all partied out…

Miles wore this hat since Tuesday…even to bed ๐Ÿ™‚  Jack’s been sneaking books into his bed, and falling asleep with the overhead light on–it’s been cute…
Birthday week is over.  And I’m ready to be done making cakes ๐Ÿ™‚  After
making sunshine cupcakes for Miles’ preschool Tuesday, then a giant
chocolate chip in the shape of Mickey Mouse for some friends who came
over to play on Thursday, and a tiger cake like he’d wanted to have
with Grandpa and Grandma and some more friends tonight…I think I’ve
bought enough butter for the month!  Before I make the lion cake Jack
wants for his bday in June, I’m investing in some decorating
bags…this was the best I could do with cutting holes in plastic
baggies…and I made the mistake of waiting until after small group
last night to start, so it was way too late…but enough excuses–my
main goal was to make him look nice and not scary.
We are officially proud owners of zoo passes, so we spent the day
partying with some wild animals.  We tired everyone out, and our kids
are sleeping soundly despite the sugar high they’ve been on! 
Miles was telling me “This is amazing.  It’s incredible.” ๐Ÿ™‚
Today was grad, and it was sad saying more good-byes.  This city is
cursed with good-byes, and I’m still not good at them.  I guess we’re
getting lots of practice.  But we said good-bye to a trusty
baby-sitter, a couple we were just starting to get to know, our junior
high leaders, and several quality college students.  I’m excited to see
where God will lead them, but we will miss them…

Yesterday a.m. I met a girl for coffee (and goodbyes).  Jack was upset
he couldn’t go along, and fussed for awhile after I left.  Andy said
he asked why he was crying.  Jack said “I need my big
old momma.”  I’m interpreting that to mean “big” as in sentiment rather
than size ๐Ÿ™‚

Jack was really hoping to see a combine at the zoo.  It’s his
favorite thing right now…Bugs are a close second.  We were all
watching a leopard, and he was knelt on the ground studying an ant.  I
never pictured myself having boys, but they’re so much fun!  I love
wondering what they’re thinking.  And one
more funny Jack story:  The other day, I was telling Andy that, as Jack
was standing there.  You could tell his mind was really concentrating
on something, and then he started licking his lips and said “Mmm, Cake
is great.”  Well, we’ve dropped the rest of the cake off with neighbors, but I’m glad we went all out this week.  4 years have gone so fast, and there’s much to celebrate! 


4 thoughts on “all partied out…

  1. crabtrees

    your cake looks amazing. Looks like you had fun at the zoo. I’m looking forward to going sometime this summer. Yes, we said goodbye to lots of students today and it was both a relief and sad.

  2. tsdg

    Your kid say the funniest things— I sure hope we meet them some day. The cake looks great. The zoo is always a blast with little ones.


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