and the countdown is…

6 days!  I kinda wondered in the back of my mind if this lakehouse would
fall through, but nope!  They’re even lending us their boat, canoes,
the whole gammit!  There’s
nothing that sounds funner to me right now than packing up the kids and
roadtripping it with my hubby to spend some lazy days on the lake.  No
agenda.  No one we know.  Just us.  Have I mentionned I can’t wait?!?!?!?! 

        More grad parties today and I’m getting my haircut!  My hair hasn’t
been this long since 2nd grade, so I’m not ready to chop it, but I
remember why I did in the first place…I hate tangles, and since it’s
really fine, sometimes at the end of the day, I’ll have a dread to comb
through, so I bought “no more tangles” by Johnson & Johnson–yeah,
it’s in the baby aisle, but it works! 

       So, Miles’ last day of preschool party…It was at a park, and Jack and I stayed for it.  Jack had a blast, a
the aid turns to me and
says “I can see Jack is more aggressive than Miles.”  I prefer to think
of him as our free spirit, and told her that, but he did get a few time
outs.  I love his adventuresome love of life, but his will is in need
of some great shaping.  Anyhow, I’m glad preschool is out for the summer.  It’s been good for Miles, but it’s a nice break to not have to schedule
our days around it. 

Fun Jack stories:
He was examining someone’s tattoo the other day (it
was a band around their leg), disappeared into his room, and came back
so proud that he’d made his own tattoo around his leg with a marker.   
It was too funny!

He comes around the corner last night and says “Ahoy, mom!”  The tire was his pirate patch.

Miles stories:  We drove by Global Auto, where our jeep has been
getting some work done, and he says “Look, it’s green car’s store!” 
Sadly, yes it is. 
He wrote a letter for his teachers to thank them, and I love his candid
thoughts.  “Thank you, Mrs. Boren, for making the girls be quiet during
story time.  Thank you for waving and smiling at me…”  It was really
And here’s his class.

miles class
Jack’s never sucked his thumb, but seems to be interested in Lia’s doing so.
And Sara’s stories:  Trying to figure out if I’m doing this right.  I didn’t know how else to get these pics to my mom to give gardening tips, so here they are…anyone else is welcome to give some tips too 🙂
My Mother’s Day present.  A peach tree.  I can’t wait until we can go out back and grab peaches off that thing!

Are these weeds or the flowers sprouting?
When will these irises bloom?  Can I replant them in a better spot or will they be okay if we weedwhack them and then replant the bulbs?
Are you cutting your rhubarb yet?  It hasn’t sprouted the seeds again, but when is it ready to cut to eat?  And should I be concerned with the holes in the leaves that looks like bugs got to them?
I did win my first item off ebay this week.  A Thule bike rack, fits 4 bikes, for $50.  She said I got a great deal because it cost them $150 and the shipping was $40.  I can’t believe it cost her 40 to ship, but we’ll see when the package comes.  Am I the last person in the world to buy anything from ebay? 
       I wish I was near a starbucks, but we’re not, so if you are and want a treat, get a Orange Passion Iced Tea Lemonade.  It’s pretty amazing.  There’s my tip of the day…and some random thoughts from the Royer world.  Have a great Saturday folks!


6 thoughts on “and the countdown is…

  1. SinginMama

    I used to teach at WCS…and Betty was my aide : ) She’s so great with kids. They love her.  I know nothing about plants so sorry, no advice on that for ya from me.  BUT…I have another favorite at Starbucks – an Iced Orange Mocha. YUMMY!  We live close to a Starbucks…and I’m not so sure it’s a great thing. Talk about temptation! 

  2. filledeparis

    Hi friend, I’m so glad that you shared your random thoughts–it’s almost like chatting. I look forward to seeing you in September–I’m coming for 5 weeks! Jean for the last week. I wish that he could stay longer, but that’s all the vacation time he has for now. I plan to call you after your trip to hear all about it. When do you return? Bon voyage! Love you!

  3. tsdg

    Mrs. Boren is so sweet. I love Jack’s creative tattoo and pirate’s patch. Your vacation sounds like it will be so refreshing, I hope it does it’s job for you. I am not a plant person so I have no advice. That bike rack sounds like a great deal, we just bought a new one–should have looked for a used one. Congrats for using ebay!

  4. theroyerfam

    I agree–I love love love love Mrs. Boren and Mrs. Lettuce (as Miles calls her). They’ve been so helpful with Miles, and we wouldn’t send him there if that weren’t the case. I hope I didn’t portray anything other than we’re glad he’s there…and Jack can be a little out of control, and I gave him the time outs 🙂

  5. crabtrees

    Your backyard looks like a nice haven. Jack was so creative making his own tattoo. I hope you have a good time on vacation. My husband’s family has vacationed there often. They live in IL so it’s closer.

  6. wildernesschild

    Hey Sara it IS the same JC and the one married to Marghie Leitch. We’re celebrating our 10 year this summer and putting our ultimate road trip to NY and then Niagra Falls in early July together… wow 10 years went fast.Be God’s,JC


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