it’s no fun without pictures.

Our camera’s being used for a wedding, so sorry no pics.  But I’m SO SUPER EXCITED right now!!  I’ve been looking into renting a condo or lakehouse for some vacation time either tacked onto our time in Missouri or when we’re out for a wedding on the east coast this summer.  I’ve had no success, as it’s very last minute and everything’s booked…or too expensive.  I’ve really wanted to take a vacation, but had no idea how our budget was going to afford one this year.  Last year, we had a sweet hook-up in West Palm Beach as we home-sat for some friends.  It was such a refreshing time we still look back on so fondly.  WELL!!!  Completely out of the blue this a.m., someone offered their lake cottage to us for the time we’re in Missouri.  It’s right on Lake of the Ozarks and they have a boat and it’s in a sweet little cove and absolutely gorgeous.  I got chills when they were telling us about it.  What a huge blessing!  I can’t believe it.  And it’s in 2 WEEKS!!! 

So, here’s my Sunday a.m. adventure of the week.  We were at some grad. parties last night, and I was hunting chapstick in my purse.  I guess I never cleaned it out since Ohio and it was quite comical.  I had a half eaten banana, lots of receipts and coupons, Buzz Lightyear, fruit snacks, change of undies (for the boys), used kleenexes (from all of us), keys we thought we’d lost, Thomas the Train sunglasses, kids’ book from chick-fil-A happy meal…and my chapstick.  So, I decided to cleaned it out before church this a.m.  But when I opened the closet door where my purse is hanging, I saw something large and 8-legged shuffle to the corner.  After some deep breaths and prayers, I started throwing shoes at it with some groans and mumbles as I had little success.  The boys were drawn from their movie to see what all the commotion was.  It’s not that I don’t like spiders as much as I can’t stand how they squish.  If it weren’t for that, I think I’d be fine having to smoosh them, but I couldn’t this a.m.  So I grabbed a cup, trapped him and let Andy deal with our huge intruder when he got home.  Of course, growing up in Brazil, no spider here is huge to him.  When he was Jack’s age, he yelled to his mom that there was a spider in his room.  Thinking it was nothing, she told him to kill it and go back to bed.  She heard in the next room “thud. thud. thud.”  When she got him up in the a.m., there were shoes scattered all over the floor and the biggest tarantula she’s ever seen dead in the corner.  So yeah, that tops my story. 

Well, off to another grad party…but I need to clean out my purse first


5 thoughts on “it’s no fun without pictures.

  1. jilandrich

    Sara- I have to tell you, I often have to read parts of your posts out loud to whoever is the room. That tarantula story is just crazy. Ah, life in South America! I am SO happy for you about the vacation house. It sounds awesome. Hope you have a fun time planning for it!!

  2. tsdg

    I am so happy for you all to get a vacation—and it is amazing someone offered you their lake house in Missouri. That is a crazy spider story, crazy. The half eaten banana cracks me up.


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