and the ultrasound said….

its a boyits a boyits a boyits a boyits a boy
It’s a very very very beautiful, healthy baby boy.  We don’t have a scanner, so I’ll try and take pics of the ultrasound.  It really was awesome to see those bony long little legs and his hands in fists, and he stuck out his tongue at us.  I’m still a little shocked to have 3 boys.  (As I type and our boys have a pillow fight on our bed…)  Andy’s very excited and talking about building a tree house out back and getting a 4wheeler and some ditrbikes.  A lot of people were hoping we’d have a girl (most of all, Miles and Jack).  As much as I didn’t want to and as shallow as it seems, I was hoping for a girl too.  But I can’t imagine loving the little boys we have anymore than I do, and I can’t imagine life without them, and I know it will be like that for this little guy too.  God knew how much Miles needed his little brother Jack, and I can’t wait to find out how this little guy will fit into our family. 

Looks like it’s family game time–we’re attempting twister.  I think I’ll be the designated spinner 🙂

Oh yeah, and someone told me today I’m part boy, part girl.  I thought it was funny…kinda.


8 thoughts on “and the ultrasound said….

  1. filledeparis

    Hey,Sar…I’m very excited for you! This little one is so blessed to be born into your fam. It’s not shallow to have hoped for a girl, just honest. How cool to know that God planned out your family to be just like it is–the best fit for everyone. Love you!

  2. SinginMama

    Think of all the drama you *wont* have in your home! LOL!  Seriously, we are excited for you guys.  The more godly men being raised up – the better choices our girls will have someday : )  Congratulations! 

  3. HawaiianHeldts

    Congrats!! I am always thrilled when strong Christians have a lot of boys to raise…..this world needs some Godly men in it!! And you are still the Queen of the house….Hey maybe if there is a next time you’ll get a little girl and she’ll have 3 massive brothers to watch over her!! That’s a thought!

  4. spies_likeus

    Awwww another precious little boy 🙂 That’s awesome!!! There’s something sweet about there being 3 brothers. I was watching an episode of Clean House and this family had 3 little boys and it just seemed so cute!! I remember thinking “that would be kinda cool having 3 boys…” And like Tia said, if there’s a next time… and it’s a girl… you couldn’t plan it more perfect than to have 3 older brothers lookin’ out for her 🙂 Congratulations guys!!! 🙂

  5. katievarela

    Congratulations! I have always thought there is something special about a mom to 3 (or more) boys. They always seemed more fun, more down to earth… maybe it’s just me!

    Wonderful news.

  6. Samiannie

    Yeah for little boys!  It’s amazing to see how God has blessed your family…and this little guy will be a blessing as well.  One advantage to having another boy is that you know what to expect with them…where as I will be learning as I go!  Congrats!


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