July 8th.

It’s official.  I’m pregnant!!! You would’ve thought 2 positive tests, 2 months of nausea, and some other pretty obvious signs would’ve put my mind to ease.  But in the back of my mind, you still kinda wonder…  So this a.m., we had our 1st appt.  The doc couldn’t find the heartbeat, so he went to go find an ultrasound machine.  I’m so glad Andy was able to be with me.  It seemed like forever until he came back with.  Then (lacking a little tact), he says to a very apprehensive mother “sometimes you just see a baby and no heartbeat and that sucks.”  Well, YEAH!  I was so relieved to see that little peanut with a beating heart.  Soberly, I realize we are very blessed.  Our day could’ve turned out very differently.  I guess one thing motherhood has taught me is what a miracle life and every aspect of it is.  I really used to take it all for granted, but after having kids, I’ve learned things don’t go my way…a lot!  And it’s made me truly relish and savor each stage of development of our kids.  So today, I’m praising God for a heartbeat. 

And I love sharing this time with our boys.  We showed them the ultrasound pic, and Jack carried it with him all day to t-ma and t-pa’s.  Then tonight, we read a magazine they give you on the development of the baby in the womb.  They were taking it in, commenting on the littlest details of the baby.  Then later, I was eating a mango, and Jack was studying me and said “Is that flamingo (that’s what he calls mangos) going to show up in that picture?” (the ultrasound pic–since what I eat goes to my tummy, he’s very interested in how that’s related to a baby in my tummy) 
The other day he said “Where’s your baby?”  “In my tummy.”  Without any hesitation, as if he’s been thinking about it for awhile, he asks “Did you eat your baby?”
And Miles is most excited to pet the baby.  He’s convinced he’s getting a little sister, and he wants to buy things for her all the time.

So, nesting instinct is kicking in overdrive here.  Mostly for Andy.  He’s out working on their bunkbed right now. 
I’m going to try and post pics, but in case our computer crashes because of it…Merry Christmas to all!  I hope yours is a special celebration of our Lord and Savior’s birth.  EmmanuelGod with us!  Can you even believe it?!
my “helpers” in the kitchen–they’re making soup.  yes, those are chef hats.
keeping watch over the chocolate chip cookies in the oven.
our boys’ first “princess party.”  2 boys, 10 indian princesses, and a chip bowl…they had the time of their lives!DSC_0249
can you spot where our boys spent their time?  
my friend, neiru, wanted me to get a picture of the queens.
indian chai.  my favorite afternoon beverage.
we got lots of snow.  2 boys had a blast in it.
the other enjoyed watching them with me from the window with hot chocolate.


7 thoughts on “July 8th.

  1. tsdg

    Yippee for ultrasounds on the first visit!  Congrats that is so wonderful.  What a beautiful party–it looked so colorful and your boys were handsome princes.  Your boys crack me up, they are hilarious!

  2. jilandrich

    I’m really happy for you!  What happy news about the heartbeat.  Thanks for sharing your pictures too- how fun.  The princess party is awesome.  It’s really cool that you have friends with such a different cultural background.  Merry Christmas!


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