is what my week has looked like.  Lots of time playing on the floor. 
Lots of conversations about tractors and combines.  Lots of thanks to
God for bringing us safely back to these boys.



We left our
boys with my parents while we were in MS.  So I’m trying to make it up to them this week, hence nothing else getting done but hanging out.  As much as they
begged us to take them with us, and as hard and full of tears as it was to
leave them, it came down to what we thought was best for them.  Who knows? 
But as hard as it was, we thought they would have much more fun and be
happier at gramps and grams.  From past
mission trip experiences, they never understand why my attention is
divided.  And they had a blast in Ohio.  I cried everyday, missing them so much.  But it’s good to have a freshness about being
home with them all day long.  I had some
great time to get to know the HS girls, staying up late talking about
direction, stress, relationships with peers, boys, God, family.  I’m thankful for the chance to be there…but I’m
glad to be home with my boys!  And it’s
nice to stay in the same building as my husband—that was hard!  The boys have been super
sweet since we got back.  I thought
they’d just be mad.  They wouldn’t even
talk to us on the phone while we were gone. 
But they’ve been full of love and hugs. 
And so funny!


been snapping so many pics as they’re just cracking me up, but again,
it may be how much I missed them.  So, they probably look like same ole
Miles and Jack, but they just look so much older and cuter after a week

bag on headDSC_0002  

had this bag on his head from before dinner to bedtime.  Jack fell
asleep on the floor again.  He guards the door to make sure I don’t
leave.  The other night, I had to sneak out the back door to go for a
walk so he wouldn’t see me leave.

— My new favorite word is granola bar.  Jack calls them “banilla bar” or “banola
bar.”  Miles
calls them “gorilla
bars.”  It’s also cute to hear Miles say genorosity.  It comes out
“sinorosity.”  And after a week at grams, they’re telling me how
there’s “japanese beetles on the woobarb.”

— They’re into this “Are you happy or sad?” stage, asking
it all the time to people.  While we were
gone, they’d ask my mom.  She said “I’m
happy because I have Jesus in my heart.” 
Miles said “I have Goliath in my heart.” 

— I’m beginning to think his favorite Bible character is
Goliath.  That’s scary.  I try to explain what a bad man he was, for he
mocked God.  But I think he just thinks it cool how tall
he is.

Every a.m., Jack asks me if my coffee is too hot or just right.  When I
say just right, he’s my little coffee thief.  This a.m., I thought I’d
try something different.  I told him it was too hot.  He said “No
momma, you need to make it just right!  Then I have your coffee.” 

— One of my biggest prayers while we were gone was that
Miles would be a nice big brother to Jack. 
He can tear Jack apart when he’s upset. 
It’s been so awesome to see this change. 
Jack will be mad about something and Miles will say “It’s ok, we can
still be friends” OR try to distract with “You could do this instead!”

Last night, Miles got to bed too late and was screaming for a glass of
water.  I wasn’t going to get him one because he needed sleep more than
anything.  But Jack hurries and gets a dirty cup from the dishwasher,
fills it up with water from the bathroom sink and brings it to him.  He
amazes me.

— I know I’ve said this before, but Jack is SO into
tractors and combines.  Tractors and
combines come into absolutely every conversation with everyone.  He’ll wake up and immediately talk about
combines.  It’s so funny.  My mom got him a combine last week, and his favorite phrase is “Will you play tractors with me?”

Andy took them to Lowe’s the other day.  He’s looking for something and
all of a sudden notices both boys have their pants down and are
standing, aimed at a display of toilets.  He stopped them before they
left their mark.  Of course, it was on the main aisle, so they had
plenty of spectators.

Both boys are dressed and have their hair brushed and it’s only
9.30…we’re off to a good start!  …Well, it’s my turn to get ready
now!  I just had to write this down before I forget how much I missed
these little guys.


7 thoughts on “

  1. JAMBender

    ~I always laugh through your stories of your boys.  Today was no different, you are blessed with such beautiful boys with creative minds. I love hearing about them, and I’m glad you’re back together again 🙂 
    I also enjoyed your engagement story-how wonderful and super romantic is Andy!  I bet you have great pictures to remember that morning by!  🙂
    Hope you have a great weekend!~

  2. tsdg

    Oh my—so many funny stories. I love the Lowe’s story—that is soooo hilarious. My boys would be dropping their shorts right along with your boys!

  3. filledeparis

    That’s a hilarious toilet story! Yikes! I’m so glad that you are enjoying your boys. Do let me know what is a good morning to call next week, other than Tues. Love you, friend.

  4. cherithpeters

    Hahaha! The Lowes story is so funny! Once when Athaiah was about three we were in Lowes and she told me she needed to go potty. I took her to the toilet display and said, “Ok, go ahead.”  She looked up at me with the funniest little face and was like, “Mommy…right here in front of erveryone?”  I laughed and took her to the real bathroom.  It’s funny how different boys and girls are! 
    It is good to read a post from you, I’ve missed them.

  5. JeanandTasha

    I wanted to let you know that the first time I read this post I laughed out loud. 🙂  Then I read it again later for my sister and we both giggled.  You have been blessed — blessed with two hilarious and cute little boys and blessed with an ability to communicate their antics to those of us who need a good laugh.   Thanks!


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