the Lord is my shepherd.

Miles is in bed across the hall, falling asleep.  I’m trying to get some things done before Jack goes to bed so Andy and I can enjoy some hours of peace and quiet together tonight.  But over and over Miles is saying “the Lord is MY shepherd.  the Lord is MY shepherd.  the Lord is MY shepherd.”  He just added a “Yeah!  Very good job Miles!” in there, so I’m thinking it’s something they’re working on at church.  Sometimes I stop and marvel in the amazement that a 4 yr. old could remind me of such a simple, and yet so profound truth I need to hear at the moment.  The Lord is MY Shepherd.  Thank God.

I have pics and fun stories of the last day of preschool party today, but we’re leaving in 10 days 🙂  That means I need to get some things done! 


2 thoughts on “the Lord is my shepherd.

  1. tsdg

    Kids are so amazing and God is too, to remind us of his truths through our kids. I love having trips to look forward to–hope you get all your errands accomplished.


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