A quiet moment here to sit down and recap the last few weeks…
I never like writing in categories, but it may just be easier this time.
So, after some crazy weeks, Andy and a friend in West Palm Beach flew me down for 3 days of R+R on the beach.  I felt so bad about going, but Andy kept assuring me it was good for all of us–good for me to get a break and realize that I really do have the best “job” in the world,  and good for them to miss and appreciate me (that sounds bad, but you know).  And after coming home, Miles has said out of the blue a few times “Dad, thanks for bringing our nice ole momma back to us.”   It’s good to be home.
Went to Wal-Mart to replace their goldfish and found Wal-Mart no longer carries fish.  I kept forgetting to check…who knows when I’ll remember to get to a pet store now…
I’m so tired of testing and evaluations.  Monday, I took Miles to school for a standardized test to determine cognitive, language, visual, problem-solving, etc. abilities.  It took an hour and a half!!!  The lady told me today she felt so bad working Miles so hard, but was very impressed with how well he did.  I told her that Miles, by nature, wants to please and comply which means people sometimes press him beyond what he can handle.  He may not show them then, but it certainly comes out…and it did at lunchtime when we got home.  She said, “I know, by nature of standardized tests, we just have to take the child to their frustration level on every task.”  Which I’m completely opposed to doing to a 4 yr. old!!!  It’s such a hard balance for me to learn how much to allow and when to put my foot down and say enough!  Monday is our case conference, where we’ll go over eligibility and discuss Kdg.  Everyone is pushing for him to go onto Kdg.  Actually, I’m encouraged that he’s scored average and above average in everything they’ve tested.  They still thought he may qualify for PDD (they said for “quirky behavior”–which I’ve grown to love his little quirks), but not autism according to the school.  (They’re determination is different than a specialist because it only takes into consideration where they’re at now.)
So, here’s the thoughts I have all day everyday:
–I’ve known other moms who have held their boys back with summer b-days who don’t have all the history of delays and such.
–It couldn’t hurt Miles to wait another year, even if he is on target for cognitive, to give him some more time to grow socially and behaviorally–he is the youngest in his class now.
–But, I don’t know what I think about he and Jack being in the same grade.
–On one hand, he and Jack have become the best of buds.
–But things come so easy for Jack, and I just don’t want that to be pressure between them.
–But it may be anyway.
–And which pressure is worse–that of your younger brother in your grade or being thrown into something before you’re ready?
–Is this decision really up to me?
We have been praying over this decision for a long time now, and we still go back and forth all the time!
So, I really hope Monday’s case conference can shed some light on what to do.

I just have to write down some of his answers that I don’t want to forget from the stand. test.
She asked him what is a vegetable?  red cabbage
She asked him what is candy?  it has too much sugar
What is your favorite flavor of candy?  grapefruit and blood orange
(She leaned to me and said he gets bonus points for vocab 🙂
Oh man, I’ll have to remember the other ones…but it brings me to the next category

–Tonight Miles asked Andy if his vitamins were spicy because he had to drink them with water.
–Last night, both boys went to bed “preg-uh-nant”–they had put their stuffed animals in their shirts.  This a.m., when Miles came into our room, he said “Mommy, I’m still preg-uh-nant!  I’m going to call him Ezra Jude too!”  (That’s a name we’ve been throwing around, and it’s stuck with them.)  I managed to convince him to not be pregnant for preschool, but when he got home, he was again.
Ok, I’m drawing a blank here on other ones.
And I would just post some pics at this point, but I can’t find the card reader.

So, maybe I’ll just consider some things processed and head toward bed, speaking of being pregnant.
I can’t believe I’m seeing the end of the 2nd trimester.
I have been feeling more tired, wanting a nap in the afternoon.  And my appetite is out of control.  Last night, Andy grilled us dinner before he left for a mtg (he was going to eat when he got home).  BUT, when he got home, I had to break the news to him…I ate my burger…and then his too!  (along with zucchini and corn–I left him some of the veggies though 🙂 
And, my nesting phase hasn’t really shut off, although lately, it’s been less nesting and more just worrying I won’t get it all done…I guess I have 3 more mos., but throw in a missions trip to Philly with the teens over spring break, a New Tribes Mission conference Andy’s speaking at in June, camping trip, Andy’s parents going back to Brazil in May, graduations, my b-day, Miles’ b-day, and Jack’s b-day…and that time is going to fly!  But I can’t wait to meet this little guy who thinks he’s a cage fighter in my tummy.


2 thoughts on “finally.

  1. tsdg

    I’ll pray for such a big decision for Miles….wow, big decision. I love the name Ezra Jude and that your little guys are pretending to be pregnant.  Where in Philly are you going? 


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