Last night, after putting the kids to bed a wonderful couple came over and watched them while they slept.  (They’re newly married and said their first challenge is to survive sleeping kids…working their way up to caring for awake ones 🙂  Anyhow, we went to Club Soda, a place we love.  They had really good music last night.  We were pretty tired, so we ordered cappuccinos for an appetizer.   But as always, I enjoyed the time with my husband.  He’s a pretty cool guy.  I’m pretty glad I get to hang out with him.
            On a more embarrassing note…I had something really funny happen yesterday, but didn’t really realize it until the drive home.  It was B week at preschool, so Miles rode the Bus to Bixler park with his Bear.  He was a little anxious about it, so I went to the park for part of it.  We were all sitting on Blankets, and I was reading the kids on our Blanket a Book while they ate their snack of teddy graham Bears and Bananas.  WELL…some Bees decided to check out our snacks, and as I was reading, I was trying to keep an eye on the bees.  Well, the other adults (3 moms and 1 teacher on our blanket) were talking about swatting the bees away.   I’m still reading, but very distracted as they’re swarming Miles.  One bee lands, and I start stomping on it until it’s dead.  Continue reading.  Realize I killed the bee, but I stomped on Sidney’s snack in the process.  Still reading.  I set aside the 5 teddy grahams that didn’t get a footprint on them for her to finish…Keep reading.  (The banana was ruined.)  Finally I finish the book and am relieved no one is stung in the process.  But as I was driving home and thinking through the whole chaos, I thought how incredibly ridiculous it was to stomp on a little girl’s snack.  I never looked up at the other ladies, but I’m sure their mouths were open agape.  Oh well.  No bee stings.  No allergic reactions.
Funny line of the week:  Miles had found a quarter and was saying he found some money to take to Jesus.  Jack heard him talking about having money for Jesus, and comes up to me and asks “Could I have some money for candy?”  (Real spiritual, Jackson 🙂  Later I hear Miles saying “Here Jesus.  Here’s some money for you to go buy candy.”  Our kids’ theology is so screwed up.  But it makes for funny stories.
Well, I’m off to enjoy my Saturday.


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  1. jilandrich

    We like Club Soda too. It’s a fun place. They have really good desserts. Sounds like a fun night. Maybe Miles just thinks that Jesus likes good things, and candy is good?


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