You know you need a vacation when…

  • Your 2 yr. old (will be 3 in 6 more days!!) says “We leave for Meezooree in 5 minutes”…and as much as you realize he has no concept of what it means to pack for 2 wks. away from home, you honestly consider for awhile how to make that possible.
  • You’ve started wearing sunblock–not that you’re concerned about sunburn or will be outside all that much, but you just long for that smell of lounging on the beach.
  • You take people up on their offer for free babysitting just last night…even though they gave a giftcard and offered to babysit months ago, you just couldn’t wait 3 more days to get a break from the normal routine of life.
  • Following your date, you’re totally ok to go to Napa and Auto Zone to pick up new breaks for your husband to tune up the car before the roadtrip…because it means you’re 1 step closer to leaving.
  • Your kids keep saying throughout the day “Mommy, you need a bee-cation?” 
  • You sit down to write a post, and this is all you can think of.  Seriously, folks, I tried.  Yes, I am most certainly (and quite pathetically desperately) ready.  2 more days. 

We got an early b-day gift in the mail.  Thanks g-pa and g-ma, they’re having a blast fishing!  Last year, we were in an airport for Jack’s birthday on our way to Brazil with 20 teens…this year we’ll be in Missouri.  I didn’t want him to miss out 2 yrs. in a row on a cake.  So, I’m packing everything with me to make the lion cake he requested while we’re there.  I can’t believe he’s going to be 3.  But I’ll save that sentimental thought for another time. 
Here’s our family.  (We took pics of the HSers Sunday for some new teachers to learn names and for our Hurricane Relief work trip to Mississippi this summer, and the kids got in on it.  I keep finding our kids writing letters on their hands ever since…) Andy’s making coffee.  It’s going to be another late one, folks.  


7 thoughts on “

  1. tsdg

    You sound like you are so ready for a bee-cation. You’ll have to show us how the lion cake turns out. I really hope you have a really relaxing and fun get away!

  2. filledeparis

    Hi Sar,I just read the book once; I borrowed it from someone who had the huge color picture version. I am hoping to buy it. I think I remember Andy giving you a copy. I thought it was out of print? Where did you get yours? Happy vacation! Love, Holl


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