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The boys came down with a crazy high fever Monday night.  I was home alone, as Andy had a sleep study at the hospital.  I waited until 11.30 to go to bed so it wouldn’t be hard to fall asleep with him not home…then, Miles woke up crying.  He woke Jack up and on and on it went until I relented and gave tylenol at 1.30.  We slept well until 5 am, when Jack woke up and decided he wanted held for the rest of the night.  They both had the chills so bad from their fevers, so I held him until Andy came home and I went back to bed for awhile.   This was actually the nicest illness I can remember.  Except the high fevers and being home-bound for the week, they weren’t throwing up and just wanted to sleep or be held.
Miles, the boy who doesn’t nap anymore, rolled over yesterday while playing with toys and fell asleep for 3 hours on the floor. 
Well…today they woke up and seemed fine.  No fevers.  No sign of being sick, so I expected today to be back to normal.  And here’s my confessions of being a very bad mom today.  Miles is in bed, and I feel awful.  At dinner, all he wanted was a popsicle, and thinking they’d gotten too spoiled in the past weeks of vacation and then sickness, I would not give in because he needed to finish his dinner first.  SO…Brushing his teeth before bed, we noticed the back of his mouth is
flaming red with 15 or so white spots.  It’s all the symptoms of strep
throat. Now I just want to wake him back up and give him a popsicle.  Then, today I needed to get out of the house.  So, we went to the park.  He kept saying he didn’t want to go because he was sick, but again, he seemed fine.  And he ended up having a fun time running around.  Now I feel HORRRRible.  No one go to W.Lake park–it may be infested with strep throat, although I think it’s going to rain, so hopefully it will wash off?  And everything I read says about making sure they get enough rest.  Oh, awful, awful. 
       On a more positive note…Andy turns the big 3-0 in 2 weeks.  I’m working on his surprise tonight as he’s at the Venture.  I’m very excited, although it’s seriously so hard for me to keep a surprise from him–It’s as bad as not itching this mosquito bite on my ankle–practically impossible.  So hopefully I can actually keep this one for 2 weeks.  There are times we’re talking and I almost blurt it out to him. 
         Just now, Jack looks out the window and says “Where’s daddy?  He’s at the park?”  That reminds me of how for the longest time when Andy would get his computer bag ready to leave for work, they’d say he was packing a diaper bag to go to the park.  We couldn’t convince them otherwise–they thought he played at the park all day.  Now you ask them what daddy does at work and they think he talks to people, sings songs with Kondo, and listens to a story.  I love their take on things. 
          Well, time to get Jack-Attack to bed.  My throat is starting to hurt–I can’t get sick–Saturday is date night!  Better go down some OJ…  Here’s some fun in Ohio (Jack calls it Grandpa Jerry’s farm–he was a tractor, a barn, a garden, and a dog, so it’s a farm to him!)
I just thought this was cool with the buggy in the background, and that my mom and dad were racing around the yard 🙂
A very rare shot of my family all together.  Everyone got popsicles afterwards for cooperating 🙂


