I don’t really know where to begin to update.  I’ve been doing a rather poor job of it lately…probably because it seems like there’s a whole lot going on, but when I try to sit down and write about it, I can’t think what it is!  Maybe it’s just life, so here’s an update on our life (well, parts of it). 
Let’s start with Chicago.  God gave us the best anniversary gift ever.  Besides 28 hours alone with my husband, it was 68 degrees in January!  We laughed so hard at the improv comedy club.  I asked several locals if it was worth it, and no one hesitated–with alum like Chris Farley, Mike Meyers, and Tina Fey, it had to be funny.  It was.  But one of my favorite things of Chicago is just walking around, popping into different shops and cafes that catch our eye. 
Baby #3
I have officially hit the I’m so excited–I can’t wait stage.  Granted, there’s a ton I want to get done before juggling 3 little ones…but I held a sweet 1 wk. old baby this week, and that did it.  I’m so ready for another one!  (Plus not being nauseous all the time helps 🙂  I was walking into the grocery store with Jack today, and he was jabbering about me having a baby.  Usually he’ll talk about the baby “popping out of my tummy.”  But today, he was asking when the baby was going to “jump out of my tummy.”  It’s so cute to hear them process how this whole thing works.
Someone asked Andy how Miles was doing the other day, and he told me he couldn’t help but well up with tears.  I’m the same way.  When I think back to a year ago…or 2 years ago…or 3 years ago, things were so different.  We are SO encouraged.  A ped. neurologist told us years ago how important early intervention is, that before a child turns 5, the brain has its crucial development.   So I’ve constantly had that in mind, as far as getting treatment, that time was ticking.  But it just hit me that in 3 mos., this little guy will turn 5.  And if years ago, I’d have pictured where I’d want Miles to be when he turned 5, I would’ve never imagined him doing this well.  We still see the hardship of autism (triggered by loud noises, commotion, or people standing too close), but his personality continues to evolve with generosity, tenderness, thoughtfulness.  Tonight, as I tucked him in bed and whispered “I love you”, he whispered back “I love you too” and kissed my cheek.  I had to quickly turn away because I started crying, and I didn’t want to have to explain everything I was thinking.  I was overwhelmed at how precious it is to hear him say that.  I don’t ever want to take that for granted.  There were many months  I wanted so bad for Miles to say the words he once had said.  The other day, I found a picture book I’d made of words he’d learned…that he went a year without saying (home, banana, baby, mom, dad).  And today, he was telling me “Thank you for giving me a time out for pushing Jack.  You made the right choice to give me a time out because that helps me not push.”  (Discipline doesn’t always work that smoothly in our house, but I have to celebrate when it does!)  We are just very very very thankful and want to be a voice of hope.  We were devastated when the dr. said all we could do for our 3 yr. old was give him prozac.  We didn’t.  And she was wrong–there is so much more out there to help!  I’m so thankful for God’s grace on this little guy.
Where do I even begin with Jack?  He is so full of life and adventure!  Every night he asks “Is tomorrow a stay-at-home day or a leaving day?”  Of course, he always wants a leaving day.  He has worn a backpack around for 3 days straight, since Miles went back to preschool.  He hasn’t really said he wants to go to preschool.  He just wants to play like he’s at school.  He has some crazy innate desire to learn.  The other day, he surprised me by bringing magnetic letters to show me how he could spell g-u-i-t-a-r. (I think he learned that from Word World–LOVE that show!)  Or we woke up the other day to him spelling Miss DeeDee (M-S D-D).  He just enjoys sounding out letters to make words–it’s crazy.  He loves music–to sing, play his little keyboard, guitar or drums.  But his favorite activity by far is wrestling with dad.  I think he eats all day long.  And if I’m occupied (like in the shower) and he doesn’t have food, he’ll just help himself.  The other day I came out from getting ready to him with a party platter full of doritoes.  He said “We’re having a chip party!”  Sounds like fun, but not at 9 Sunday morning.  Everyone who knows Jack might think most of all his temper.  It’s true.  He’s crazy–Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  I’m hoping it will end as suddenly as it began.  I often think, if only we can shape his will, he will conquer the world…well, he will either way, but hopefully for good 🙂  This week was a breakthrough, and he held his first baby!  Usually any time we hold a baby, he’ll either cry or yell “Put that baby down!”  (I’m hoping that continues to change before July.)

Well, I think that’s long enough…plus it’s almost bedtime. 
If I get around to doing any work on the boys’ room, I’ll be sure to post pics.  Right now, it’s hard to think of tackling it when there’s enough laundry, dishes, cooking and cleaning to keep on top of!  It’ll probably be one of those nesting projects I’ll bring on when I’m ready to go into labor!  (Hopefully not.)


2 thoughts on “

  1. filledeparis

    LOL to the chip party! I am so, so glad along with you for the incredible progress that God has allowed Miles to make, Sar! What a sweet bedtime moment that you shared–may there be many more! It was so good to talk the other day. We must do it again soon. I miss you, friend!

  2. katievarela

    You, Miles, and your family really are a voice of hope–to me and I’m sure to many others. It is so cool to read about the things Miles does, his tender heart, and the amazing progress he has made.

    Yay for no nausea! 🙂


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