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to trick-or-treat or not to…

this is the question still undecided in our house.  I’m not really against trick-or-treating.  It was a great way to get to meet our neighbors last year.  But our kids have phased into the nightmare stage.  I don’t even know where these come from.  They’ll wake up crying in the night with vivid pictures of lions or tigers in their minds.  I’ll pray with them and comfort them as best I know, but it keeps happening.  Last year, just walking around our neighborhood, Jack kept saying to himself “Don’t be scared.”  At 2 yrs. old, I couldn’t find out what was scaring him.  Was it just the images of people in the darkness?  But, all considered, I don’t want to add to these images they’re having in their sleep.  So, we may just pass out candy this year. 

Besides, a few weeks ago, I woke up to lots of giggling, excited chatter, shrieks of joy from the living room.  I listened to it as I lay in bed and relished the joyous sounds from our 2 boys so early in the morning.  Until I got up…and realized they’d gotten into the cupboard with last year’s leftover Halloween candy and were surrounded by candy, sucker, and gum wrappers.  Both boys had suckers in their mouth…at 7 am!  The story I could gather was Miles got out of bed and saw Jack standing on the counter, getting out candy.  Miles said “Be careful Jackson.”  Jack laughed and handed Miles a piece of gum.  They were on a sugar HIGH!  Jack was running laps around our kitchen.  LAPS at 7 am!  Then the sugar rush wore off, and they both cried for a few hours.  It was pretty miserable.  So, all that to say, we’re still undecided. 

The boys did carve a pumpkin yesterday with Gramps and Gram.  Then we took our yearly tradition trip to an apple orchard and bought 1 bushel of apples, so I have a lot of applesauce to make.  I’m really getting into the canning thing this year.  So far, I’ve lost track of how many quarts of salsa I’ve made with tomatoes and peppers from my parents’ garden, but I’ve made atleast 4 batches.  And last night, I canned the rest of the rhubarb-cherry jam we got from their garden too.  It’s been a fun memory to spend some nights canning after the kids go to bed.  Plus, you know me and my dread of winter.  Somehow, getting tastes of summer throughout the cold, blistery season makes it a little better… Here’s some pics that have been piling up on our camera.
Grandparents’ Day at Miles’ preschool–He had both sets with him, and he was elated!
For months now, Jack eats, sleeps and dreams COMBINES!  Usually he’ll ask anyone he meets “Do you have a combine?  Have you ever ridden on a combine?”  Well, we met a nice farmer the other day as we stopped to watch him plow the fields.  He let Jack sit in his combine.

Happy Trick-or-Treating Day (as our kids call it)! 


alive and well…

Sorry to concern any of you.  We’re doing great!!  Our computer hasn’t though…We don’t have a personal computer, and I use Andy’s laptop when I can to update.  But it’s been out of commision on and off for over a month, and when it works, he has alot to catch up on…So, I’ll pop in a quick post while he’s occupied elsewhere and it’s running 🙂  Wish I had time to check in on all of you.  But I need to head off to get groceries before anyone wants lunch.  We just got back from a nice, fun, relaxing wknd. in Ohio, finishing up Miles’ allergy treatments and spending hours and hours outside in this beautiful summer/fall weather (thanks to Miles’ allergy treatments, we can now ALL enjoy our time outside!)  I guess I don’t really know where to begin to update.  So, I guess I’ll have to another time.  But I wanted to let you know we’re doing really well.  It was a bummer at first to not have a computer.  But after a month without, I actually don’t mind it.  I do miss e-mail and reading how you all are.  But with our kids going to bed at 6.30 pm (on no-nap days) and Andy and I staying up until 11.30…it makes for some really nice evenings.  I have time to read my Bible and enjoy my husband!  I know you all are on the edge of your seats to hear how we’re doing, and I didn’t want you to wait any longer…but I’ll have to share more later…tummies will soon start to grumble 🙂

(Fern, I’m giving up milk too.  It’s not easy, but they have some yummy alternatives–almond milk and rice cheese.  Maybe when your options are limited, things you never thought would taste good!  But I feel SO much better.  You probably have a WholeFoods, Wild Oats, or Trader Joe’s near you–they have lots of variety of non-dairy products.  I have to stock up when I’m near one.  Anyhow, hang in there.  It’s worth the feeling better part!)