Happy Mother’s Day!
I had an absolutely perfect day…well except erasing a post as I was trying to upload some pics…and now it’s late, I’m tired, and I can’t remember what I wrote before…all I can think of writing about is my farmer’s tan.  I’m sure you are super interested in that.  Now that I’m 29, I was thinking it’s time to be more mom and less teenage baby-sitter, so I’ve switched to shirts rather than incessant tanktops…and now I’m rethinking the decision as I look here at my white shoulders. 

We leave super early Tues. a.m. to finish out Miles’ treatments.  He has 2 a day Tues. – Fri.  We have pans of distilled water/alcohol sitting around our house (inside and outside).  This week’s treatments are mostly to eliminate reactions to his environment.  Crazy, I know, but giving shots every week seems much crazier…if this has a better success rate.   We were outside all day today and he had a blast, but he’s sleeping so poorly tonight, coughing and so stuffy…even with his allergy meds…So we’re praying it helps our little guy.

We got rid of a lot at our garage sale…stuff we’ve needed to sort through since we’ve been married.  Although, there is still a certain tanktop I can’t bear to part with, and I realized I’ve had it for 12 years…and it looks like it.  I got it at Banana Republic on Rodeo Drive in CA my jr. year of HS, and can only wear it now as a night shirt.  The straps are hanging on by a thread, but it’s still a weekly wear.  It made me think, am I just super-sentimental or do other people have articles of clothing this old in their closet? 

My eyes are half open now, as we hiked all over Potato Creek State Park today.  It was a fabulous time and we are pleased to see our kids be little outdoorsmen, hiking down the trail to the lake…over and over and over…and wanting to do so “all by myself”…we’re feeling a little itchy now though.  There was poison oak all over, so uh-oh.  Here’s some favorites from the day.
I can’t believe we didn’t get any of grandma becky today…bummer…
Here’s my favirote


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  1. jilandrich

    I’ll be praying for Miles this week. Oh, as I was sorting through clothes the past month or so, I bagged up 3 huge bags to give to my niece, who is now 11 and about my height. I was about to put a shirt in the pile, then realized it would be a little weird to put this particular shirt in. It’s in pretty good shape- but I wore it when she was 3 the day we took her to Disney World. So I guess that’s 8 years. 🙂 Looks like a very fun day. Happy mother’s day.

  2. tsdg

    That looks like a great day. I still have some sentimental shirts, but Brian has tons more than me. We have a plastic tub filled of memorabilia tshirts. One of mine is Daughters of Eve. I’ll be praying for Miles this week.

  3. Liffus

    i love these pictures. it looks like you guys had a great day! i hope everything goes well with miles.yes, tim is here! i actually got online just now to post that to you guys when i saw that you had posted on my site. anyway, we’d love to get together with you. maybe sometime next week? we’re not too busy (wednesday night is bible studies at the church) and we have built in babysitters so if it’s easier for you guys we can hang out at your house or something. just let us know. we can’t wait to catch up!

  4. crabtrees

    I hope things go well with Miles. When you get back and have a chance, I’d love any information you have on the houses in your neighborhood. size, cost, any for sale.


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