We’re back from a great time in Ohio.  Andy ended up going with us
(Yeah!)  But now everyone’s asleep.  (Finally.  It only took Jack 2
hours to fall asleep tonight, she sarcastically writes…)  I got a nap
in today, and I should work on this whole stack of mail here to sort
through, but this is the first chance to write about our little Jackson
Paul, who is now 3.  So, the mail can wait for the sake of sentimental
thoughts of my baby’s birthday, right? 
There is a place in our family only Jack can fill.  I’ve learned
so much from him.  I didn’t know when we found we were pregnant with a
4 mo. old what in the world we were going to do, but I’m so thankful
God knew just what we all needed, Jackson Paul. 
Some memories from Jack:
–Seeing him for the first time, I couldn’t stop laughing, crying,
laughing some more, staring at him.  He was so beautiful from the
minute I first saw him…and strangers still comment on how handsome he
–He was laid back from the start and came a week late…I should’ve known this boy would do life on his terms.
–It’s not often a baby comes home from the hospital having gained weight…but our “Hungry Jack” did 🙂
–He got his 1st passport when he was 2 mos. old for his first trip to
Brazil at 4 mos.  (Funny story from then: we were at a resort with
cascading pools of natural hot springs–all for $30/night with
meals–and he would do this fake cough to show off to people…yes,
even at 4 mos.  In Brazil, they bundle up their babies even in the
summer, and he was dressed appropriately to be in a hot springs pool,
but the ladies were saying “Ooooh, that baby is dying of a cough and
she doesn’t even know better.”  Of course they were speaking in
portuguese, so I had no idea what they were saying and Andy was smart
to not tell me until the next day.  They have no problems telling you
what you’re doing wrong with your kids…or what they think you should
do.  It’s funny now 🙂
–Jack has a strong conscience I hope he never loses.  He may sneak
into something but then feel guilty and tell us about it.  Just the
other day, I gave him some ice cream (a rare treat) and he wanted to
make sure it was ok, so he said “I’m gonna eat my ice cream.”  Me:
“Ok.”  Jack: “All gone.”  Me: “Uh-huh.”  Jack: “And you smile at me?”
–Jack has taught me what it looks like to live life with abandon.
–He is a peacemaker.  This is something we’ve prayed so much for and
still do.  He has a bite mark even now and often has scars from his
brother…and yet, Jack continues to turn the other cheek.  He has a
love and enjoyment for Miles that I know comes from God, and I learn so
much from him of sacrificial, unconditional love.  I pray this never
       Times were rough with a 13 mo. old and a newborn.  People always
said it would be easy to have them so close together.  I would never
use the term “easy.”  Miles stopped walking and talking at 13 mos. and
Jack had major colic.  For some peace and quiet, we ate most meals with
the vacuum on because the noise was the only thing to calm Jack down. 
Ironic.  People thought we were nuts.  We were.  But we got through.
        We would hold him for hours and hours on end as he’d scream his
head off.  Those of you who have experienced colic know the
helplessness you feel.  It’s so hard to not be able to do anything to
lessen the pain…it just has to pass, and sometimes I never thought it
would…but it did.  And if I’d known how much I’d miss it, I would
have savored it more.  As exhausting as it was, I can hardly remember
Jack as a baby.  He’s SO independent, and now the fleeting moments I
can hold him are so precious to me. 
       I’m sure this is kinda boring to read.  I just needed to process
it for my sake.  Our little baby is 3.  Miles still calls him “Baby
Jack.”  Our 38 lb. baby 🙂  His life really is a testimony of how God
knows best.  I thought it was a horrible idea to be pregnant with a
newborn, but I can’t imagine life without Jack.  The hard times brought
me to the end of myself, which continues to refine my character.  And I
can enjoy the good times all the more because of how hard times have
So, Happy Birthday Jiggy.  You’re my favorite 3 yr. old in the whole world.  I love you so much.DSC_0017
swing3 popsicle

Home sweet home…for a few hours.  We got back last night at 11 and I leave with the boys tomorrow a.m. for Ohio.  So, we’re still living out of suitcases for a few more days. 
Our boys have been saying ever since leaving “I miss Missouri.  I miss
bee-cation.  I miss the beach.  I miss the restaurant (dining commons
where we ate our meals).”  This a.m. Miles said “Where are we going
today?  Can we go to Ohio?”  Well, it so happens, my brother’s coming
out from NYC, so we are.  But they, once again, have been great
travellers…as good as you can expect 2 toddlers on a 12 hr. car trip…and I shouldn’t have given them a starbucks mocha that was given to us free…that was a little nuts when it hit 30 min. after, but you live and learn!
 I laugh at the comment I said I was looking forward to “lazy days on the beach.”  The past 2 weeks have been anything BUT lazy…but God knew the refreshment I needed wasn’t in lying around doing nothing (as I thought I needed)…but being a part of something greater.  Those MKs had a way of sneaking into my heart and making a very special place for themselves.  I savored my time with them and was very sad to say goodbye yesterday. 
I married an MK, but haven’t been around too many.  I love the different perspective they have on life.  The things they’re wrestling through, transitions, sacrifices, callings and such are way ahead of their time.  They are such deep thinkers and have an incredible world view.  But some things that just crack me up to remember…
–We did a video scavenger hunt and one of the things on the list was to eat a bug.  Tamra caught some sort of crayfish (man-thumb size) and everyone’s like “If you don’t want to eat it, I will.”  That girl downed that thing no problem.  Everyone else was catching bugs to eat like it was nothing.  It was absolute crazyness! 
–It was 90 degrees, and kids from the amazon are covered in blankets.
–Tedede–have no idea to spell, but a south american drink made from grasses or something communally drunk from the same cup, and they’d pass it around during the meetings for everyone to drink from.
–Killing spiders was never a problem with them.
I wish I had more time to write about everything.  Father’s Day–our boys have an incredible father.  We went up to the lake cottage for the day and Andy’s parents, some aunts/uncles, and cousins came for swimming, tubing and a cookout.  Our camera was down at the mission, so I don’t have pics…but great memories of that day.  Then just what God’s doing in our hearts.  It was good to get away from cushy W.Lake for awhile, our passion for working with unreached people groups continues to be confirmed, and we continue to ask God to guide us.  And with that, dinner’s ready and I need to start packing…again.

