Happy Valentine’s Day!

I know it’s early, but the next few days are packed, so we’ve been
working on valentines today.  Miles and Jack are so cute with who they
want to give valentines to–all their little “girl”friends.  Last year,
we started the tradition of taking our boys on a date for valentine’s
day, and it was such a blast we’re doing it again!  (We don’t go out to
eat much as a family, so it’s super special for them to get dressed up
and go out to a restaurant–they’re already talking about it.) 
Besides, who can find a sitter on Valentine’s? 

Whenever I
stop to think how much I love and enjoy my husband, it’s not so much
about flowers and candlelight (as much as I appreciate those) as it is he’s just a good man.  I think through nights spent in the
hospital, and how blessed I was to have him by my side–sharing a
gurney to sleep on as our 1 mo. old was in a hospital crib beside
us…or tucking me in a hotel room attached to the hospital because it
had been nights since I had slept with my 10 mo. old in pediatric ICU,
so he took care of Miles so that I could get some sleep being 7 mos.
pregnant.  He takes care of me. And what celebration there is in our house
when dad comes home!  Jack pounces on him to wrestle.  Miles soaks in
his made-up stories.  And I’m thankful for his friendship.  So here’s a
little tribute to my valentine.  I love these guys more than I can
fall-winter 07-08 100
fall-winter 07-08 080
AND…..Dave and Trish are back!!!  We got to go to hang out in Ft. Wayne sans kids Friday night.  It’s sooooo nice to have them here for awhile!
Dinner’s ready, so bye for now.  I’ll get a pregnant shot up soon; although there’s still not much to show…I guess it’s good, although I’ve gotten several comments “You don’t look 5 mos. pregnant!”  I know people mean well, but I guess I forgot how much focus there is on size/shape/what you should or shouldn’t look like.


3 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day!

  1. tsdg

    Your little valentines are all so wonderful.  How fun to see Dave and Trish….please pass on a hello from me!  When’s she due?  Can’t wait to see some preggo picts.

  2. filledeparis

    I look forward to seeing the pics, too! Let’s try to chat soon–let me know what your morning possibilities are like for next week. Enjoy your 3 valentines tomorrow night!

  3. katievarela

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you too! Hope your dinner out was great last night… what a great idea. I always love your thoughts about Andy. It seems like he is a wonderful man. 🙂


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