if you’re not interested in the surgery, at least read the end

Well, Miles came through like a champ.  He always does.  But this was the hardest surgery in terms of his anxiety.  He’s had an emergency surgery at 1 mo. for hernia repair, a cleft palate repair at 10 mos., adenoids removed at 3 yrs. (not to mention the MRIs and overnight EEGs, etc…ok, maybe I did mention them), but this was by far the easiest procedure–they didn’t use general anesthesia and breathing tube like the others, but he was really nervous.  The nurse took us in to get his hospital gown on.  He wanted me to pray with him before he did.  Then the anesthesiologist met with us and told me they’d be taking him to the O.R.  I asked if I could take him (I’ve been able to everytime to be the one to lay him on the operating table–super hard for me, but helps him)  They wouldn’t let me.  So he asked me to pray with him again.  Then he said “Will God take care of me like he did Noah?”  He was very brave, but it is so hard as a parent to turn your child over like that! 
I’ve been thinking alot about God calling Abraham to sacrifice Isaac.  It’s very hard to understand… 
Miles came out of anesthesia fine (this is always a concern, as he’s had convulsions and seizures before waking up from surgery.)  And it was so cool to see how Jack’s demeanor changed as soon as he saw Miles in pain.  He had been so demanding in the waiting room, typical world-revolves-around-me-I’m-3yrs. old…but once he saw Miles crying as he was coming out of anesthesia, his heart just melted, and he was kissing his toes and head and getting him juice and trying to make him laugh.  It was precious.  Up to that point, I was thinking it was a mistake to have Jack along, but I was so thankful to see the care and concern he showed for Miles in his time of need. 

Most of all, we just feel very blessed.  Last week, Miles was in pain with moderate hearing loss.  Now he’s doing just fine, no infection from unsanitized equipment, skilled drs., health insurance.  I usually take these things for granted, but not after checking out this…Global Rich List
Type in your income, and it will show you what percentage of the world’s income you fall in. 
Unicef cites that 35,000 people a DAY die from poverty!  Most of these are starvation, but also treatable diseases like pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria.  75% of those are children.  May we never ever ever think we are poor!  How humbling to realize we’re in the richest 4% in the world!  And besides that, how great are the riches of HIS great love for us!


6 thoughts on “if you’re not interested in the surgery, at least read the end

  1. HawaiianHeldts

    Praise God that Miles did great! I don’t have any experience with surgery and my own children, but my youngest brother had 9 before he was 3. It was extremely stressful! I am so glad God is protecting and carrying your family through these difficult times!

  2. SinginMama

    SOOO glad that Miles is through with all that…and is doing well.  Praise God!!! 
    Wow….that Global Rich site was so humbling. Thanks for helping us gain perspective. 

  3. speedyjhg

    I’m glad to hear that Miles came through everything well.On the poverty note, the statistic that always gets me is that if everyone in the US who claims to be a Christian would just tithe (10% of income) that church could end world-hunger and have something like 60 billion dollars left over to do something else with.Thanks for the reminder.


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