no use crying over sold cars…

We’ve been trying to sell our jeep for months since doing
the minivan thing.  WELL…we decided to put our VW
convertible for sale and 3 days later a couple called and said they
were on their way with cash.  I was driving
home when Andy called and told me, and by the time I got in the door, I was in tears.  I wanted so badly to tell them it wasn’t for
sale anymore…but took it out for a final spin around the block, and I was
reminded of how 2 yrs. ago we were in a very difficult season in our life, in
many aspects.  We’d been doing the 1 car
thing for awhile, but found this for $1000 (which we’d made in profit from our
other car).  We have so many super-fun
memories in it.  (So many that our kids
were crying too when the couple drove away with it.  Miles was so mad they had our car, he said he
wanted to bite them…funny, well, sort of…) 
And as much as I could go on about how I love this car, it’s just a car,
and God again has been faithful in taking care of us.  We sold it for $3000, and were going to put
that toward Miles’ medical bills, but God has already provided the cost for
what we’ve already done, so now we can fix our other car!  And God continues to blow me away with
teaching me what it is to let go. 

I have a feeling a few yrs. from now, I’m going to look back
at these times and see the journey He has us on.  For so long there’s been a stirring in my
soul to live for more than what we see. 
While that always makes me think overseas (and we still have a few more
mos. until we begin talking again about what that looks like for us), it needs
to start with where we’re at.  We’ve
recently given up on Dish and are doing the no TV thing.  I didn’t know how hard this would be for
me.  I don’t watch TV during the day, but
after the kids are in bed, it was nice to have a break to not think or have to
talk to anyone.  It’s silly what a
challenge it was at first, but Andy put in this sweet hammock for me out back,
and a few nights of watching the clouds move across the sky, staring at the
moon and wondering why it can be so bright and not hurt my eyes, it occurred to me
how often I’m searching for rest or contentment…in the wrong places.  It’s never going to come if I don’t cling
to the Giver of it. 

The other day I picked up the book below off our shelf and
began reading it.  After the 1st
chapter, I saw how many idols have subtly come into my life.  They’re not blatant and sitting out on our
counters.  I don’t offer food to them
like we saw in Cambodia,
but they take a place in my heart that belongs to God alone.  When I’m looking to anything more than Him to
fill a void (like a car or TV, etc.), I’m missing the great promise He has to “Come
to me all you who are weary and I will give you rest!” 

I probably needed to write this more for myself.  Maybe it was a blessing to you.  There’s always risk in writing what God’s
teaching you because I don’t know how you receive it.  I’m not saying TV or convertibles are evil—I
hope someday we can have another convertible. 
But for now, I’m thankful for the lessons I’m in the process of learning.

On a lighter note…I told Miles to put away his shoes the other day, and he says “I did.  Just like you momma.”  Guess they do as I do, not as I say 🙂


Jack was playing a bit outside while I was making lunch.  I thought he was on the swingset, but of course, he  found a rain puddle to lay and splash in:)


Off to getting things ready for our garage sale!  Woo-Hoo! 


4 thoughts on “no use crying over sold cars…

  1. filledeparis

    Ahh, Sar, such good insight.May we each be reminded to live for more than what we see–eternity, and by God’s grace it can be done from any continent.Love, Hol

  2. tsdg

    Great insight. God’s been slowly getting rid of idols in my life the last few years, it is sad how I always manage to find another one. We did the no tv thing during the fall, it was fabulous. It has slowly crept back in and I am ready to say see ya for awhile. It totally ends up taking away time I would spend with God. That’s so awesome to hear God provide…..awesome! I love how Miles set his shoes up just like yours!

  3. peteandheather

    Thanks for sharing Sara.  I needed the reminder–all too often I fall into the rut of watching tv in an attempt to rest, instead of going to Him.  I love the shoes–how funny!  If only they listened as well as they copied!  🙂  Are you still enjoying your MVP?  We’ll probably be trading in our Honda Accord for a minivan this summer.  I’m a little sad, but I guess it’s what we need to do.  It’s only a car, right? 


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