After a few weeks of just hanging out in the eves and not turning on the tv, we canceled our dish.  With warmer weather here, we’re usually outside in the eves and I just like not having the temptation of turning it on and letting time slip by…  Plus I can reason that an extra $15 a month would be 3 extra trips to Ritters!  Pregnancy does crazy things 🙂  So, I find myself on here going through pics, reliving the past few weeks. 
Easter/Grandpa Dan’s Birthday
my first quilt and a baby gift for a friend–now I’m hooked
My parents came out when Gracia Burnham was here.  It was so nice to have them here to watch the kids so I wouldn’t have to feel so torn between them and getting everything together for her.
As Jack would say “it’s springy-spring-spring!” and we’re enjoying the hoops!  As I saw the pics then, I had to chuckle at what we think is warm, so we have our winter coats on here, but atleast we’re not getting frostbite!
Goodbye to Dave and Trish.  We had some people over last Friday to hang out and see them off.  I can’t believe how fast the time flew that they were here.  It was SOO good to see them.  And I can’t believe we have no pics of their kids, Asia or Austin on here.  Guess that’s what happens when you have 8 kids under age 4 over (and their parents).  Way to go Andy on even taking any pics!
Looks like Andy’s taking the group to Philly solo next week.  This is the first time we won’t be leading a mission trip together and the longest we’ll have been away from each other in 7 1/2 yrs…so needless to say, we’re bummed.  But it just wouldn’t have worked for the boys stay in the dorm, and the other possibility of where we would stay fell through, so I now enter the world of youth pastor’s wives who send their hubby off with their blessing.  It’s different not to go…but it’ll be good to spend time with my parents. 
Miles told me he was ready for the beach here.
He has been cracking me up!  The other day, he tells us in the car “When I’m a man and have my woman and Jack’s a man and has his woman, we’re going to build a house.”  2 things.  I love that he doesn’t know life without Jack and I love that, to him, being a man means having a woman.  Today at lunch, he tells me “Momma, when I’m a man and have a wife, we’ll come visit you.”

Jack’s at the stage where I really don’t want to correct how he says things.  I love his idea of the pronunciation better. 
He thinks his Uncle Chris lives in “Knee Ark” (New York)
His-realites (Israelites)
Lying in the shave (shade)
Christ Covet Ant At Church (Christ’s Covenant Church)

I just can’t say how blessed I am by these smiles…
and I’m so thankful they’re enjoying each other more and more!


5 thoughts on “

  1. jilandrich

    very sweet pictures.  I love your pregnant belly.  the quilt is awesome!  I love the colors and the pattern.  is it for a boy or girl?  I love it.

  2. peteandheather

    What a great quilt!  I love it.  I still haven’t finished my first one…I do plan to once things settle down a bit.  🙂  I don’t think I ever told you congratulations on your pregnancy–a bit late, but congrats!!  That’s so exciting!  🙂


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