I’m back.
Not very tan, but
very very very refreshed.
SOOOO glad to be back with my boys.
Got stranded in detroit friday night–that wasn’t fun.
Today is taken up with standardized tests.
I’ve never liked standardized tests…and now that it’s my boy, I could safely say I HATE standardized tests.
Jack’s on my lap and wants to spell a word:
89rhpymgyhdbudbdyg8trikgblll;;lfojgubhgfufhgguhfhughgufhguhguh giudhudhufdughdughdhdygsghbdfufuhgfygyhfufbyfxiyg

I have much more to write about all of that.
I may just go off on standardized tests.
But we’re on our way to wal-mart to replace Dorothy, their goldfish–she died a long time ago, maybe 1 yr, but I kept forgetting to get a new one.
Julie has pics of us in Florida on her camera, so hopefully I can get those up on here. 
I’m not very good at xanga anymore. 
Maybe it’s because there’s a little boy standing here asking me to play hide and seek with him, and that seems all the more appealing, so a quick game of hide and seek before wal-mart.
Happy Monday!


2 thoughts on “

  1. speedyjhg

    Isn’t interesting how little ones can divert your attention?  Jonathan is only a few weeks old and he has already significantly altered Sam and my schedule.  I’ve heard people say that children make you more selfless and I’m beginning to really understand what they mean.
    Glad your rested and the plane made it safely there and back. 😉


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