Today, Andy’s finishing building the boys’ bunk bed.  I need to get rid of some of the clutter before we host Andy’s family for Thanksgiving this week (includes sorting, filing, storing–I love this stuff, but it’s been severely overlooked)  I  know the boys love “family stay at home days” (as they’ve termed them), but with us preoccupied with our projects, I wanted to make sure they still had a special memory from today.  So I asked the boys what they thought the very, most super fun thing they could do with their Saturday was.  Jackson said he wanted to ride bikes and play in the snow (it frosted here).  Miles said he wanted to watch a movie (surprise, surprise 🙂  Those are do-able.

And just a quick update…
Our kids in the end did just pass our candy for Halloween this year.  Miles and Jack had 2 of their friends over to play, and the 4 of them had a blast answering the door and handing out candy.  (Our boys have always had a thing for dark-haired women, so I just cracked up when some HS girls with dark hair came to the door, and Jack stuffed their bags full of candy–what a charmer 🙂 
Some of the costumes were disgusting.  Andy would distract and say
“Ok, we have a hockey player” (as there was a kid in a Jason mask
with a sword dripping with blood) or “We have a farmer” (grim
reeper).  Our kids would be like “Here you go farmer!”  In the end, I’m really glad we just passed out candy.  They haven’t had anymore nightmares since–praise God!  And we’re doing away with refined sugar/flour, etc. in our house.  So they enjoyed a sucker made of honey 🙂  Along that line, yesterday I made up a green drink–1 qt. of water and add a handful of spinach, romaine, parsley,
kale, dandelion, whatever greens.  Blend it up, strain it, and drink it throughout the day.  (I know it sounds real appetizing….but I’ll say the energy it gives makes it worth it.)  Anyway, I gave some to Miles who doesn’t care for greens, and I added equal parts of the green drink and apple juice–he drank 3 glasses–he kept saying it tasted like kiwi!  This may be a good way to get greens into him!  Jack wouldn’t drink it, but he’s our hearty vegetarian–he’ll eat raw onion, peppers, potato, soybeans, you name it!

Also, check out the new addition to our family.

Andy’s an official coffee roaster.  I can’t believe how good it tastes, and it’s so fresh and cheap!  We can get beans now for $2/lb.  So there’s a little up-front cost, but since we go through a pound a week, it will pay for itself real soon!  Plus, it’s a fun hobby for him.  So thanks McL’s for the tips and getting us started!

I would upload more pics, but everytime I do, it crashes our computer…
here’s some mental shots for ya:  I was looking at Miles across the
table at breakfast.  I was flooded with gratitude for who God has created
him to be and how much I love him, that my eyes welled up with tears.  He
noticed I was looking at him, studied my eyes to see if they were tears of joy
or sadness, got off his chair, walked over to me, put his arms around me and
said “Oh mom, you’re my best lady.” 

Yesterday, we were telling Jack about how we were going to help build a school in Africa.  (I can post more about this later.) But basically, the HS and Venture students are helping raising funds to build a school for our missionaries by pulling the plug on their cable, canceling NetFlix, not asking for Christmas gifts, etc.  I was telling him a little bit about the kids in the school, and I could see his mind churning.  He said “Can we go?”  “Maybe someday.”  He thought some more and asked “Will there be barns on the way?”  I told you, obsessed.

Well, off to our lofty goals for today. 


5 thoughts on “

  1. katievarela

    Oh Sara, the Miles story (“you’re the best lady”) is so precious. It made me misty. I am always so encouraged reading about your boys–especially Miles. I know our boys are different, but I still am given so much hope by reading about all Miles has been through and yet what a wonderful, thoughtful, articulate little boy he is.

  2. tsdg

    What a great Halloween night.  Your mixed green drink sound like a marvelous idea, one of my guys doesn’t eat as many greens either.  I’m sure the coffee tastes incredible….mmmm! 

  3. jrfriend

    Hello.  I found you through Holly’s site.  You have darling little guys.  I have 3 grandsons and they are so much fun.  Question?  Is that a coffee grinder?  My WOM group went to visit a missionary family yesterday and they run a large food bank.  They get large bags of coffee beans and have no way to grind them.  This is in a very poor part of Appalachia and we told them we would try to get one and send it to them.  Does your grinder (if that’s what that is) work well?


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