boat nap
boat glasses
miles mighty jack
Well, here we are at the New Tribes’ Mission
Training Center
in MO.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  Vacation has been wonderful.  We spent some good days at the lakehouse (pic above), and
now Andy’s speaking at the youth part of the Refresher Course here.  It’s a requirement for missionaries every
other furlough to attend.  We knew we’d
enjoy our time here, but I didn’t know how much I’d be learning…or how many
people I’d know!  Many of the people I
know only through stories from Andy’s childhood…or some from my time in PNG…and
the NTM rep for Cambodia
is here, so we’re looking forward to talking with him.  Andy’s sessions are in the a.m. and then we
have the rest of the day for whatever. 
It’s right on a beach and has canoes and caves and trails all
around.  So I was pumped about that.  But, looking back over the past few days,
that’s not at all what sticks out to me. 
There’s something about being around these people that I’m so refreshed
by.  We’re here to serve, but I’ve been
so blessed by the conversations I’ve had…a truly significant one was yesterday
I got to meet Gracia Burnham.  If any of
you aren’t familiar with her story, you can find her story here.  Basically, she and her husband Martin
were on an anniversary getaway when they were kidnapped and held hostage for 13
mos. by the Abu Sayyaf muslim group in Philippines.  Martin was killed by crossfire in a rescue
attempt by the Philippine army and Gracia was rescued.  She’s written 2 amazing books about their
journey.  But, I followed their story so
closely, prayed and cried a lot for them, read her book…and today in the
cafeteria, Andy goes “There’s Gracia.” 
She heard and looked up, I went over to her, she stood up and gave me a
hug.  Telling about it sounds strange,
but it was a kindred spirit kind of moment. 
I was fighting back tears the whole time I was talking with her.  God has used her story powerfully in my
life.  There have been times I’d need
refocused on what really matters in this life (and still are), but her
testimony would speak to me to strengthen my faith.  So, I’ve always wondered what it’d be like
meeting her—it all happened so fast for me to pre-meditate anything.  But, it was such a sweet conversation.

The HS group is absolutely amazing.  Today we were talking about David and what
are the “giants” in our life—it’s not the typical struggles with curfew,
sports, siblings, etc. that you might see among teens.  This group has 5 teens of different families
whose dads have been taken hostage and killed for the sake of the Gospel reaching
people who otherwise would never hear.  Their
stories of what it is to obey and honor their parents is so humbling to me.  They have every “right” to be bitter or
resentful…and yet, they’re praising God. 
I have a feeling this is going to be a very emotional week for me as God
grips my heart on what it means to follow Him no matter the cost.  Just interacting with these people, it’s
awesome to see “without faith (risk), it is impossible to please God.”




We celebrated Jack’s 3rd birthday Tuesday with some of our real NTM relatives (although I think we’re all strangely related to everyone in NTM omehow) here for the Refresher Course, Grandpa Dan, Grandma Becky, Tia Jean, Tio Bill, Uncle Tim and Aunt Betty.  Jack was pretty pumped about his lion
cake.  I was thankful it transported
safely.  We got him a little pool with a
slide.  I laugh at these pics of the lake
and boat in the background, and they were content (and preferred) the
pool.  I want to write the sweet memories
I’ve had of our little Jackson Paul, but I’m spent and 6.30 is coming all too
..and xanga’s being really weird, so later.


You know you need a vacation when…

  • Your 2 yr. old (will be 3 in 6 more days!!) says “We leave for Meezooree in 5 minutes”…and as much as you realize he has no concept of what it means to pack for 2 wks. away from home, you honestly consider for awhile how to make that possible.
  • You’ve started wearing sunblock–not that you’re concerned about sunburn or will be outside all that much, but you just long for that smell of lounging on the beach.
  • You take people up on their offer for free babysitting just last night…even though they gave a giftcard and offered to babysit months ago, you just couldn’t wait 3 more days to get a break from the normal routine of life.
  • Following your date, you’re totally ok to go to Napa and Auto Zone to pick up new breaks for your husband to tune up the car before the roadtrip…because it means you’re 1 step closer to leaving.
  • Your kids keep saying throughout the day “Mommy, you need a bee-cation?” 
  • You sit down to write a post, and this is all you can think of.  Seriously, folks, I tried.  Yes, I am most certainly (and quite pathetically desperately) ready.  2 more days. 

