may the cutest kid win…

We just entered Jack in a photo competition.  It was so hard to land on
1 pic, but after getting several random strangers’ opinions, here’s the
one that could win us $200.
If you have a minute, you can go to
We are #78. 
All proceeds go to Kosc. County Right to Life, so here goes our 1st ever solocit your child for money operation 🙂 

And besides that, I have 4 more days until Andy turns 30…so, I’ve been working like a mad-woman to get his surprise done.  That’s so funny you all said he looks like Jack–everyone who knew Andy when he was little and then meets Jack says the same thing.  Their looks and temperment are so similar.  Just the other day, Jack was jumping off the couch, and Andy’s mom said “That’s exactly how your father broke his arm.”  Great… 

In Miles’ world, everyday I have more and more pride and joy for him.  I don’t know all the struggles he has to order his world, but the fact that he functions at all…let alone, captures people’s hearts astounds me.  We’ve been enjoying Center Lake beach–I never knew what a clean lake and sand they had…very nice.  But we were there the other day and we go to the section that’s not lifeguarded because there’s usually not other kids so there’s better chance Miles won’t get splashed and have a meltdown…WELL, there were 4 other kids who joined us, and they started picking on the youngest girl, splashing her, until she got upset and sat down.  Miles turns to me and says “Momma, you want to go see what’s the matter with the girl?”  “No, I think she’ll be ok.”  Next thing I know, Miles got out of the water, walks up to her and says “Little girl, what’s the matter?”  She doesn’t say anything, so he turns around and says with a big smile “She can’t hear me.”  I laughed so hard.  He was standing right up in her face and of course she heard, but it was all sooo sweet.  I still get a huge smile and tears thinking of it. 

Oh, I don’t want to forget all the things they’re saying, but it’s time to sign off, so one more quick one…
The boys were introducing themselves at the park the other day.  Miles: “Hi, I’m Buzz Lightyear.”  Jack: “And I’m Woody….(pointing to me) and this is my big ole momma.” 
So, goodnight…from the big ole momma 🙂


6 thoughts on “may the cutest kid win…

  1. JAMBender

    ~The picture is great!  I’ll have to try to vote for it, I’d love to see all the other ones, but that’s probably best reserved for a non-work time 🙂  And the story at the end is great. . . .your stories always make me smile.  Glad to hear things are well!!~

  2. emmitt_jackson

    Sara, you are so sweet. Well yeah, about the $200 thing. I got my wish, and am thankful that I made this decision. I hope that Momentum goes well for you and Andy with a bunch of teens. Thank you for all you and Andy have given up and sacrificed for the youth, we are indebted to you guys. Enjoy your vacation and until next time,


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