Where do I begin?  Friday we got back at midnight after 4 days of treatment, 1000 miles of driving, and opened up our garage sale Saturday a.m. to sell off the rest of our stuff.  Things don’t bother me like they used to, but I still am very observant that our house needs major cleaning.  But Saturday afternoon, we were craving to go on a bike ride, so we packed up the kids and hit the trails.  They’ve been working on the trails in town and it’s so beautiful!  We kept saying it doesn’t seem like this is Indiana!  It was very refreshing.

Then Sunday we got to hang out with friends we haven’t seen in 8 mos., and that
was so cool to catch up before they begin their bike trek cross-country to Seattle.  It makes me more tired just thinking about it, but also excited to see people use their pre-kid freedom to the hilt!

And today is Andy’s day off.  Miles is at preschool and he took Jack to the park to give me a little break.  This week has been alot of going from here to there, trying to be emotionless about everything because when I really think things through I can’t be strong for my kid then.  (excuse the run-on…)  We are so excited to see the worse cross over into the
better.  So many people asked yesterday how things went, so I’ve told this over and over, but can’t tire of saying I’m
so grateful for people’s prayers.  I talked with a lady the other day who doesn’t know the Lord, and she was like “I don’t know if the healing is from treatments or if God is involved, but I just try whatever.”  I believe with every ounce God is healing our son!  He directed us to this dr. through people I’ve never met and those people talked with her about us and she’s giving us a very generous discount on these treatments and other people have given to cover the costs of what we’ve already done and we’re seeing them help our son.  Don’t ever hear me say anything is healing Miles other than our Great Physician.  God is good, and He was
good even when we didn’t know which way is up.  But it’s so awesome to get
our son some relief.  We are getting ANSWERS and HELP!  Miles finished his allergy treatments, 15
total.  And the past 3 nights he has slept so soundly.  He used to have
such a hard time breathing, even had a surgery to help this, but it brings
tears to my eyes to kneel by his bed and watch him sleep so peacefully
now.  What an answer to prayer.  He has made connections that seem
new to us.  I would imagine if some of the fog is gone from having to
fight allergies all the time, he can then process and communicate more
clearly.  Today when I left him at Sunday School, he turned and said
“Don’t worry about me!”  There’s still a process to keep detoxing
his body from damage from surgeries, meds, antibiotics, immuniazations, but I’m
so excited to see this work and to know what’s next!  I could go on about this, but really it’s to give those out there hope.  A year ago we got what some parents view as a death sentence, an autism diagnosis.  But it is not the end, and my goal is not for Miles to be “normal” because what does normal look like these days anyhow?  But I don’t want him to live in pain, and I’m so grateful we’re finally learning how to lessen it.  I could go on and on…but I won’t today.

Is anyone else ready for a vacation?  I look at those weeks on the calendar like they’re my lifeline.  We’re not going anywhere extravagant.  But Andy’s doing the youth part of a New Tribes Mission conference in Missouri in June, and we’re going to tack on some good ole family days to that.  It’s right by the Lake of the Ozarks, so I ordered a huge packet in the mail of things to do around there.  I’m SO ready for some lazy days! 

So, I’m sure you’re wondering when I’ll get to cleaning…I’m wondering that too.  For now, I’m thankful people understand we have 2 boys still correcting their aim and that there’s more to enjoy than a floor that stays clean until someone comes in from outside.  It’s not a health hazard or anything, just a step for a mom who’s a recovering perfectionist 🙂 
These are the only pics I took this week.  Dave and Tip, I think Andy’s getting our kids ready for a moto ride in Cambodia 🙂  We went to the Cleveland Zoo twice between treatments, it was right by the dr.  I’m used to the Ft. Wayne Zoo and couldn’t believe in 2 days we still didn’t see all the zoo!  And last random thing, the other day on our bike ride, Jack saw a horse and carriage and says “Look!  A horse and combine!”  That boy loves his combine 🙂


8 thoughts on “well…..

  1. jilandrich

    It’s so exciting to read how God has provided for you. Not just financially (although it’s cool to hear how people have helped with this) but also his provision with direction and wisdom. And how he heals. I just love reading how Miles’ journey keeps unfolding. I thought of you and prayed for you a lot last week. Thanks for letting us know how it went.

  2. spies_likeus

    Hey Sara! Yesterday we went to Wekiva Springs to canoe for a while… and we met a guy from New Tribes Missions! His name is Gene… and I can’t remember his last name exactly but it’s something like Dolesburg ? He said he was in Columbia for a while and when I mentioned the Royers… said “Oh yeah the Royers, I know them, last I heard they were in Brazil!” So anyway… I thought it was cool meeting him. He was super nice and was talking about the Hebrew writing John has tattooed. Small world isn’t it?

  3. tsdg

    It is really awesome to hear how God works everywhere, all the time. What a blessing to see your little guy breath freely at night—wow. God is awesome.

  4. Liffus

    sara (and andy), your post brought tears to my eyes. i never would have appreciated it before i had my own baby girl but now i can at least imagine a fraction of the up and down emotions you guys are going through. praise God and more prayers.thursday is great for us. we’re excited to get together with you guys. i will call you sometime tomorrow to work out details.

  5. filledeparis

    I wish that I could get together with you on Thursday! I’m continuing to pray for you, and for Miles. As for God, His way is perfect. I’m rejoicing with you, friend!

  6. cherithpeters

    Hey Sara! My brother-in-law and his little family are trecking their way home from the language school in Missouri right now. We never did get out there to visit them, but it sure looked beautiful from the pictures and video!  They talked about how beautiful it was there all the time.  I hope you guys have a blast there. I also live for vacation! We’re going to the outer banks with Steve’s whole family next week.  Can’t wait.  You know, I really think you could put all of your blogs together into a book, it could be like a little inspirational, challenging, almost like a little devotional or something. I don’t know, that may be silly, but I really look forward to reading about you and your family and hearing what your going to have to say! You always make me smile, you usually make me cry, you always either inspire or challenge me and you always warm my heart and make me thankful to be a part of God’s wondeful family! I love you guys!


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