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lotsa exclamation points!!!

30 weeks!!!
30 wks
We’re 9 weeks away from meeting this little dude.  I think we’re pretty
set on Ezra Jude–the boys are atleast.  Lately I realized I’m just as
excited to meet this guy as I am to slow down!!!  I’ve been in
hyper-nesting mode this entire pregnancy.  And I just realized this
week why.  We’re making room for a 5th person in our house…without it
wanting it to feel like 5 people live here.  Andy’s got a project going
in the garage, building storage shelves–I never knew I could be so
excited about storage shelves!!!  I’ve been working on the baby’s
room.  We’re using the same crib stuff we have, but I need to make some
new curtains that will block out the east sun.  I lined Miles and
Jack’s curtains with darker material a few weeks ago, and we’ve had
several days of Miles not getting up until 9!!!  Today was 9.30!!!  And
I’m switching around dressers, making room for baby clothes (I forgot
how tiny they are!)–throwing out a lot and getting ready for a HUGE
garage sale!  So, I’m ready to slow down and relax once our new one
comes 🙂  I know that sounds insane, but so have the past few weeks.
Miles turns 5 Friday!!!  I can’t believe I’m gonna have a 5 yr. old!!! 
Which reminds me I need to drop a party invitation to our neighbors yet
tonight, so this is gonna be short.  Miles wants a dragon cake that has
stripes and tastes like a lemon with red candles–I think those were all of the specifications 🙂  He put together his
guest list, and is so excited!  Well, actually after we went shopping
for party things Saturday, I wasn’t sure who was more excited–I’m looking forward to it alot myself.  We
decided to make every 5th birthday a big deal with a party (we’ll do
smaller things on the other b-days–smaller as in not invite 35 people over to party!!!), but with Miles in May, Jack in
June, and Baby in July, it’d be alot.  So, this is a huge MILEStone to
us–tee hee 🙂 

And this kid keeps me laughing, for sure.
There’s a reason, son, we tell you no.
this is the face when we told him it would have to come off…
and then when we told him he would have to take it off before bed…
Lastly, one of our favorite things…relaxing in the hammock. 
I was the original recipient of the hammock last year for mother’s day.  But since then, our boys have called me selfish if I don’t share.  Of course, I informed them of all the ways a mother is not selfish…but I do share it with them.


fall-winter 07-08 004
We are all very happy to have Andy back.  Although I will have to admit, it was a lot better than I’d anticipated.  (I’d imagined it was going to be pretty awful, so there was a lot of room to improve–the power of positive thinking 🙂  Andy took some teens to Philly last week to be a part of urban ministry there–volunteering at a boys/girls’ club, talking and passing out food to the with homeless, sorting/serving food at a food bank, etc…and he’s pretty much ready to move there.  I’ve loved hearing their stories and have even found myself challenged with some of what they experienced. 
            Our van broke down Saturday, he left Sunday, our van got towed to the repair shop Monday…but as it turned out, it wasn’t anything serious–only a penny lodged into the cigarette lighter.  Thank you Jack.  The penny caused a fuse to blow, not letting our car come out of “park”.  The people at the car shop got a kick out of it (they know our kids…and didn’t charge us for it.)  So, we made the trek to Ohio.  I turned 30 Tuesday, and we went to the Columbus Zoo.  We’re used to going to the Fort Wayne Zoo, so this seemed massive!  I think the Col. Zoo parking lot is as big as the entire FW Zoo!  It was a good time with my parents–I was so thankful for their help.  We came back Friday, and were all very very very very excited when the big white van rolled into town Saturday with dad.
            I had my 28 wk. checkup today.  They asked why I didn’t come in for last month’s checkup–I was in FL, but I guess I don’t really see the point.  I haven’t had anything to be concerned about, or even to ask them about.  Well, today I thought of 2 questions to ask the dr…and I could’ve gotten a better answer if I’d looked on…in fact, I probably still will!  So, I don’t see the point of spending $240 every month to sit in the waiting room for 45 min., then 5 min. for him to find a heartbeat, put a tape measure on my tummy and say see you in a month!  I guess I only have 10 weeks of this anyway, so I’ll keep going along with it 🙂
            Which totally freaks me out–10 weeks.  In some ways, I can’t wait 10 more weeks to meet and hold this little guy.  In other ways, there’s a ton I still need to do.  I have a feeling like my life is going to shut down for an unknown period of time–3 mos., 6 mos., 1 yr?  Hard to say what this one will be like…  But I have a whole list of things to do before because I’d might as well wait until I retire if I don’t!  So, now that the kids are asleep and Andy’s out for the night, I’d better kick it into gear!

