january 6. 2001

7 years ago tomorrow I married my best friend and soul-mate.  I can’t imagine my life without him, and I’m glad I don’t have to.  We’re going to Chicago for our anniversary.  I’m so pumped out of my mind!  We’re going to check out improv olympic for some good laughs and then the back room for some good ole Chicago blues.  But being without kids, we really can do as little or as much as we want.  We get to decide!!!  I really hope that I can soak in the night life!  I’ve been so tired this pregnancy, although I just started the 2nd trimester, so hopefully I’ll notice a change soon.  But I’ve also been fighting off a cold, so I’m doing all I can homeopathically–lemon oil on my feet, eucalyptus oil in a vaporizer, drinking elderberry syrup and eating as much garlic as I can stomach while being pregnant.  It’s amazing how powerful nature is in healing our bodies.  I’ve so loved learning how safely to treat illness rather than running to a drugstore and suppressing the symptoms, finding methods that are safe during pregnancy and for our kids..and work!! 

But this was supposed to be about our anniversary…7 years.  Wow.  It doesn’t seem like that long, and yet, I feel like we’ve known each other all our lives.  Last year, he bought me the song “I am the Luckiest” by Ben Folds (we do songs rather than cards).  I’ve been trying to come up with one so fitting this year, but I can’t.  I really feel very very very lucky and blessed.  And I love anniversaries in that there are many days he comes home, kids are needing fed and crazy, and I’m not really in the right frame of mind to say how much I appreciate and adore my husband…so I’m excited to now.  And I just love bumming around the city with him. 
Honeymoon (Paris)
In other news…I don’t know when I’ll get around to posting next, so Andy built the boys a bunkbed.  It’s amazing.  They’ve been sleeping in it for 1 week.  Together.  The 2 of them.  I’m just completely shocked there haven’t been all-out wars.  Miles is very particular about what is left in his room–every night before bed, we have to get things back in order, or he’ll call us in “Mom, there’s a piece of black fuzz on the carpet!”  No joke.  So the first time they had to share a room on vacation, he was like “Mom, you forgot Jack!”  “No honey, he’s going to sleep in here tonight.”  It never went well.  But lo and behold, a week has passed, and it’s worked!  So here’s the pics.  I want to decorate their room unique and special to the both of them, BUT Jack is so into tractors, farms, John Deere, etc…and Miles is more into Pier 1 style.  SO, I’m having a hard time meshing the 2.  Someone suggested painting wheat on the walls, in a cool monochromatic way…any other ideas?!?


5 thoughts on “january 6. 2001

  1. katievarela

    Happy anniversary!

    The boys in the bunk bed… so cute! Your description of the boys’ decorating styles cracks me up. Your 4-year-old is into Pier 1 style… I love it. As for how to do their room, I like the monochromatic wheat idea. Perhaps also doing a very organized set of cool-looking frames on the wall would please Miles, and then the pictures/art in the frames could be cool farm stuff.

  2. tsdg

    What a great bunk bed.  Mile’s decorating style cracks me up too.  He’s so sophisticated.  It’s awesome he’s getting used to Jack and he’s not asking you to remove him anymore.  So funny.  That wheat idea sounds awesome, if you do it, make sure to show us the end result.  I hope you have a fabulous weekend in Chicago—I’m sure it will be so wonderful.  I love the second trimester, hope your energy comes back soon.  

  3. filledeparis

    Happy 7 years, friends! And many more…I cannot believe it has been that long! Hope to chat soon–let me know when is a good morning this week. Love the bunkbed. Enjoy Chicago!

  4. Samiannie

    I like the monochromatic thinking as well…the great thing is that with bedding they don’t have to have the same…Miles can have the clean lined style of bedding while..if you’re able to find it Jack can have tractors on his with possibly a John Deere pillow for a decoration that’s all his own on his bed.2nd trimester was fun…now that I’m well into the third…I can see where it can be quite tiring  again.  As I’ve been told it’ll go by quick…and quick thus far it has.

  5. brahamcrackers

    Happy Anniversary!  I can’t believe your husband MADE those bunk beds!!!  VERY impressive.  I’m so glad the kids love them.   The wheat idea is brilliant.  I can’t think of anything that would top that.  And congratulations on the new baby!  I apparently have missed a few posts. 


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