2 toddlers for 5 hours in Riley Children’s Hospital yesterday, seeing 3 specialists.  It will be a miracle if they don’t get sick.  If not from playing with all the toys on the floor, from the Wendy’s we went to for ice cream afterwards–it was disgusting.  I’m always so humbled when we spend time in hospitals.  It’s hard to not have tears when I look around the waiting room.  I’m blessed with 2 healthy (in comparison), full of life, sweet children.  It’s also so humbling to think of all the help we have at our fingertips.  If Miles had been born in another country, would he have survived?  He was born with a cleft palate, so he had no ability suction, couldn’t nurse, and had to be specially fed (KCH didn’t even  know how to feed him, we had to get him help at Riley).  God is so gracious, and he’s gotten so much care and is growing in understanding and personality. 

It was so sweet that our kids didn’t care what we were doing.  They just wanted us all to be together.  The last few weeks have been more about other people than them, so driving home, Jack said “I like to go on family outings.”  So, we spent 5 hrs. at a cleft palate clinic, but he didn’t care–he got McDonalds for lunch, some stickers, and got to play with new toys, so it was special for him.  What a sweetheart!  Miles’ favorite part was the hearing exam–he told the guy “I’m a good listener!”  I’m so proud of them.  They’re not perfect kids and will have their tantrums, but my job is to train and to love.  I’m still processing the goals/desires things that I’ve had off for a long time, but it’s so freeing! 


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  1. jilandrich

    Ooh- cool new background. I’m sort of catching up on xanga posts. I loved your thoughts on goals/desires. Thanks for sharing that. Also- what, hmm was it Jack or Miles, I can’t remember now- one of them asking the other about Goliath or Jesus being in their heart. How sweet and true. Wow.

  2. Anonymous

    OK, so I thought it’s time I let you know that I’ve been following your site for quite some time.  I have been humbled by the things you share.  You don’t know this, but I’ve been encouraged, blessed, and challenged by the joys and challenges you have shared.  Thank you for the blessing that each one of you (Andy, Sara, Miles, and Jack) have been and still are to me.  God’s blessings as He continues to mold and transform you.


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