here’s a little riddle for ya…

what do all these have in common?
full cup of coffee.

new pair of shoes.

hilarious conversations with the kids.

applebee’s boneless buffalo wings.

Ralphy and Doodle.

Come one, throw out your best guess!

We’re getting our Christmas tree today!!!  (That’s not part of the riddle)  But who knew Lowe’s had trees for $11.88?  We have a $10 gift card there, so it’s $1.88!  This day officially means Christmas music is allowed in our house.  Woo-hoo!


One thought on “here’s a little riddle for ya…

  1. katievarela

    Sara – So fun (the tree)! I have no idea on the riddle.

    Yes, the diet seems like it’s going to be really hard. At this point, I haven’t bought new cookie sheets (since I’ve baked with non-GFCF stuff on it) or thought about GFCF toothpaste or soap… I’m just getting rid of stuff like straight milk, yogurt, waffles, crackers, pizza, quesadillas, bread–all the offending foods. I’m hoping that, by the time Nate is in school or getting invited to birthday parties and such, he’ll be able to have “infractions” and be fine. And hopefully he’ll know he usually feels better if he doesn’t eat those things, so he’ll be able to self monitor. We’ll see.

    Thanks for the feedback!


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