More funny things not to forget…
–Jack was drooling over a motorcycle today next to us at a stoplight and says from his carseat “Someday when I get to be a man I’m gonna be a Harley-driver.”
–They love to talk to people from our front window–actually, anyone walking by.  So the other day our neighbor was fertilizing his lawn and Jack strikes up a conversation with him.  Here’s what I hear from the kitchen…”Are you plowing your field?”…”Are you going to do ours next?”…”Do you have a john deere?”…”I wish you could come to Christ’s Covenant Church”…”Where do you go to church?”…”Hey where did you go?”…”I can’t see you”…”Are you going to come back?”  Later, we saw them outside, and I apologized for our kids’ harassment.  They thought it was funny–that was nice of them. 

before I forget…

some cute phrases from the day. 
Just now, I was tucking Miles in bed, and he says “Good night mommy.  Don’t forget to talk to the baby in your tummy.  I’ll bet you can hear him snore tonight while you’re both sleeping.” 
We took dinner to some neighbors who just had a baby, and he tells them “Promise me you’ll play peek-a-boo with your precious baby.”
He also told me that the baby in my tummy is playing with a baby rattle. 
I LOVE hearing their take on life.

I’ll write more later, but it’s still light outside and now quiet inside, so I’m gonna sit down with my hot date, a cup of freshly brewed…and roasted coffee, and recap our day.

After a few weeks of just hanging out in the eves and not turning on the tv, we canceled our dish.  With warmer weather here, we’re usually outside in the eves and I just like not having the temptation of turning it on and letting time slip by…  Plus I can reason that an extra $15 a month would be 3 extra trips to Ritters!  Pregnancy does crazy things 🙂  So, I find myself on here going through pics, reliving the past few weeks. 
Easter/Grandpa Dan’s Birthday
my first quilt and a baby gift for a friend–now I’m hooked
My parents came out when Gracia Burnham was here.  It was so nice to have them here to watch the kids so I wouldn’t have to feel so torn between them and getting everything together for her.
As Jack would say “it’s springy-spring-spring!” and we’re enjoying the hoops!  As I saw the pics then, I had to chuckle at what we think is warm, so we have our winter coats on here, but atleast we’re not getting frostbite!
Goodbye to Dave and Trish.  We had some people over last Friday to hang out and see them off.  I can’t believe how fast the time flew that they were here.  It was SOO good to see them.  And I can’t believe we have no pics of their kids, Asia or Austin on here.  Guess that’s what happens when you have 8 kids under age 4 over (and their parents).  Way to go Andy on even taking any pics!
Looks like Andy’s taking the group to Philly solo next week.  This is the first time we won’t be leading a mission trip together and the longest we’ll have been away from each other in 7 1/2 yrs…so needless to say, we’re bummed.  But it just wouldn’t have worked for the boys stay in the dorm, and the other possibility of where we would stay fell through, so I now enter the world of youth pastor’s wives who send their hubby off with their blessing.  It’s different not to go…but it’ll be good to spend time with my parents. 
Miles told me he was ready for the beach here.
He has been cracking me up!  The other day, he tells us in the car “When I’m a man and have my woman and Jack’s a man and has his woman, we’re going to build a house.”  2 things.  I love that he doesn’t know life without Jack and I love that, to him, being a man means having a woman.  Today at lunch, he tells me “Momma, when I’m a man and have a wife, we’ll come visit you.”

Jack’s at the stage where I really don’t want to correct how he says things.  I love his idea of the pronunciation better. 
He thinks his Uncle Chris lives in “Knee Ark” (New York)
His-realites (Israelites)
Lying in the shave (shade)
Christ Covet Ant At Church (Christ’s Covenant Church)

I just can’t say how blessed I am by these smiles…
and I’m so thankful they’re enjoying each other more and more!