The boys came down with a crazy high fever Monday night.  I was home alone, as Andy had a sleep study at the hospital.  I waited until 11.30 to go to bed so it wouldn’t be hard to fall asleep with him not home…then, Miles woke up crying.  He woke Jack up and on and on it went until I relented and gave tylenol at 1.30.  We slept well until 5 am, when Jack woke up and decided he wanted held for the rest of the night.  They both had the chills so bad from their fevers, so I held him until Andy came home and I went back to bed for awhile.   This was actually the nicest illness I can remember.  Except the high fevers and being home-bound for the week, they weren’t throwing up and just wanted to sleep or be held.
Miles, the boy who doesn’t nap anymore, rolled over yesterday while playing with toys and fell asleep for 3 hours on the floor. 
Well…today they woke up and seemed fine.  No fevers.  No sign of being sick, so I expected today to be back to normal.  And here’s my confessions of being a very bad mom today.  Miles is in bed, and I feel awful.  At dinner, all he wanted was a popsicle, and thinking they’d gotten too spoiled in the past weeks of vacation and then sickness, I would not give in because he needed to finish his dinner first.  SO…Brushing his teeth before bed, we noticed the back of his mouth is
flaming red with 15 or so white spots.  It’s all the symptoms of strep
throat. Now I just want to wake him back up and give him a popsicle.  Then, today I needed to get out of the house.  So, we went to the park.  He kept saying he didn’t want to go because he was sick, but again, he seemed fine.  And he ended up having a fun time running around.  Now I feel HORRRRible.  No one go to W.Lake park–it may be infested with strep throat, although I think it’s going to rain, so hopefully it will wash off?  And everything I read says about making sure they get enough rest.  Oh, awful, awful. 
       On a more positive note…Andy turns the big 3-0 in 2 weeks.  I’m working on his surprise tonight as he’s at the Venture.  I’m very excited, although it’s seriously so hard for me to keep a surprise from him–It’s as bad as not itching this mosquito bite on my ankle–practically impossible.  So hopefully I can actually keep this one for 2 weeks.  There are times we’re talking and I almost blurt it out to him. 
         Just now, Jack looks out the window and says “Where’s daddy?  He’s at the park?”  That reminds me of how for the longest time when Andy would get his computer bag ready to leave for work, they’d say he was packing a diaper bag to go to the park.  We couldn’t convince them otherwise–they thought he played at the park all day.  Now you ask them what daddy does at work and they think he talks to people, sings songs with Kondo, and listens to a story.  I love their take on things. 
          Well, time to get Jack-Attack to bed.  My throat is starting to hurt–I can’t get sick–Saturday is date night!  Better go down some OJ…  Here’s some fun in Ohio (Jack calls it Grandpa Jerry’s farm–he was a tractor, a barn, a garden, and a dog, so it’s a farm to him!)
I just thought this was cool with the buggy in the background, and that my mom and dad were racing around the yard 🙂
A very rare shot of my family all together.  Everyone got popsicles afterwards for cooperating 🙂


6 thoughts on “

  1. tsdg

    You are not a terrible mom!!!!! Your poor little guys, I really hope you all feel better soon–yuck to strep throat. Hope the oj helps keep it away from you. I love the racing picture, you have fun parents. What a great family photo.

  2. peteandheather

    Jon just came in as I was reading your post and he loves the pictures…tractors are one of his favorite things!  He asked me who the boys were..”is that?”…so I told him and he really likes them.  🙂  I had to tell him 4 or 5 times and he kept saying “oh, wow!”  I’m sorry that the boys have been sick, but glad that it has been a fairly easy sickness–I hope you don’t get it.  Oh, and I can’t wait to hear what your birthday surprise for Andy is…I’m curious now!  🙂

  3. filledeparis

    Love the family picture! How old is Victoria now? Time has flown! Let me know what mornings might work for you to chat this week. I look forward to hearing the b-day surprise. : )Hope date night was fun!

  4. julespatt

    I hope the guys are feeling better by now and you and Andy didn’t get strep and had your date night!  No signs of strep here.  Jeff is going tonight with Dale to fly Becky to Wendy’s.  We got the girls and others home Friday after taking Gary Hall’s school bus all the way to St. Louis to rescue them from a Greyhound bus stop…49 1/2 hours to get home from the time they left!!!  See some of Rachel’s pix on her xanga.


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