We got an early b-day gift in the mail.  Thanks g-pa and g-ma, they’re having a blast fishing!  Last year, we were in an airport for Jack’s birthday on our way to Brazil with 20 teens…this year we’ll be in Missouri.  I didn’t want him to miss out 2 yrs. in a row on a cake.  So, I’m packing everything with me to make the lion cake he requested while we’re there.  I can’t believe he’s going to be 3.  But I’ll save that sentimental thought for another time. 
Here’s our family.  (We took pics of the HSers Sunday for some new teachers to learn names and for our Hurricane Relief work trip to Mississippi this summer, and the kids got in on it.  I keep finding our kids writing letters on their hands ever since…) Andy’s making coffee.  It’s going to be another late one, folks.  

and the countdown is…

6 days!  I kinda wondered in the back of my mind if this lakehouse would
fall through, but nope!  They’re even lending us their boat, canoes,
the whole gammit!  There’s
nothing that sounds funner to me right now than packing up the kids and
roadtripping it with my hubby to spend some lazy days on the lake.  No
agenda.  No one we know.  Just us.  Have I mentionned I can’t wait?!?!?!?! 

        More grad parties today and I’m getting my haircut!  My hair hasn’t
been this long since 2nd grade, so I’m not ready to chop it, but I
remember why I did in the first place…I hate tangles, and since it’s
really fine, sometimes at the end of the day, I’ll have a dread to comb
through, so I bought “no more tangles” by Johnson & Johnson–yeah,
it’s in the baby aisle, but it works! 

       So, Miles’ last day of preschool party…It was at a park, and Jack and I stayed for it.  Jack had a blast, a
the aid turns to me and
says “I can see Jack is more aggressive than Miles.”  I prefer to think
of him as our free spirit, and told her that, but he did get a few time
outs.  I love his adventuresome love of life, but his will is in need
of some great shaping.  Anyhow, I’m glad preschool is out for the summer.  It’s been good for Miles, but it’s a nice break to not have to schedule
our days around it. 

Fun Jack stories:
He was examining someone’s tattoo the other day (it
was a band around their leg), disappeared into his room, and came back
so proud that he’d made his own tattoo around his leg with a marker.   
It was too funny!

He comes around the corner last night and says “Ahoy, mom!”  The tire was his pirate patch.

Miles stories:  We drove by Global Auto, where our jeep has been
getting some work done, and he says “Look, it’s green car’s store!” 
Sadly, yes it is. 
He wrote a letter for his teachers to thank them, and I love his candid
thoughts.  “Thank you, Mrs. Boren, for making the girls be quiet during
story time.  Thank you for waving and smiling at me…”  It was really
And here’s his class.

miles class
Jack’s never sucked his thumb, but seems to be interested in Lia’s doing so.
And Sara’s stories:  Trying to figure out if I’m doing this right.  I didn’t know how else to get these pics to my mom to give gardening tips, so here they are…anyone else is welcome to give some tips too 🙂
My Mother’s Day present.  A peach tree.  I can’t wait until we can go out back and grab peaches off that thing!

Are these weeds or the flowers sprouting?
When will these irises bloom?  Can I replant them in a better spot or will they be okay if we weedwhack them and then replant the bulbs?
Are you cutting your rhubarb yet?  It hasn’t sprouted the seeds again, but when is it ready to cut to eat?  And should I be concerned with the holes in the leaves that looks like bugs got to them?
I did win my first item off ebay this week.  A Thule bike rack, fits 4 bikes, for $50.  She said I got a great deal because it cost them $150 and the shipping was $40.  I can’t believe it cost her 40 to ship, but we’ll see when the package comes.  Am I the last person in the world to buy anything from ebay? 
       I wish I was near a starbucks, but we’re not, so if you are and want a treat, get a Orange Passion Iced Tea Lemonade.  It’s pretty amazing.  There’s my tip of the day…and some random thoughts from the Royer world.  Have a great Saturday folks!