Home sweet home…for a few hours.  We got back last night at 11 and I leave with the boys tomorrow a.m. for Ohio.  So, we’re still living out of suitcases for a few more days. 
Our boys have been saying ever since leaving “I miss Missouri.  I miss
bee-cation.  I miss the beach.  I miss the restaurant (dining commons
where we ate our meals).”  This a.m. Miles said “Where are we going
today?  Can we go to Ohio?”  Well, it so happens, my brother’s coming
out from NYC, so we are.  But they, once again, have been great
travellers…as good as you can expect 2 toddlers on a 12 hr. car trip…and I shouldn’t have given them a starbucks mocha that was given to us free…that was a little nuts when it hit 30 min. after, but you live and learn!
 I laugh at the comment I said I was looking forward to “lazy days on the beach.”  The past 2 weeks have been anything BUT lazy…but God knew the refreshment I needed wasn’t in lying around doing nothing (as I thought I needed)…but being a part of something greater.  Those MKs had a way of sneaking into my heart and making a very special place for themselves.  I savored my time with them and was very sad to say goodbye yesterday. 
I married an MK, but haven’t been around too many.  I love the different perspective they have on life.  The things they’re wrestling through, transitions, sacrifices, callings and such are way ahead of their time.  They are such deep thinkers and have an incredible world view.  But some things that just crack me up to remember…
–We did a video scavenger hunt and one of the things on the list was to eat a bug.  Tamra caught some sort of crayfish (man-thumb size) and everyone’s like “If you don’t want to eat it, I will.”  That girl downed that thing no problem.  Everyone else was catching bugs to eat like it was nothing.  It was absolute crazyness! 
–It was 90 degrees, and kids from the amazon are covered in blankets.
–Tedede–have no idea to spell, but a south american drink made from grasses or something communally drunk from the same cup, and they’d pass it around during the meetings for everyone to drink from.
–Killing spiders was never a problem with them.
I wish I had more time to write about everything.  Father’s Day–our boys have an incredible father.  We went up to the lake cottage for the day and Andy’s parents, some aunts/uncles, and cousins came for swimming, tubing and a cookout.  Our camera was down at the mission, so I don’t have pics…but great memories of that day.  Then just what God’s doing in our hearts.  It was good to get away from cushy W.Lake for awhile, our passion for working with unreached people groups continues to be confirmed, and we continue to ask God to guide us.  And with that, dinner’s ready and I need to start packing…again.


3 thoughts on “

  1. tsdg

    Those pictures looked like such a fabulous time. I’m so happy for your family to have time away together. Giving your kids a mocha to share from Starbucks—girl what were you thinking??? =) Your tidbits about the mk’s is so funny. Mate is the name of the communal drink in Argentina. Did you like it?

  2. filledeparis

    Stunning sunset picture! Have fun with Chris and family. Hi to your mom from me. So glad that you had a meaningful vacation. I’ll try to call next week.Can’t wait to chat, friend. Maybe Tues. AM around 9 AM?

  3. julespatt

    Went to the ProLife Festival last night to work at the Compassion table.  Got to see Kiersten, Ashley, Maria, and Grant Boy.  What fun!!!!!!!  Rachel is so jealous (she’s in Mexico on a mission trip – Kathleen too!)


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