Well, as stated in the previous post, Miles has moderate hearing loss from fluid in his ears, and is getting tubes replaced Wednesday.  I’m so thankful we could get him in so soon.  He’s been up so much at night, crying with ear pain.  It breaks my heart.  But, I’m also really sad that he’s going to miss his preschool Thanksgiving party.  He’s been so looking forward to this.  He made an indian vest and tee-pee and is named “Running Fox” and was so excited to have Jack and I come to school with him for the party.  I haven’t broken the news to him.  He’s a brave little guy, and very understanding…and used to these things happening.  But I started crying talking to the receptionist this a.m. when I realized the surgery would be during the thanksgiving party.  Some things just don’t seem fair.  But at the same time, we live in such a prosperous country that we can hop on over to the hospital and prevent our child from having permanent hearing loss.  So, I just need to keep it all in perspective.  But we really appreciate your prayers for Miles.  It’s his 4th surgery.  He’s our little trooper.


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  1. SinginMama

    I will definitely be praying for Miles.  Miah had 5 ear surgeries by the age of 5… so this hits home a bit.  Hopefully, this will be the last one for your little guy.  I really admire your perspective on the whole thing…how fortunate we are to have such amazing medical services so readily available to us.  Perhaps God will give Miles a special peace about missing his party. 


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