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if you’re not interested in the surgery, at least read the end

Well, Miles came through like a champ.  He always does.  But this was the hardest surgery in terms of his anxiety.  He’s had an emergency surgery at 1 mo. for hernia repair, a cleft palate repair at 10 mos., adenoids removed at 3 yrs. (not to mention the MRIs and overnight EEGs, etc…ok, maybe I did mention them), but this was by far the easiest procedure–they didn’t use general anesthesia and breathing tube like the others, but he was really nervous.  The nurse took us in to get his hospital gown on.  He wanted me to pray with him before he did.  Then the anesthesiologist met with us and told me they’d be taking him to the O.R.  I asked if I could take him (I’ve been able to everytime to be the one to lay him on the operating table–super hard for me, but helps him)  They wouldn’t let me.  So he asked me to pray with him again.  Then he said “Will God take care of me like he did Noah?”  He was very brave, but it is so hard as a parent to turn your child over like that! 
I’ve been thinking alot about God calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.  It’s very hard to understand… 
Miles came out of anesthesia fine (this is always a concern, as he’s had convulsions and seizures before waking up from surgery.)  And it was so cool to see how Jack’s demeanor changed as soon as he saw Miles in pain.  He had been so demanding in the waiting room, typical world-revolves-around-me-I’m-3yrs. old…but once he saw Miles crying as he was coming out of anesthesia, his heart just melted, and he was kissing his toes and head and getting him juice and trying to make him laugh.  It was precious.  Up to that point, I was thinking it was a mistake to have Jack along, but I was so thankful to see the care and concern he showed for Miles in his time of need. 

Most of all, we just feel very blessed.  Last week, Miles was in pain with moderate hearing loss.  Now he’s doing just fine, no infection from unsanitized equipment, skilled drs., health insurance.  I usually take these things for granted, but not after checking out this…Global Rich List
Type in your income, and it will show you what percentage of the world’s income you fall in. 
Unicef cites that 35,000 people a DAY die from poverty!  Most of these are starvation, but also treatable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria.  75% of those are children.  May we never ever ever think we are poor!  How humbling to realize we’re in the richest 4% in the world!  And besides that, how great are the riches of HIS great love for us!


Well, as stated in the previous post, Miles has moderate hearing loss from fluid in his ears, and is getting tubes replaced Wednesday.  I’m so thankful we could get him in so soon.  He’s been up so much at night, crying with ear pain.  It breaks my heart.  But, I’m also really sad that he’s going to miss his preschool Thanksgiving party.  He’s been so looking forward to this.  He made an indian vest and tee-pee and is named “Running Fox” and was so excited to have Jack and I come to school with him for the party.  I haven’t broken the news to him.  He’s a brave little guy, and very understanding…and used to these things happening.  But I started crying talking to the receptionist this a.m. when I realized the surgery would be during the thanksgiving party.  Some things just don’t seem fair.  But at the same time, we live in such a prosperous country that we can hop on over to the hospital and prevent our child from having permanent hearing loss.  So, I just need to keep it all in perspective.  But we really appreciate your prayers for Miles.  It’s his 4th surgery.  He’s our little trooper.

‘it smells like poop in here’

Yesterday, we had our 1st of 3 Thanksgiving meals.  Andy’s family all gathered at our house for a Golden Corral style spread of food.  It was so wonderful to have them here!  Andy’s brother and his 2 kids came from Seattle, and his sister and her 3 kids came from Milwaukee (their spouses couldn’t make it).  Andy’s parents are here from Brazil for 1 yr., so it’s not often everyone gets all together.  So, after the meal, we all went to Wal-Mart to get pics of Dan and Becky with all their grandchildren.  It all sounds dreamy, and maybe I should just stop there, but where is the humor in that?
Last Tuesday, I started to come down with something.  I just figured it was allergies, but after sitting through Bible Study Wednesday a.m. with a kleenex glued to my nose, and spraying snot out everytime I sneezed, I had to face the facts.  I had a fever and felt awful and was in bed by 8.  Thursday, I spent the afternoon with Miles at the ear dr.  He has moderate hearing loss from fluid in his ears and something like a prolapsed ear drum pushing on the bone.  Sounds awful.  No wonder I’ve had such a hard time getting his attention.  I could go on and on about the time-outs he’s had the past few weeks for not answering me or not doing what I asked…but why relish in the guilt we can all feel as moms?  He’s scheduled to get tubes placed.  This should take care of everything.  He’s had tubes before, but they come out after 18 mos.  Well, we’re onto Friday.  I started to feel better, which was good since the house needed cleaned and food needed made.  Right about here I should say how thankful I am for Andy.  very very very very very thankful.  He takes care of me.  He cleaned the whole house (it was his day off) and I cooked.  Then we went to a birthday party for T-ma.  We went to bed exhausted…and woke up with Miles at 3 am because he had an earache and fever…and didn’t go back to sleep until 5 am…then Jack woke up.  At our house, it’s not a true holiday without someone sick.  And it’s documented by Wal-Mart’s pictures–not only did Miles have a fever, wax oozing out his ear, but he had puffy red, I mean RED, bags under his eyes.  Poor little handsome. 
All in all, I have very happy memories of yesterday.  And last night, as Andy and I recounted the madness, we were laughing so hard.  Particularly at Jack in the whole thing.  I was pulling together last minute prep for the meal to be served, and Jack is bouncing around the kitchen on his pogo ball saying “It smells like poop in here!”  I did not find it amusing at the time, but it only adds to the memory. 
Pics were the last thing on my mind yesterday, but here’s what we have.
And Rachel when she was out a few weeks ago.
These pics were taken way too early…

