  (None of us knew it was purple until asking him!)
–Loves Rachael Ray.  I think this has to do with both his appreciation for women with dark hair and also his love for cooking. 
–Miles means “warrior.”  And he is.  But he has a tender compassion and
a trust that scares me at times.  I’ll never forget laying my 1 mo. old
on a cold operating room table and having to leave as they put him to
sleep for an emergency surgery.  I’d never been so scared to make a
decision in my life.  I still don’t feel ready to make some of the
decisions we have for him.  But it teaches me so much about my
faith–how he trusts us even when his lip may quiver and he may not
–And he’s just all around, a very cool kid to get to know.  So, we’re celebrating the 4 years we’ve had with our little guy.  We love you Miles and are so blessed to be your parents!

And thanks grandpa and grandma for the gifts–They both loved them!


9 thoughts on “working backwords…

  1. tsdg

    Have a great time celebrating Miles 4 years, glad for you you kept all your boy clothes….wow! Sunday am sounded a little crazy and scary, I hope the dead bolt works!

  2. cmanahan

    I think I would have really panicked about the man in the red hat being let into the house.  That is quite a start to the morning.  His birthday sounds like it was a special day.  

  3. peteandheather

    What a great post!  I love that Miles saved YOU a seat–that warms a mom’s heart!  ๐Ÿ™‚  I’m so thankful that the man in the red hat wasn’t a psycho!  Yikes!  ๐Ÿ™‚  Lillian is my great, great grandmothers name and my favorite girls name–hopefully some day we’ll have a Lilly, we’ll see.  (two boys might be enough to keep me busy!)  Also, on a more serious note, I love hearing you share how much you’ve seen God work through all you’ve been through in Miles’ life.  You’re faithful dependance on Him is such a great example to me.  Happy Birthday Miles!  ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. spies_likeus

    Awwww… Happy Birthday to Miles! I remember getting the phone call from you telling me that you were pregnant. I was in Walmart and I was so excited… and everyone was looking at me strangely ๐Ÿ™‚ And the pictures are awesome as usual ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. jilandrich

    I loved reading all of the special things about Miles. What a sweet boy. Thanks so much for always sharing your heart. It’s so encouraging. Your pictures are great. I CANNOT believe that about the man with red hat! Wow. I’m not sure how I would have reacted.

  6. crabtrees

    I like the picture of Miles on the white fence. I would have freaked if I was dripping wet and there was a man in my house. The poor guy probably felt awkward too.


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