I’m sooooo tired.  I’m tempted to go to bed, but I’m trying sneak in as much time on Andy’s b-day surprise as possible while he’s gone…so I’ll probably drink some more tea.
Love love love this stuff.  I’m not much into advertizing gimmicks, but it really works and gives me a “pick me up.”  It’s good hot or iced, and at $10 for 36 bags, it’s cheaper than iced mochas.  It’s been a fun-filled week (why I’m tired), well, and I’ve given up on giving my kids naps.  For 1, I was tired of fighting Jack to sleep 2 times a day and for 2, when he would nap he’d stay up until 10–I like checking out as a mom at 8.  It’s hard to hang in there for those few extra hours when I need to recharge for the next day…So, no naps anymore.  The first day of deciding to forego the nap, I took them to the park to keep them awake.  There was barely anyone there during the nap hours, except for some 3 and 4 yr. olds sharing a Mt. Dew.  I chuckled.

Yesterday was a very nice 4th of July.  Our kids slept in until 9 am!!!  (Which was nice since we were up with  friends until 1 am 🙂  And we went to the zoo.  Even though we have a zoo pass, I’ve never been a huge fan.  It always seems like it’s filled with cranky kids and frustrated parents and animals whose cages are too small…but yesterday, was a very very fun time.  We all enjoyed ourselves. 

Seems like I’m working backwards here, but a few days ago, I enlisted our kids in “Discipline Bootcamp.”  Following a 2 wk. vacation and 1 wk. of illness, they were out of control.  Sun. lunch, Andy and I were blankly staring at each other like “When did we relinquish control of our own home?”  So…Mon. was hard core bootcamp.  It was madness.  They woke up and went to bed screaming.  Tues. they started weakening.  (Although we did wake up to Jack crying because Miles was spanking him.)  Wed. and today have been enjoyable.  I was in for a long haul…but I think they just needed to test the boundaries and realize yes, there’s still consequences.  (I did get too laxed when they were sick and running such a high fever)  Discipline is not fun–I have to really push buttons to stay consistent, but it was good this week to see it pay off.

Andy bought me this Saturday.  We sold mine a few months ago at our garage sale, and I was thankful because it was so heavy to pull our 100 lbs. of kids in a trailer, but with this it feels like nothing!  Now all I want to do is ride around on it.  It’s soooo comfortable! 
Sat. we’re going to Chicago to pick up Andy’s mom.  We were telling our kids about it, and Miles said “Chicago?  To get a donut?”  His memory is astounding.  In March, (on my Mar. 9th post) we were looking at cars for Andy’s parents and went to Chicago to look at one, but it was no good, so we went to Krispy Kreme and came home.  And Miles remembered! 

This all seems so disjointed.  I may just go to bed afterall…but the last funny thing I have to say is I’ve been trying to think about more than household stay-at-home mom things, and since we have Time and Newsweek lying around, I’ve been reading them and am addicted.  Not so much to the headlines as the quirky little articles they have.  I read one about where all our lost luggage goes.  It’s so fascinating, but there’s a store in Alabama found here and they buy lost luggage that’s sat for 90 days unclaimed and sell the articles inside.  It’s crazy what they’ve found inside these bags, and their store is huge (a block).  But they say people carry their best clothes and perfumes, etc. with them so everything’s practically new, and they have a ton of digital cameras, strollers, jewelry, etc.  SO, we’re taking the teens to Mississippi in a few weeks and we’re going to take a little detour and stop there.  It is kinda sad when I think about it.  But I don’t think I’ll have a problem buying a double jogging stroller for $40.  Is that bad?  It said airlines reimburse people up to $2500 for lost bags, but they’ve found lots of wedding dresses and diamond rings, and that makes me sad.  I won’t buy those 🙂

Off to do some secret work… It does involve old pics like this.  I wish I knew him when we were kids.  I’m just glad to be best friends now 🙂


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  1. tsdg

    The picture of your little sick frowny Jack(in the previous post) looks just like Andy! I’ve heard about that store before! Can’t wait to hear what you find! Are you all going to BNYC, oh I mean Momentum–yeah that’s gonna take some getting used to. That’s amazing Miles remembered the Chicago donut trip—very funny too! He’ll probably remember it forever.

  2. JAMBender

    ~I want to go to that baggage store!  That sounds great, though I know if my wedding dress were in a “lost” bag, I’d be extremely upset.  I’ve learned to never put anything of extreme importance in the bag I’m checking.  When we went to Hawaii, I didn’t lose my bag, but ALL my jewelry was mysteriously missing from my bag.  Though nothing was of high value, it was mostly fun jewelry I’d picked up over the years, I was mad that someone at the airport that worked there had actually opened my bag and stole my jewelry out of the top.  So I’ve learned the hard way to carry-on everything that I want to make sure I have with me when we make it to our destination.  Make sure to let us know what you find when you go to that store.
    The picture of Andy makes me laugh-I too, wish I knew Jordan when we were younger, and mostly through the college years, as we didn’t meet until after college.  There are just parts of our life I would love to go back and see what it would be like to know the younger version of my husband. 
    I hope you guys have a great weekend!  I always enjoy hearing about how things are going 🙂 ~

  3. jilandrich

    That store is crazy! You’ll have to tell us what it’s like. Yay for your new bike. Rich said he saw you guys on the trails when he was running, but it was too late to say hi to you or something. Miles’ memory is amazing!

  4. cherithpeters

    Oh my, Jack looks so much like Andy! The donut story had me giggling. Isn’t it funny the things that kids remember? Your bike looks nice. Steve and I need to get bikes. We talk about it all the time, but never seem to get around to it. We really should too because we have this whole system of nice sidewalks that go behind our houses and all through the neighborhood and make great bike paths.  I was smiling at the knowing your husband as a kid thing.  I have thought that so many times before about Steve, but now with Stevie I feel like I am getting to watch my husband grow up!  Sue and I actually have some of the exact same stories about things the two of them have done. Haha, I know Andy said that Jack really reminds you guys of him when he was little too so maybe you have similar sentiments. Anyhow, have a great weekend!

  5. filledeparis

    Wow, that picture of Andy really does look just like Jack! That’s crazy about Miles spanking Jack, but slightly funny. 😉 Yes, Tues. at 9 AM works well–I’ll call you then–yea! We had a visitor this week, so we’re beat.I will fill you in on Bastille Day as I find out more.

  6. peteandheather

    The discipline thing is amazing really…I was just thinking today that I don’t have to spank Jon nearly as much lately as I did a few months ago, but that I need to stay consistent or I’ll be eating those words!  Such a crazy balancing act.  I love the pic of Andy–wow, Jack does look just like him!  That bike sounds great–I hope you get lots of nice weather to ride it this weekend!  🙂 

  7. ethanandelismom

    Hey – It’s Emily, Holly’s friend from OH. Will you be going to hot and sunny Mississippi for Momentum? If so, we’ll be there, too. Maybe we’ll see you. Take care! 


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