‘it smells like poop in here’

Yesterday, we had our 1st of 3 Thanksgiving meals.  Andy’s family all gathered at our house for a Golden Corral style spread of food.  It was so wonderful to have them here!  Andy’s brother and his 2 kids came from Seattle, and his sister and her 3 kids came from Milwaukee (their spouses couldn’t make it).  Andy’s parents are here from Brazil for 1 yr., so it’s not often everyone gets all together.  So, after the meal, we all went to Wal-Mart to get pics of Dan and Becky with all their grandchildren.  It all sounds dreamy, and maybe I should just stop there, but where is the humor in that?
Last Tuesday, I started to come down with something.  I just figured it was allergies, but after sitting through Bible Study Wednesday a.m. with a kleenex glued to my nose, and spraying snot out everytime I sneezed, I had to face the facts.  I had a fever and felt awful and was in bed by 8.  Thursday, I spent the afternoon with Miles at the ear dr.  He has moderate hearing loss from fluid in his ears and something like a prolapsed ear drum pushing on the bone.  Sounds awful.  No wonder I’ve had such a hard time getting his attention.  I could go on and on about the time-outs he’s had the past few weeks for not answering me or not doing what I asked…but why relish in the guilt we can all feel as moms?  He’s scheduled to get tubes placed.  This should take care of everything.  He’s had tubes before, but they come out after 18 mos.  Well, we’re onto Friday.  I started to feel better, which was good since the house needed cleaned and food needed made.  Right about here I should say how thankful I am for Andy.  very very very very very thankful.  He takes care of me.  He cleaned the whole house (it was his day off) and I cooked.  Then we went to a birthday party for T-ma.  We went to bed exhausted…and woke up with Miles at 3 am because he had an earache and fever…and didn’t go back to sleep until 5 am…then Jack woke up.  At our house, it’s not a true holiday without someone sick.  And it’s documented by Wal-Mart’s pictures–not only did Miles have a fever, wax oozing out his ear, but he had puffy red, I mean RED, bags under his eyes.  Poor little handsome. 
All in all, I have very happy memories of yesterday.  And last night, as Andy and I recounted the madness, we were laughing so hard.  Particularly at Jack in the whole thing.  I was pulling together last minute prep for the meal to be served, and Jack is bouncing around the kitchen on his pogo ball saying “It smells like poop in here!”  I did not find it amusing at the time, but it only adds to the memory. 
Pics were the last thing on my mind yesterday, but here’s what we have.
And Rachel when she was out a few weeks ago.
These pics were taken way too early…


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