Today, Andy’s finishing building the boys’ bunk bed.  I need to get rid of some of the clutter before we host Andy’s family for Thanksgiving this week (includes sorting, filing, storing–I love this stuff, but it’s been severely overlooked)  I  know the boys love “family stay at home days” (as they’ve termed them), but with us preoccupied with our projects, I wanted to make sure they still had a special memory from today.  So I asked the boys what they thought the very, most super fun thing they could do with their Saturday was.  Jackson said he wanted to ride bikes and play in the snow (it frosted here).  Miles said he wanted to watch a movie (surprise, surprise 🙂  Those are do-able.

And just a quick update…
Our kids in the end did just pass our candy for Halloween this year.  Miles and Jack had 2 of their friends over to play, and the 4 of them had a blast answering the door and handing out candy.  (Our boys have always had a thing for dark-haired women, so I just cracked up when some HS girls with dark hair came to the door, and Jack stuffed their bags full of candy–what a charmer 🙂 
Some of the costumes were disgusting.  Andy would distract and say
“Ok, we have a hockey player” (as there was a kid in a Jason mask
with a sword dripping with blood) or “We have a farmer” (grim
reeper).  Our kids would be like “Here you go farmer!”  In the end, I’m really glad we just passed out candy.  They haven’t had anymore nightmares since–praise God!  And we’re doing away with refined sugar/flour, etc. in our house.  So they enjoyed a sucker made of honey 🙂  Along that line, yesterday I made up a green drink–1 qt. of water and add a handful of spinach, romaine, parsley,
kale, dandelion, whatever greens.  Blend it up, strain it, and drink it throughout the day.  (I know it sounds real appetizing….but I’ll say the energy it gives makes it worth it.)  Anyway, I gave some to Miles who doesn’t care for greens, and I added equal parts of the green drink and apple juice–he drank 3 glasses–he kept saying it tasted like kiwi!  This may be a good way to get greens into him!  Jack wouldn’t drink it, but he’s our hearty vegetarian–he’ll eat raw onion, peppers, potato, soybeans, you name it!

Also, check out the new addition to our family.

Andy’s an official coffee roaster.  I can’t believe how good it tastes, and it’s so fresh and cheap!  We can get beans now for $2/lb.  So there’s a little up-front cost, but since we go through a pound a week, it will pay for itself real soon!  Plus, it’s a fun hobby for him.  So thanks McL’s for the tips and getting us started!

I would upload more pics, but everytime I do, it crashes our computer…
here’s some mental shots for ya:  I was looking at Miles across the
table at breakfast.  I was flooded with gratitude for who God has created
him to be and how much I love him, that my eyes welled up with tears.  He
noticed I was looking at him, studied my eyes to see if they were tears of joy
or sadness, got off his chair, walked over to me, put his arms around me and
said “Oh mom, you’re my best lady.” 

Yesterday, we were telling Jack about how we were going to help build a school in Africa.  (I can post more about this later.) But basically, the HS and Venture students are helping raising funds to build a school for our missionaries by pulling the plug on their cable, canceling NetFlix, not asking for Christmas gifts, etc.  I was telling him a little bit about the kids in the school, and I could see his mind churning.  He said “Can we go?”  “Maybe someday.”  He thought some more and asked “Will there be barns on the way?”  I told you, obsessed.

Well, off to our lofty goals for today.