memory lane

Nesting instinct has kicked into major overdrive.  Andy said it’s like
I’m anticipating not having anymore time for a very very very long
time…guess I am, if our baby is anything like the other 2 🙂  This
week’s project: pictures.  It’s a mess.  I think it was Jess who
commented a long time ago about what are we going to do with all the
pictures we take?  Exactly.  I’m glad we have so much of their life
documented, but it’s a bit insane.  So, I’ve been deleting a ton, but
here are some I came across–the earliest digital we have.
happy miles
there’s only one person that could make miles smile and laugh so hard…dad
if I at all look uncomfortable, I was…nothing like walking around the zoo on your due date in 100 degree heat.
and he came 5 days later…

Friday we get our 1st 3D ultrasound!!!  I’ve been counting down the
days!!!  The dr. referred us for one since Miles had a cleft palate. 
That’s nice and all, but I’m just excited to actually look at this baby
and understand what I’m seeing rather than the ultrasounds we’ve had in
the past that didn’t even look like a baby!  (Maybe that’s why they
thought Miles was supposed to be Lily…)  So, we’ll see if we get our
Lily this time! 🙂


6 thoughts on “memory lane

  1. tsdg

    This is so precious…..I loved looking at all these awesome pictures.  How fun to have a 3D ultrasound, can’t wait to hear how it goes!!!  

  2. katievarela

    Don’t even TELL me that’s you on your due date, because you were tiny. I’m sure you didn’t feel it, but you looked it.

    Both boys look exactly the same as they do now! That’s funny to say, but some kids don’t look like “themselves” when they are infants–they change by toddlerhood. Yours didn’t though!

  3. JAMBender

    ~I agree with katievarela, you do not look like your big enough to be at the zoo on your due date.  I’m sure you’re barely showing even now 🙂  I bet it’s wonderfully fun to go through all your old pictures of the boys when they were little-getting your mind prepared for a little one in the house again.  I hope everything goes great with the Ultra-sound.  Let us know how it goes, and if you’ll be bringing home a little boy or a little girl!!! 🙂 ~

  4. MomArtrip

    Hi, Royers!   Let me take a guess………it’s probably a boy…..:)   We are awaiting the arrival of baby Malachi here (Kristin & Mark’s)!!   take care………….love,Jeanne


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